Milk + Honey: FINALLY A Natural Deodorant That Works


Finding a natural deodorant has been no easy task for me.

It has been something I have been wanting to do for ages---like finally make the switch from my beloved clinical strength Secret. I have always had majorly sweaty pits..just being honest. I also eat a ton of garlic so you can imagine my issues here. Lin came home from the market with a little surprise for me one day. He had done some research and picked up Schmidt's Naturals Deodorant in a clean refreshing Bergamot + Lime scent . I loved the smell, didn't mind the packaging too much, but I hated the consistency. It was soooo greasy staining my clothes. After about two weeks too I just was not loving it. It took care of any odors but did not nothing for the perspiration. I decided to hang in there a tad longer and I so wish I hadn't. I started developing the worst rash that hurt terribly. Imagine open blisters in your pits and every-time you sweat, they would burn for hours. I wanted to cry. I think I did cry myself to sleep for several nights. 

I opened up the topic on my Facebook asking for recommendations and I am not sure I ever had such strong engagement on my post--172 comments to be exact. This made me so happy for two reasons---1 being that people actually read what I write and 2 --look at all these passionate people who have made the switch and care about what they are actually putting on their bodies!!

I went through each and every comment and did my own research and picked 7 deodorants from the bunch that I thought would be well suited for my needs. Three of them were purchased and four were sent to me complimentary to review. I also was so nervous after the severe rash so I needed to be smart about this experiment too. My poor tender pits. Worst pain of my life you all. 

For the past few months I have totally been a mad scientist. Each day I woke up and applied one deodorant to my left armpit and a different one to my right. 

 I go to spin class or play tennis most days, and so I used that activity to test each deodorant’s mettle.

So through lots of trial and error..I finally found the deodorant of my arm pits dreams!!!

But first let's talk about the ones I didn't like....

We know how I feel about  Schmidt’s. The paste version of this deodorant is insanely hard to use, even though they give you a small spatula for applications. I lost the spatula within a few hours. The stick version is sticky and has a really high content of baking soda which apparently eats through my sensitive skin. That was the worst experience ever. 

 The  Malin & Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant came highly recommended by people I really trust. I am a huge fan of their shower gels and hair products so I had high expectations for this little guy. And it just didn't deliver for me. I never felt dry and always felt stinky.

 The Aesop Vetiver is just insanely expensive and I found myself over using this. I did love how it smelled though. 

A few others were handmade by friends who sell deodorants at their local farmers markets or have Etsy shops. I really really wanted to love one of those but just didn't. 

The Native deodorant really worked for me. It has a great price point too. I don't love the packaging is why it didn't get my first pick. 

When I am looking at a product as a whole--I take every thing into consideration. 

My friend Ally lives in Austin and works at the fab Milk + Honey Spa. Their products are ORGANIC. LUXURIOUS and EFFECTIVE. Crafted in small batches too with the purest essential oils and highest quality ingredients. They are designed to nourish the skin and uplift the spirit. Their cream deodorants come in 4 different fragrances. I went with the coconut and vanilla because I chose when I was hungry. (True Story) The price point is fantastic and the packaging is just so easy on my eyes! Keeps me dry and smells delicious. Annnnd no crazy break outs. 

I love how easy the cream is to use too. I had never used anything like this before. 

I am so excited to have finally found something that is going to work for me!!

Order yours from Milk + Honey below.

Check out their space too when you are in Austin or Houston! I hope to have a spa day here over the Thanksgiving Holiday!

What natural deodorant do you love and why??