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Sweet Defeat 30-Day Sugar Detox

I am so excited to have started a 30 day sugar detox  on Monday. I am on day 4 now and really loving it!

Check it out over on my Instagram to get all the details. I made a permanent story on my Hi-lights titled Sugar Detox. (It has the little watermelon cover)

About once every two months or so, I start to feel like I need to reboot my system. I have always found that giving my body a little detox is always a grand idea and I feel so much better afterward. I feel so much healthier and have such a better grasp on making better choices.

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San Francisco-Bernal Heights Edition Along With The Mission + A Food Discovery Trip Giveaway With Creminelli

To just think this time last year I was traveling down the coast making my way to my favorite city in all the land. July 20th 2017...Lin's birthday actually, we made it to San Francisco on our 9,000 mile Moto trek northwest. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge was not new to us, but seeing it and traveling over it on a motorcycle-well I have no words. Not sure how any birthday will ever compare to that one!

I fell hard for San Francisco in my 20’s and I mean hard. I became infatuated with this place. I wondered for hours through the vintage stores on Haight, breathing in the dusty, musty vintage air. I returned back there a few years later and felt like I was home. The colorful culture of this city just captivates me like no other place in the world. 

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4th of July With Rachel Zoe's Summer Box Of Style Traveling Oklahoma

Do you dream of a place called home? Do you long for someplace, somewhere out there? Do you picture yourself on a lush, tropical island, on a quaint city street in San Francisco, in a hip ski town, or on a green hill top in the Mediterranean ? For a long while now, I’ve been telling myself that I need to move; that Tulsa is too small, too conservative, too . . . familiar for me. I feel so isolated and limited I am slowly slowly suffocating. The man of my dreams STILL has this invitation for me to move to Barcelona. And I am dragging my feet you all. Who drags their feet for an opportunity like this? What am I so scared of??? 

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I arrived home from Aspen BITE NWA over the weekend and it admittedly took me a couple days to fully recover from the delicious eats and drinks! It was a gloriously busy and delicious few days, and I was excited to team up with Maddy Rang from Octagon who ran the social for Bite and host two Instagram takeovers. I brought home so much inspiration from the event, the cooking demos, and the newer Bentonville restaurants I discovered, and simply soaking up all that energy from fellow passionate foodies. We also had time to squeeze in some culture making it to The O'Keefe exhibit at Crystal Bridges and see The Bachman-Wilson House that Frank Lloyd Wright built. It was moved from New Jersey if you can believe that. Anyhow, keep reading for 10 experiences from BITE NWA that have got me so stoked to get in the kitchen and make some fabulous meals!

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Tulsa Blogger & Influencer Meet and Move Event At Club Pilates

For several months, I’d been toying with the idea of hosting a “get-together” for a bunch of bloggers and was never quite sure how I wanted it to play out. It had been a while since I hosted one and I wanted to make it super fun and exciting!  So I decided to combine my love of blogging, connecting, and Pilates to create a Pilates & Prosecco event with the fabulous crew from Club Pilates. I knew it will be such a fun way to kick off summer and visit with one another! It's amazing how little we actually get to connect even though we live in the same city

On Saturday mid-afternoon, I invited a group of ladies from The Tulsa area to join me for a social hour and workout at Club Pilates in Jenks. Take a look at my Facebook invite incase you need some inspiration to host your own Meet & Move Event. 

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Traveling The Lost Coast// Ferndale, Fort Bragg & Mendocino Coast

Continuing my moto trek northwest and sharing some travel diaries today on Go French Yourself. We left Portland and started traveling The Oregon Coast on the 101 until we met California. And we sure did find some charming places along the way to San Francisco. 


Nestled between the California Redwoods and fabled Lost Coast, the Victorian Village of Ferndale is a hidden oasis of small town charm, spectacular architecture, enchanting natural beauty and welcoming North Coast culture. With its fusion of old-fashioned Americana and modern quirkiness - and a scenic setting straight out of the movies - this small but thriving dairy town near Eureka, CA is the perfect destination for a fun family vacation, rugged outdoor adventure or romantic weekend getaway. 

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Conquering Oklahoma City In 48 Hours With A Teenager //How We Made It Reign

Something I don’t share much about on here is my lovely 17 year old, Zoë (per her request) and the trials and tribulations that come with motherhood, especially in a co-parenting situation and the fact that we live in two different cities. I work full time on my blog and also help clients with their digital strategies and while I LOVE everything that I do, not a weekend/night goes by that I’m not working on it. Whenever I am with Zoë, we are also total homebodies. We love grabbing a pizza and watching Netflix on the sofa. We started watching Queen of the South a few summers ago with Lin and blew through the first season in one weekend. You can find details on season one here along with some great tips to slay the heck out of your day! They are practices I use daily STILL in my own career. And I still like to think Boss Babe Teresa Mendoza, portrayed by Alice Braga shares some of the same tips! We just binge watched season 2 and are now patiently awaiting season 3 which focuses on Teresa becoming Queen of her own drug empire. Although she’s obsessively hunted by Camila (Veronica Falcon), Teresa refuses to hide in a hole, continuing to live the luxurious lifestyle of a Queenpin. No longer the apprentice, Teresa enjoys being boss and the power that comes with it. Anyway, more on the exciting launch of the new season later on in the post! Super excited for my friend Krista to return home too. She has been gone for 6 months doing makeup and hair for Queen of The South. It's been fun seeing her Insta stories from behind the scenes, especially of the queen herself. 

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Michelob ULTRA Father's Day Tribute//Life Lessons From My #ULTRADAD With A Taco Stuffed Sweet Potato Recipe

There are plenty of fantastic dads out there. My Rodge is one. My grandfather Kelsey is another. And my dad Mark tried the best he could even though we do not have a relationship currently.  I’ve known dads who’ve have fatherhood thrown upon them at a young age and yet have handled it with grace and maturity beyond their years, but this Father’s Day I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the dads that didn’t have to be. I’m talking about parenting a child that isn’t biologically yours. This post is dedicated to the dads that choose not just to parent someone else’s child, but chose to love them as their own. I want to dedicate this post to my step father Albert because he deserves recognition this Father’s Day for being the unsung hero of fatherhood. I grew up with him in my very difficult younger teenage years and he was the one fighting in the trenches, helping me with homework (he is so great at math and I am the worst) ,driving me to and from everywhere, and in general doing the heavy lifting of parenting for most of my life, especially to my younger siblings.

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Sipping Pretty-Sparkling ICE Sweepstakes

Today I’m here to talk about my latest sipping obsession. Since most of my friends in Pilates start off by saying “I know I need to drink more water,” I’m always on the hunt for new ways to make hydrating less of a chore.  And the reality is, most people prefer drinking flavored water. So today I’m here to talk about my latest sipping obsession-Sparkling Ice

They are super colorful, perfectly fizzy, crazy flavorful and loaded with the good vitamins and antioxidants, AND zero sugar. OMG, they are so refreshing! 

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Traveling The Oregon Coast On The 101 Until You Meet California

We had such a killer time on our summer trek northwest last year and I have been sharing the last legs of it and I hope you are enjoying it so far. If you are just starting to follow along, Lin and I decided last minute (very last minute) to jump on the BMW bike and head northwest. We typically hit Santa Fe  in the month of July so this isn't completely out of the ordinary---as we go to Santa Fe every summer actually but decided to mix things up last year and cross some things off my bucket list! 

So we had just come off an amazing week in Seattle and Portland and it was time to finally hit the 101 and travel the coast to Newport Beach where some friends were expecting us. I had waited my whole entire life to do this! And to do it on a motorcycle with the man I love...well I just struggle to find the words. 

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Tusk PDX Along With A Few Other Portland Faves

I am still dreaming of that "Feast From The Middle East" in fact. Best meal, best place, and I would return to Portland just to dine at Tusk.

Tusk takes the top spot for most beautiful restaurant in my eyes. The bustling bright, white dining room is so swanky and modern. And a giant portrait of Keith Richards floating in a swimming pool will greet you with a 'Okay I loooove this place' kinda greeting. We chose the perfect little spot right at the very corner end of the bar actually. We didn't make reservations so it was pretty slim pickings but honestly-I think I would do the bar every single time. The energy is amazing up there and you can get a pretty good view into the kitchen where all the magic is happening. They do have a patio also!

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Day Trip To Snoqualmie That Every 'Twin Peaks' Fan Needs To Take

It is feeling so good to finally catch up on all these travel diaries from my moto treak Northwest last summer. I just published your Seattle travel diary so be sure to check it out. We left Seattle for Portland but had some great adventures in between that I think you will find interesting and want to add to your itinerary too, especially if you are a Twin Peaks fan!

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Anacortes and Seattle Travel Guides

I cannot believe I was on my super long Motorcycle Excursion almost a year ago and I am JUST now putting out the travel guides!! Forgive me you all. I promise to be better. 

With Summer officially here and more travels on the horizon, I am so eager to share my adventures with you. I have so many friends traveling to Seattle this season who have begging for this guide so here you are my dears!!! Cramming a lot of info into this one though so bear with me!

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Favorite Whole30 Hashbrown and Sausage Breakfast Casserole (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free)

And I am quite obsessed with Cheryl's recipes from 40 Aprons. She is this beautiful writer and photographer and 40 Aprons is a Whole30 + paleo blog with lots of personality and flair. She makes eating healthy easy by sharing delicious paleo recipes for food-lovers. I have loved every single one of her recipes and find them quite easy to make! I will link her blog and social channels at the end of the post because I highly recommend you keeping up with her. She's pregnant right now and hilarious!

So today I wanted to share her hashbrown and sausage casserole. I made this early this morning and it's the perfect breakfast for us to have for the whole week with our busy schedules. 

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Instagram Worthy Spots In Indianapolis

If you're looking to add some eye candy to your social media profiles on your next trip to Indy, I have got some fab drool worthy places for you to visit. And yes....don't roll your eyes at me--it's all about the gram these days and you know it!

Perhaps you are already there for The Indy 500?! I sure wish I was there this weekend.

This was my first time in Indy and I was so pleasantly surprised! I knew nothing about this part of the United States. But after a brief 48 hour visit, it's fair to say I know a little bit more and if you happen to be visiting then hopefully this will be of some guidance for anyone who's planning a short break.

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