Go French Yourself's Festival Essentials

Festival season is here my babes and I could not be more excited. There’s nothing quite like spending a long weekend with good friends, endless sunshine, and live music. Austin City Limits was always my go to because of the convenient location and my sweet friends that live there. But I was so looking forward to attending The Mad Cool Festival  in July in Madrid, Spain but it looks like I may just miss it. So bummed about that. I am so ready to just get to Barcelona already. 

But I have a ton of friends hitting Bonnaroo this weekend and so many friends gearing up for their first ACL this year so it inspired me to share my little festival survival secrets. Most music festivals are all-day commitments, so you want to make sure that you’re super prepared when you fill your bag and head out for the day. I mean you are in the middle of a field in three digit temps surrounded by thousands and thousands of people who are dancing their butts off. ( OMG--having a total flash back to LCD Sound-system's set a few years ago) The sweat aroma will eventually take over any perfume, your phone dies in the middle of the first day (UGH) and you’ve probably attracted so many germs....well, let's just not even think about that! All in the name of music! So to avoid looking and smelling disgusting, or depleting your energy, there are basic necessities you need to have with you my loves. 

Here is the  list of the essentials that I keep in my festival bag at ALL times!

  1. Bag.
    The first (and seriously most important) thing to make sure you have before heading out to a music festival is a stylish (because of course festival fashion is a total priority)  and sturdy cross-body bag or a backpack. You want to be hands free and not have to worry about keeping up with anything. Also ever been around the woman that brought her "luggage" to a show....um...no, don't ever do that!? I always adore my convertible shoulder bag from Vere Verto in Navy. I also appreciate the drawcord closure making my goods secure and how can you resist a good tassel detail?! The shoulder strap is adjustable and can be converted to be worn as a backpack.  It will go with any outfit I wear, and it’s big enough to fit my must have essentials but small enough that I can wonder and explore around the festival grounds all day without it hurting my back. Such a plus. I won't even tell you about my first fest years and years ago. I seriously packed a huge tote and my shoulder was killing me and it was such a pain to keep eyes on. 
  2. Sunnies & Hat
    A stylish pair of sunnies is a must for any music festival. The sun can be brutal, and you do not want to miss your faves rocking out on stage!  I typically carry along two inexpensive pairs because I always lose one, sometimes both. HA! Plus sunnies are great to mask your eyes while people watching. These BP sunglasses are fabulous----multihued mirrored lenses lend a super-modern look to them! And they are only $12. (yes, thank me later) And of course a great hat can add some style to your fest look instantly but more importantly...it will protect you from that sun! I love this one....
  3. Scarf .
    I always tie a scarf to the strap of my bag or around my hat before I head to any music festival. A bigger, cozy scarf can act as a blanket to sit on during the day and will also keep you warm when the sun goes down. I always love something vintage and bright! Something fun for photos too obviously!
  4. Hair Ties & Bobby Pins 
    For festivals, I usually opt for some fun braids or a loose top knot.  It keeps my hair up and out of my face (which is a must for those 100-degree days). Wind can also be a huge issue, so keeping your hair up can be a huge lifesaver.  Because you never know when you’ll need some extra help keeping your hair in place, I always keep some cute Neoprene hair ties  in my bag. Bobby pins are also a fab idea! 
  5. Back Up Charger or Charging Cords.
    These days, I never leave home without a back-up iPhone charger. And when I’m heading to a festival, this is one of the most important items that I’ll throw in my bag. The last thing you want is for your phone’s battery to run out after you’re separated from your friends (or your ride). And hello....no pictures or snapchats because your phone died?!! GASP. (shaking head no) I love the amazing charging mini wallets from Jill-e Designs. They are all about the girl-on-the-go. 
  6. A Bandana So while your festival may not be in a dust-ridden area like a desert or dry location, I still highly recommend bringing some form of bandana with you. Why? Because aside from the fact that no matter what there will be dust and dirt kicked into the air by attendees, it also can be used in a few different ways as well. Don't even get me started on the 2nd ACL I attended. Their was a dust storm and I was coughing up dirt for months after. So wish I would have had a bandana to cover my mouth.  Festivals can also get very hot, so being able to dunk the scarf in water and wrap it around your head or neck will do a great job at keeping you nice and cool.

  7. Dry Shampoo
    Standing outside in the sun can cause your hair to get oily and dirty super-fast, so you’ll want to keep a good dry shampoo in your purse or backpack in order to keep the greasiness at bay. For a great product that won’t leave your hair full of buildup, use the R & CO Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste. It's a dry shampoo and styling product in one and I am obsessed. 
  8.  Tweezers and Band-Aids
    So as strange as these may sound, I promise they can come in so handy. One fest I stepped on some glass....not even joking. I did not have tweezers or a band aid so now I just keep those handy in a makeup bag. The band-aid will also be a life saver if you get any blisters on your feet from breaking in new sandals or boots.
  9. Kleenex
     It’s kind of gross to admit how much of a serious essential the good ‘Ol TP or kleenex  is at a music festival. There will be times when the porta potty has none left, or is just so disgusting you’re forced to pop a squat. You will be jealous of everyone who has their own and cursing yourself for not doing the same. I pinky promise you this. 

 And speaking of the kleenex situation----I was just recently at my local Walmart and discovered these Kleenex Go Anywhere packs. They are so easy and convenient. They are in a versatile package and Kleenex Multicare tissues are larger and stronger. Kleenex Ultra Soft Go-Anywhere Pack tissue features a slim format, available in four designs, a snap strap and a sealable lid that dispenses easily. The protected packaging makes tissue more mobile, accessible, and convenient. Compared with traditional On-the-Go packs, the new Ultra-Soft Go-Anywhere tissue has three times more tissue, including 30 tissues per pack. And I just love that snap strap. It attaches easily to my bag for fest season AND it also conveniently attaches to the back of your seat in the car!!! 

Visit your local Walmart and grab some Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs for all of your summer fun. Save $.50 now on new Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs at Walmart! Stock up here. 

Happy Music Festing My Loves!!!! Who are you most excited to see live this Summer?!!