A Few Essential Handbags Every Gal Needs Featuring Esperos Soho

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu.
— Kenzo Takada

Are you a handbag enthusiast like me?! If so you know there are certain handbag staples you should have in your closet at all times-with these three bag styles, you’ll always have the perfect accessory to match any outfit and occasion. For most women, bags are a little like shoes. Just because we have enough, doesn’t mean we ever really have enough. But having a huge number of handbags doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a diverse collection that covers every occasion. And I love brands with great initiative that can provide you with the essential styles of handbags that you need. 

ESPEROS SOHO launched in 2017.  CEO and ESPEROS SOHO Founder Sid Jawahar was raised around strong females and a tight-knit circle of sisters, cousins, and friends. He recognized that his female family and friends were often lugging around multiple bags in the same day for various functions.  Given his expertise in the financial and consumer sector, he set out to develop a better option. 

He soon hired an all-female founding team to further this goal. 

ESPEROS SOHO is the first women's focused handbag line that strives to create the highest quality products at an attainable price point that serve both a functional and style need in a women's life. 

In addition, the ESPEROS SOHO team feels passionate about furthering the opportunities for women and children, starting with education.  A portion of proceeds goes towards support of Komera, Nobelity Project, and Pencils of Promise to further their efforts. Every product sold helps fund one year of education for women and children in developing countries. So cool, right?

And everything is made in The USA!

1. An oversized Clutch

Whether you frequently paint the town red or not, you need at least one go-to, dressy clutch at your disposal. Why? Because there’s nothing sadder than seeing a perfectly fabulous outfit ruined by a bulky, overly casual purse. It’s surprising how much the wrong purse can quickly distract and detract from a fabulous, dressy OOTD.

So many women use their oversized workbag taking it to dinner from the office and I can't with this---STOP! There is a time and a place for that big beauty and it's not out and about at the wine bar for cocktails or brunch. 

If you want to get one that you can use for a variety of occasions ranging from a wedding to a night out on the town, I’d suggest going for a neutral color like black or tan. 

I love the Flat Crossbody from ESPEROS SOHO so much ! And yes I know I just confused the heck out of you because I was talking about clutches but this lovely gem can easily turn into a clutch by tossing the strap so you get a bigger bang for your buck and have both..a cross-body and a clutch. 

This is a classic bag with modern lines. The flap opens to a roomy interior, lined in a super soft suede, with an open phone pocket and a zippered pocket to keep you organized. It comes in a variety of colors too! Eyeing the peacock for Spring!

2. A fabulous Cross-Body

Every single gal needs a cross-body bag for hands-on situations. When you have a cross-body bag in your arsenal, your hands will be free to pick through fruit at the farmers market, sort through the sale rack at your favorite boutique, dance at your favorite concert, or take pictures while you’re exploring that new area of your pretty city. Plus just think about the Spring BBQ's around the corner----you need to hold a plate and a drink gracefully and not worry about your purse slipping off of your shoulder. Plus if you are like me, I have zero shoulders so a shoulder bag is actually not an option for my build. 

I would absolutely just stick to the Flat cross-body that I just talked about. Oui?! 

And also check out the Camera Purse from ESPEROS SOHO. This one is next on my list in the saddle color. It's darling!

3. A fun Statement Bag

Rachel Zoe, my style icon once said: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” And that’s exactly why you need a statement bag in your closet! Whether it’s a brightly colored bag to make your outfit pop or an eccentric clutch in a fun shape, this statement should reflect your overall aesthetic and tell the world exactly who you are. I love ESPEROS SOHO's bucket bag in white. I do not really wear too much white in my clothing choices so this bag really pops! This is such a statement wardrobe piece and the Bucket Bag is the perfect go-to accessory. The roomy interior, organizational pockets, and an interior zip pocket ensure you have what you need close at hand. 

I cannot wait to see which style of bag steals your heart from ESPEROS SOHO.

Tag me in your pics!



This post was sponsored by Esperos Soho but all opinions are mine alone. 

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