Farm To Face With Coola--Winter Glowing Tips


I know lots of you beauties are soon heading off to your resort vacays for the holidays while most of us will be settling in with the families decking the halls. Even in the winter months sun protection and skin care is always a top priority for me--no matter where I am in this world. You can always find me covered in SPF , big oversized hats, and the hugest sunglasses one can find. I still love a summer glow though. It's just so pretty to be sun-kissed all year round. I mean--fake it un until you make it right? 

Get The All year round Glow....

Foods heavy in Omega-3 are perfect to keep your skin glowing, and that doesn’t just include the face. Salmon and trout are perfect sources for the oils. I am currently learning how to love preparing fish recipes at home because it is just so good for you. Carrots and sweet potatoes are perfect to feast on wherein the beta-carotene they contain ensures your skin stays nice and soft. 

Eat lots of foods with Vitamin C as it stimulates the collagen and gets rid of those wrinkles that just cannot wait to spill the secret of your real age. Eating kiwis, oranges, and grapefruits are sure to double up on these.

Dark Chocolate is not only heavenly but also associated with softer, more hydrated skin. If you feel like eating something chocolaty, remember that the darker it is the better.  

For dairy products stick to yogurt if you want your skin and nails to glow beautifully, while the biotic increases nail strength and the protein helps metabolize the fat. Furthermore, skin flare-ups can be avoided by snacking on almonds and sunflower seeds, while radiance can be achieved with lots of  leafy greens.

And you dears already know how much I love trying new beauty products. And I have found two new gems that will forever be in my beauty bag. They both are keeping my skin youthful AND healthy, imagine that! 

Currently in love with Coola's Organic Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum. I am a big fan of all of their sun care products too--everything they do is just perfection. This amazing serum provides a natural-looking radiance to the skin. It's a potent blend of Argan Oil, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and plant stem cell cultures that leave skin feeling smooth, hydrated and glowing. It's also streak-free and transfer-free and the gradual tan lasts up to 3 days and is great for use alone or added to your everyday face moisturizer for a buildable luminance. It absorbs quickly and this is a huge selling point for me. 

 I apply a couple of drops to a freshly washed face and then moisturize in the mornings and repeat the process at night before bed and wake up to a sun-kissed face that looks like I've been at the beach all weekend long. And I live nowhere near a beach. Ha!

You will be sure to get an awesome glow doing all of the above!

Be sure to check out Coola's SPF 30 Dawn Patrol Makeup Primer too. This silky-smooth formula provides a multitasking base for radiant skin and flawless makeup application. A proprietary blend of Honeysuckle, White Lily and Iris Stem Cells instantly enhances overall skin quality, while their signature Plant Protection® and broad spectrum SPF 30 shields and protects skin from damaging UV rays. Can be used alone or before foundation for flawless skin protection with the perfect photo finish. It's another fave of mine. 

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Happy Glowing!!!!


(This post was sponsored by Coola but all opinions are mine alone. )