Mini Style Story With Shelby Aloisio

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Hey everyone! My name is Jenna Mandel, and I have the honor of calling myself Sam's intern. I first started in October of 2017 assisting her with projects such as photographing a gorgeous vintage car/floral shoot and dreamy conservatories. My latest step in the internship is working with Sam on the Q&A section of Go French Yourself! 

That being said -- I am beyond excited to introduce to you my fashion icon, Shelby Aloisio. I have known Shelby for four years, and she never fails to impress me with her style and grace. You will notice her knowledge of fashion as it shines through in response to my questions. Her gentle spirit - with a touch of badass girl boss - attracts everyone around her, and if you were to meet her in person you would never forget her. 


At what age did you start becoming fascinated with fashion?

I remember gaining a sense of fashion as a freshman in high school and it becoming my thing. We had free dress for only that year, and I was really excited that I could communicate to people something about me before ever saying a word. As a shy 15 year old, I would’ve rather worn knee high snake socks with a bright blue skirt than ever raise my hand in class. Looking different became my identity and my fascination with fashion took off from there.

How would you best describe your fashion sense?

 I would describe my style as avant-garde, colorful and eccentric but structured and sometimes monochromatic. I like to embrace glamour and anti-glamour simultaneously—pulling from masculinity and femininity in the same look.


Favorite brands?

The brand I have bonded to most is Acne Studios; I love their millennial pink packaging and their use of browns in all collections. I am attracted to Acne’s ability to layer unconventional lines into their garments. Acne hands down wins the award for best leather jacket. I love to admire big brands like Gucci, Prada, and Raf Simons, Fendi. Shrimps is doing the best stuff ever with fur. And Nafsika Sikourti is a young, underground designer from the Middle East doing the coolest stuff with embroidery.

What is your most treasured clothing item?

My most treasured item has to be my Shrimps Junior intarsia fur coat. It is a white, feminine coat with a red and blue illustration of a character on the elbows.


Who is your style inspiration?

Solange and Lorde. When music and fashion goes hand in hand, yep.

Is there a particular highlight moment of your fashion career?

My friends, Annie, Bailey and I, had the privilege to curate the set of an editorial for a local OKC designer called Stone & Harper. The brand has an organic feel highlighting sustainable fashion. She uses raw textiles in neutrals and primary colors. We went crazy this opportunity and put together a set that looked like an apocalyptic playhouse with spray painted sand bags, a modular blue staircase, a dramatic red curtain, and a table with a layered cake. The idea was to build an abstract, immersive world looking like the day when non-reality is our reality. We had so much fun.


Fashion trend you are following right now?

The fashion trend I am following right now is wear whatever you want, wherever. Hopefully it takes you out of your comfort zone.

What is your go-to "night on the town" outfit?

My night out outfit would be suited with a graphic tee (most likely my Terminator shirt I thrifted from the little boys section) under a blazer or duster with wide-legged colored pants and an angular heel.

Most listened to song at the moment?

I’m listening to Leave It In My Dreams by The Voidz.

How do you decide what to wear for concerts? Do you take the band and their style into consideration?

My wardrobe is very influenced by the type of concert attending. If I am at a music festival, I try to feel comfortable but not look casual. I love to wear high contrasting colors or a dress with some crazy embroidery. You’ll never see me in a pair of jeans, or cut off denim shorts. At a Kings of Leon show, I’ll wear a peach western button down and white fringe booties, but for Beyoncé I will wear an electric yellow satin dress with a hand print on the back and accented face paint.


How do you get ready in the mornings? Upbeat or mellow vibes?

Mornings are so slow for me, I’m low maintenance but lazy so I need a moderate amount of time to walk out the door. I have to have music to get ready—that is the only consistent thing I do!

Who do you think rocks the best street style?

The street style award goes to Pilar Zeta who is a creative director but wears the same aesthetic she designs. She did the graphics for Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams album, which looks like a kaleidoscope. She is equivalent of Memphis design architect, Ettore Sottsass, but in graphics and fashion. I love her!

Vintage or new?

I love shopping vintage in person at Tulsa’s local store, Cheap Thrills. When I travel, shopping vintage is most fun! If I am investing my money into a designer item, it is going to be resell – resell online shops are my go to!