Crushing On Bastide Aix-en-Provence

There’s a reason why the French coined the term ‘je ne sais quoi’, because quite simply, sometimes it’s hard to describe how effortlessly beautiful they are.

There is something about Parisian women and their lifestyle that seems to just work. Would you agree? Maybe it’s because croissants and pastries are eaten with abandon; or perhaps it’s the laissez-faire way of life. Whatever the reason, the French tend to look chic and sophisticated every single minute, no matter what. When it comes to fragrance and French women, there’s no such thing as having a wardrobe. They pick their signature scent, and that’s it – no matter the time of day, the season, or even the occasion. And this is where Bastide comes into the story. I will tell you all about them here in a bit. I promise. I mean they inspired this whole post after-all.

So it makes complete sense to take a leaf out of their book and embrace a slightly more Parisian lifestyle by following the very beauty rules French women live by (and hey, I always endorse more croissants and pastries too).

A great beauty product must be beautiful to the eye, pleasant to the touch, and must feel good to use.


#1 / Hair should always be effortless

While a gorgeous sleek blow-dry will always look sophisticated and you’re guaranteed to have compliments flowing in, French women are all about hair that requires little-to-no effort. They keep it subdued. “French women are afraid of being tacky or vulgar,” Mallett tells The Cut. “It’s about a beautiful extension of what they already are. It’s a cerebral type of beauty.” Everything is an understated, sexy, undone look. It’s never like they tried too hard. When it comes to hair styling, the perfect recipe is self-control and not overdoing it. It’s natural but better. They embrace a bit of messiness. Hair has to have life and movement. 

I recommend embracing your natural texture, spritz with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and mess it up for good measure. Or keep along with that Parisian theme and get that sexy, tousled texture reminiscent of a weekend spent frolicking in the clear waters of the French Riviera with French Girl Organics Sea Spray

#2 / Red lips are a must

It makes sense that a bold red lipstick is a staple for Parisian women – it’s literally the one beauty product that can instantly take your beauty look to the next level. No matter what you’re wearing, or how your hair is styled, you are guaranteed to look like you’ve made mounds of effort. Try Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 03 Hot Pepper for a pop of color that’ll seriously last. I am also obsessed with RODIN olio lusso lipsticks. They are perfectly creamy and so moisturizing. Go for the Red Hady shade--it's seriously the perfect red. 

3 / Eyeliner must be imperfect

While Parisian women love the definition a black eyeliner brings, they prefer a somewhat messy, slightly slept-in finish, so when creating a dramatic line, use a soft kohl liner, or an eyeshadow pencil like Estée Lauder Magic Smoky™ Powder Shadow Stick and slightly smudge it out. yes! Just channel your inner Brigette Bardot. She was known for her amazing smudged smokey eye and classic wing which is up next!

#4 / There’s always time for a classic wing

Yes, Parisian women may be all about effortless beauty and a no-fuss routine, but there is always, always time for a sleek winged liner. French ladies undoubtedly have a certain je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from the rest of the world. And eyeliner has always been a part of this inimitable beauty equation. Would Brigitte Bardot be the same bombshell we know and love today without her signature cat-eye? The same can be said of Françoise Hardy’s feline flick or Anna Karina’s eyes, which always seemed to be wrapped with inky kohl. To craft a cat-eye that’s more “forgiving” than your standard ’60s flick, the pro rimmed the inside of eyes and roughly sketched along the top and bottom lash lines with MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil- Feline (rich black) then blended out the pigment with a long and soft brush (like MAC’s 221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush

#5 / Good skin is essential

The secret to Parisian-perfect skin is no secret at all, it’s just diligence and dedication to a skin care routine that’ll leave your complexion radiant and glowing. French women understand a glowing healthy skin is essential to their beauty regimen," says Fontbrune. With makeup, the goal is to achieve their best possible self, rather than transforming themselves into a make-believe version of themselves.Regular visits to the esthetician are a must, as well as very regimented skincare at home. Doing a face mask on a regular basis is a habit French girls grew up with, as well as a rigorously cleansing their skin before bed. One of the most coveted French products is Collosol Eau de Lait,  passed on from generation to generation," says de Fontbrune. "They prep the skin before applying makeup with the proper serums, moisturizers, and pharmaceutical vitamins. They'll use a fine water mist all over the face followed by a rich serum and a thin moisturizer to seal moisture into the skin. In cold weather, they use a thicker moisturizer. Most of all, nutrition plays a big part in French women balancing their skin and keeping it radiant." They also show attention to the under eye with Payot 24+ Glaçon Eye Roll , which is perfect for refreshing and smoothing dark circles.

Using fabulous products on their hands & bodies is just as important as their faces. 

And this is where Bastide comes into the daily routine. 

Luxuriously Simple. Naturally Potent.

Bastide's beauty philosophy is based around simple, quintessential virtues – plenty of water, plants, light, and balance. 


They never test on animals, only themselves. They don’t want these ingredients on them or the people they love, so they've left them out of their formulas to make room for more goodness from Provence. That is the Bastide Promise - 100% made with love, 0% from the blacklist

True French Savoir-Faire

They are molded by the love & craftsmanship of local French artisans (They like to call them their “Beautisans”) - with their generations of savoir-faire and deep expertise in using rich, potent, good-for-you ingredients found in the South of France.

I have been using the Bastide  MIEL DE LAVANDE ARTISANAL Hand Wash. Made in the practice of traditional French saponification, this liquid hand wash is gentle to your skin and kind to the environment. With a base of coco oil and Provence olive oil (and0% SLS), this beautiful liquid soap glides on through your hands gently, rinses clean, and leaves behind no harm, only a gentle honey lavender fragrance. Delicately scented with our delicious Miel de Lavande fragrance, reminiscent of easy Sunday mornings, indulging in spoonfuls of Provence lavender honey.

I have also been using the Bastide MIEL DE LAVANDE Hand & Body Lotion. For clean hands, dancing legs, and sun-kissed shoulders, Miel de Lavande Hand & Body Lotion is enriched with Provence honey and olive oil, to perfume, soften, and smooth skin, addictive to the touch. Use and massage on yourself and anyone you love - the formula is clean & paraben-free to enjoy without moderation. Delicately scented with Bastide's delicious Miel de Lavande fragrance, reminsicent of easy Sunday morning breakfasts, indulging in spoonfuls of Provence lavender honey.

And the Bastide MIEL DE LAVANDE Hand Cream is in my handbag at all times. I adore that it quickly absorbed with no greasy residue and leaves my hands supple and the scent is invigorating. 

#6 / Wear only your signature scent

French women are very faithful to their perfumes. They wear the same one for years and do not change it, whether it’s morning or evening, winter or summer. I think American women like to have several. They appreciate new perfumes and buy things that they discover in magazines or at department stores, where quite energetic sellers are jumping on them. This does not exist that much in France. French women do not wear very strong things. Perfume should be discreet, like a little secret.

I spray perfume around the neck, on my wrists, and on my scarf. 

And I a am loving Bastide's ROSE OLIVIER EAU DE TOILETTE. 

A green yet floral fragrance - a delight and surprise. In the south of France, a rose bush grows intertwined with the olive tree, symbiotic and inextricably married in their branches, roots, aromas, and souls. The result is a nuanced rose unlike any other - this petally scent takes on woody notes from its olive lover.

Actually, I think it is best to describe the work of fragrance-creation like fashion
— Mathieu Nardin

So my fellow Francophiles, let's put these 6 tips to use in 2018 and Go French Ourselves!!!



This post was in collaboration with Bastide, all opinions are my own.


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