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Natori Aphrodite GownNatori Aphrodite Robe 

Ending September having said goodbye to my most favorite Natori Chemise. I had it for years and years and it was just the perfect silky nightdress. I love the look and feel of a Chemise but it's definitely not the sleepwear I can wear with house guests unless I wear a pretty thick well fitted robe. We always go to Houston for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with Lin's family too and my see through Chemise is not the thing to pack in my travel bag. So I often wear PJ pants and an oversized band T but it's so uncomfortable to me. I hate pants really. Pretty sexy sleepwear is my second love next to maxi dresses. At the end of a long day, after I take a hot bubble bath, I love slipping into something that feels good--and looks good. And even though the winter months would warrant something fleece , I literally would burn up into flames. So I am always wanting something light and airy no matter the weather outside. Lin calls me a radiator heater FYI.  

Last week I went ahead and ordered some new sleepwear from Natori because they are just my favorite. They have always been one of my favorite brands for pajamas and robes. I kept my holiday trips in mind because with almost 100% humidity in Houston, you don’t want anything that clings to your skin. I wanted something thats felt beautiful on my skin and that looked feminine and gorgeous. But I also wanted something appropriate where I could feel comfortable sipping morning coffee with Lin's mom and eating breakfast and just not having to rush to get dressed every morning. I did order a new sexy Chemise too

I snagged the Natori Aphrodite Gown in coral. The black one was darling too but a lot of the summer colors were on sale and I wanted to take advantage of the savings. It makes me feel like a  Grecian goddess of love and beauty. The smooth and slinky knit fabric slides over the body in fine form and this glamorous nightgown flaunts an empire waist and draped front which I really love because it's super flattering. Love the deep V-neck in the front and back adding just the right amount of sexiness. The knit fabric is smooth and cool to the touch with a drape that won't cling  And it's machine washable--another huge plus for me. It’s the kind of piece that I’ll end up changing into the minute I get home to relax and unwind.

I also snagged the Natori Aphrodite Robe in black. I wanted a longer robe this go around as I have many that are above the knee. There is something so elegant about the longer look. And it looks so pretty against the coral gown. The slinky knit fabric just like the gown is smooth and cool to the touch with a drape that won't cling . And I adore the self-tie belt and longer sleeves so much. I also slip into one of my robes as soon as I get home. Sometimes it’s the first thing I grab as I’m getting out of the shower, or it’s what I lounge around the house in as I’m getting ready or I’ll even tie it over a nightie for some extra coverage as I grab the morning newspaper in my hallway.

You will love Natori. I promise you that!

What are your staples for PJ's and some other brands you think I would enjoy?! Tell me in the comments below. I always love it when you drop by. 

Happy Saturday my dears!

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