From Paris With Love//Les Interchangables

What a lovely day to introduce you dears to one of my very favorite Parisian brands--Les Interchangables.  If you have followed me some time now, you know I am a lover of all things FRENCH.  I am truly the biggest FRANCOPHILE. And this brand has my whole entire heart!

Amazing how timing works sometimes. So much congratulations to my beloved France and the French. Kudos to learning from our mistakes. I have never been so glued to an election before and am thrilled France showed us their intelligence today. 

Mon francais est terrible, mais je tiens à remercier la France de faire ce que les Ètats-Unis et la Grande-Bretagne ne pouvaient pas, et de me donner de l'espoir pour l'avenir! 

(Translation: My French is terrible but but I want to thank France for doing what the United States and Britain could not, and for giving me hope for the future!)

Vive la France! 

Congrats Macron!

Annnd now let us celebrate with the one and only:Les Interchangables.... The Paris Bracelet....handmade in their Paris atelier with Swarovski® crystals & couture-quality ribbon...and I am in love. Madly madly in love. 

The Paris Bracelet by Les Interchangeables is an inspired line of fashion jewelry conceived by French entrepreneur Audrey Bot. They are designed as an effortless way to bring color and sparkle to all the facets of your life and what fashionista does not need a little more sparkle in her wardrobe?! I adore that they are adjustable and water resistant. There are also so many different colors and styles to chose from. You can mix and match these to create your ultimate arm candy party as they look so fab layered. The more the better with Les Interchangeables. I went with a navy and grey palette but the black pieces and haute pink pieces are really pulling at my heart strings. The boho khaki are also perfect for summer. They would dress up the perfect white maxi dress. They just add the perfect GLAM to my everyday and I can't get enough. I have a promo code for you too at the very end of the post....and I cannot wait to see how you mix and match yours!

THE STORY OF LES INTERCHANGEABLES..(taken from their site because it's a story worth sharing)

 As a girl, Audrey was always designing and creating on her sewing machine, with a deep-seated passion for the decorative arts. After spending the first part of her career learning the family business alongside her father, she also developed an entrepreneurial mindset and an appreciation for the value of hard work, determination, ambition and perseverance. This invaluable combination gave her the confidence to launch her first endeavor in 2007 – an ingenious concept of interchangeable, decorative bra straps. Designed to be shown, rather than hidden, the idea was a huge success as it addressed an issue that all women could relate to.

Soon Audrey’s living room was overflowing with yards of embroidered ribbon as she raced to fulfill orders. Eventually, she approached Swarovski to partner with her to develop a new concept – the creation of a line of stretchable, adjustable bracelets decorated with crystals. Imaginative, playful and luxe, the line developed quickly and acquired “must have” status in the accessories category in France and throughout Europe.

By 2014, Les Interchangeables had become a juggernaut, with a full accessories collection and an international presence with over 2,000 points of sale all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

Today, Audrey continues to innovate in the accessory space – she always has a new approach, a unique twist on accessible, luxurious and functional fashion. The embodiment of the brand, you’ll always find her with a different stack of bracelets, and each has a story. Her passion, savoir-faire and inimitable sense of style are the force behind the brand.

In its Paris showroom and atelier, the brand has established a home for product development with very clear goals: to work with the best available materials and to produce & manufacture in France. Audrey is fiercely proud of the brand’s Made in France distinction, and never considered moving production outside of the country; it all takes place in her atelier, in the tradition of the great couture houses or “maisons.”

If you are interested in a color not shown on their site, you can contact them directly to find out more about custom orders. They can show you hundreds of gorgeous color options to match your wedding, brand or event theme! I personally think these would be amazing gifts for your bridal party! The price point is trés magnif. The crystals attached to the bracelets have a one-year limited warranty too!

They also make these gorgeous choker necklaces that can also be used as a headband. I absolutely love this! I love versatile pieces and I love love that this headband doesn't squeeze my head giving me a migraine. It also doesn't stretch out. 

They have just become a part of my everyday life. I find I never take them off and they literally go with every single thing in my closet. 

P.S. My friend Krista and I had the most amazing time hanging out on The Tallgrass Prairie last Monday in Pawhuska. It's just magical there even though we didn't get the sunset we had hoped for. 

Gorgeous, right?!!

You can snag your own Les Interchangeables here ! Take 15% off your purchase through the end of May using promo code GOFRENCH15 at checkout! ( Their site can only accept one discount code per transaction) 


NEXT UP: My review of the fabulous Amelia's in TULSA!! And of course my Les Interchangeables accompanied me !