My 2 Favorite Face Pore Minimizing Products For Spring-Summer


I can't believe it's already almost mid May. And I certainly cannot believe it's already 92 degrees with 100% humidity outside. I am so not a summer girl.


I vowed to do more beauty blogging with the remainder of the year so please keep me accountable. These posts always do so well with my readers!!!

I have quite honestly become so obsessed with skincare more than anything and feel the need to tell you when I find something miraculous! There's nothing I want more in life than good skin (ok, slight exaggeration but it's definitely up there in my top five life priorities) and I am loving two products right now that are helping me with my end goals. (shrink these pores) One of them is a mask and  I am a total sucker for a face mask! Give me a fashion magazine, a face mask, and a bubble bath and maybe a glass of wine and I am one very happy woman! (Heyyyyy Lin, are you reading this?!)

So what are these two amazing skin care products? Well first off, they’re all created by a skincare brand I adore, OSEA, who believe that natural, non-toxic skincare is vital for long-term health, beauty, and radiance. Their products are powered by bioavailable skin superfoods so effective they eliminate the need for harmful synthetic ingredients entirely. I have mentioned OSEA at the very beginning of the year when I shared my three fave skin care products under $70

Here are the delish details!!!

Ocean Cleansing Mudd

I became obsessed with this deep cleanser after only using it a few times. I suffer from large pores and this exfoliating, oil-balancing cleanser deeply purifies and thoroughly decongests oily and blemished skin. A potent blend of USDA Certified Organic Algae and Cypress oil removes surface impurities and visibly balances blemishes. Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Rosemary provide a cooling sensation and leave my skin feeling refreshed, energized, and clarified. I tend to get so oily in my T-zone this season too and this really makes my skin feel matte and clean!

Red Algae Mask

This purifying mask removes surface impurities and minimizes the look of pores for a visibly refined complexion. Our non-drying formula eliminates excess oil while gently hydrating skin. French Red Kaolin Clay purifies and decongests. Organic Red Algae deeply hydrates and firms skin, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. An active blend of Thyme, Juniper and Tea Tree essential oils have a refreshing cleansing effect. Perfect for masking blemishes and skin that has been exposed to environmental stressors. 

Hope you enjoy these !! Be sure to check out all the other fabulous products OSEA has. You can shop their website easily by your concern too --age defying, blemish-prone, combination skin, dry skin, excess oil, sensitive/reactive, or brightening and then they literally suggest the regimen you need making things so easy!!!!

Happy Wednesday!!


Thanks to OSEA for sponsoring this post.