Traveling The Open Road With Bela Begonias

Happy official Summer my dears!! There’s no doubt that summer is one of the most exciting seasons of the year. It is the perfect window of time to explore, try new things, seize the moment, embrace adventure, and check a few things off that 2017 bucket-list. 

You win again you gypsy heart, I count the days that we're apart, I sleep alone when you're away, no sense in saying I'd wish you stay ... You come and go just like the rain." - Elton John

You win again you gypsy heart, I count the days that we're apart, I sleep alone when you're away, no sense in saying I'd wish you stay ... You come and go just like the rain." - Elton John

I am constantly reminded that city life is great. Going to Boston in August before my big move to BCN and life is grand!  Many cities, seemingly, never sleep. So, whether you’re a night owl or an early-riser, there is almost always something to do and/or see. But what about those times when you want to slow down a bit. Maybe you have a vacay or long weekend on the horizon. Or maybe you just have time for one beautiful, relaxing day. What do you do?!!!

Consider this – a tour of two-lane roads. 

 I really do believe a two-lane blacktop if still the best way to get around, if you have the time. And if you let them, they can lead you to areas of the country that can be fun, relaxing, even rejuvenating. I so want more of this summer. Time to explore the open roads with no concrete plans...just a map and a camera and all my sweet boys. I am just longing for that open space. BIG time. 

Also currently so excited to update my summer closet too  and I just discovered a jewelry line I am absolutely obsessed with. Bela Begonias creates the most perfect earthy bohemian jewelry + ceramics for the modern day gypsy. They are located in Nashville and Chattanooga and the new collection 'Lustrous: The Open Road I swear was made for me. The "Penny Lane Earrings"  made from carefully selected feathers and sterling silver are going to constantly be with me all summer long as they are my very fave. These are the perfect gypsy bohemian pieces for all my two-lane adventures. All I can say is get ready little Penny's because you about to have the summer of your dreams! Can't wait to share a few more faves from Bela Begonias throughout the post!

"I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun, and if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends."  - Penny Lane

Bethany is the artist, designer, maker and owner behind Bela Begonias.  She was born into the Appalachian mountainside of eastern Tennessee, and later immersed in the vibrant culture of Asheville, North Carolina before finding her way to Nashville. Her art is an organic reflection of the mountainous landscapes from which she came, heavily influenced by nature, earth tones, the beach and ocean, the southwest and countless other wonders this incredible world creates.  She is a walking wanderlust, having spent years exploring the world at each opportunity given.   Although she studied art, design and fashion in college, the courage to "be an artist" seemed unrealistic upon entering "the real world."  After a decade of feeling like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, in 2015, Bethany (with the undying support and true belief in skill from her loving husband) finally took her vision, studies, travels, ethos and experience and cultivated it into a single leap-of-faith that is now Bela Begonias.

My next obsession is the gorgeous Hammered Cuff Ring.  This gem is hand forged, hammered and shaped into the perfect everyday ring and I love it in silver all though it's available in gold. I love the simplicity and the fact that I can wear it with anything in my closet. And the turquoise mountain ring  will forever be a staple piece for me with every season. My other faves are the 'AF' Cuff and the Classic Hammered Cuff Bracelet. These two layer perfectly together and I love that these cuffs are slightly adjustable so I can make them my own by carefully but firmly 'shaping' it to my wrist. It's always hard for me to find bracelets..they are either too small or too big. 

I am thrilled to be taking over Bela Begonia's instagram this coming Tuesday and Wednesday (May 30th and 31st) so follow along ! I will be recapping this and talking about some of my fave places along one of my fave two lane roads. (Route 66) Bela Begonias is offering 15% off your entire purchase for the two days of the takeover using promo code " OPENROAD" at checkout. How incredibly generous! You are going to fall in love with them gypset babes. I am OBSESSED. 

What are your fave two lane roads?! And what piece are you loving most from Bela Begonias?!


(This post was done in partnership with Bela Begonias. All thoughts, and ideas are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that keep me creating.)