New Year. New Vanity Area/Office Space

After redoing our entire living room area, (and OMG-I cannot wait to share the big reveal with you soon)  I knew that the next phase was to begin the redesign of my vanity area/office space. 

It would have to be fairly subtle as this tiny space is in the master bedroom.

But it is an area that is mine alone--the place where I do my makeup and work on everything for Go French Yourself. Plus with Lin being retired now and home, I needed a place where I could hide and lock the door to stay focused on the day's tasks. 

 I wanted my office to feel luxurious and accessible--but still modern and minimal.  I wanted my space to inspire my work and vice versa. Whether I’m preparing for a major photo shoot, packing for my next travel adventure on the road, or building out my editorial calendar and spending an afternoon swimming in emails, and writing--- I feel so productive and at ease when I’m here. The light is gorgeous and I love the downtown views here. 

I worked with a number of different companies to help me and I am so thrilled with the results, even though I am not entirely finished as I am still on the hunt for some makeup storage pieces, a smaller hair dryer that will store nicely in the vanity drawer, and the perfect vanity mirror . Between West Elm (Tulsa Location), Rug StudioAmara Living,  Dot & BoAlora Ambiance, and Gantri  the "Go French Yourself headquarters" (haha)  has quickly become one of my favorite places in my home. 

You really can take any space in your home from dull to chic in no time with a few key pieces that will make your space perfect.  

So let's talk about my favorite pieces that were added to create my awesome vanity/office space. I promise I am going to share a DIY soon to help you organize your beauty products too.  A cluttered beauty drawer is the worst!!!

  • It’s important to keep your mind and body in check when working and getting glam--so a good chair or bench should be top priority. I had been working from a ghost chair  for years...gorgeous yes, comfortable, no. And taking the Hemingway approach and work standing up--yeah, no again. I loved the idea of bringing in a bench to the space. They are comfortable enough to keep you happy, but not so cozy it rocks you to sleep. Plus moving around throughout the day will keep you feeling good and your mind fresh. I love to switch it up...sitting upright, then Indian style, you get my drift, right? Plus a bench can easily be moved to my living room when we have a larger gathering to create more seating so it's so incredibly versatile. We decided on a gorgeous bench from Dot & Bo. Boasting a comfy seat and petite footprint, this bench makes a modern statement with plush faux fur upholstery and brown round legs.The legs also match the warm wood our home to a T so that was incredibly important to us. And the plush faux fur really makes it feel like a space just for me! 
  •  Your feet should be comfortably resting on the floor so feel free to ditch the shoes. Being by the window too, the floors ten to get really chilly in my space so I wanted the perfect little rug with a subtle pattern. It also didn't need to be too large--only about 3' x 5'. I ended up going with a gorgeous Safavieh Chatham ivory and black area rug from an amazing company called Rug Studio. The Chatham Collection of Desai area rugs are made in India with a timeless quatrefoil motif, making a global design statement in this subtle but sophisticated floor covering. The hand-tufted wool pile feels so elegant and really fits into the contemporary space nicely. 
  • Embrace natural lighting. Open the shades in your office space and let the sunlight flow. As evening sets in, use lamps with a gentle glow to warm your space and ease you out of the work day. I worked with Gantri Designs for the perfect light for me. Gantri uses digital technologies to help a new generation of designers create modern, livable products that you won't find anywhere else. Designers create products digitally using their components, resources, and guidelines. Then their expert engineers review and test products according to their quality standards. and lastly they sell products online and make each order on demand. Designers receive royalties on each sale. This whole process is so dear to my heart. Designers can finally launch quality products with ease, and design lovers get unprecedented access to affordable luxury designs. And the table lights are insanely gorgeous. I have The Mellow Fellow in Snow. Mellow Fellow was inspired by soft, billowing fabric. The top half conveys a feeling of weightlessness, while the smooth base and stem give it an elegant, solid anchor. Its open top allows brilliant light to fill your entire room. 
  • More than just natural light, try bringing in some nature! You don’t have to be a fan of plants or a master gardener to appreciate a little greenery. Pick up a plant that you enjoy and that will add life to your personal lair. I worked with West Elm Tulsa and Cohlmia's for this project. I absolutely love the West Elm Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planter. It's inspired by the clean silhouettes of the '50s and '60s. This gorgeous Mid-Century Turned Leg Planters stands on tapered, solid wood legs with a glazed, ceramic bowl. This particular corner where I have it too gets amazing light from having windows on both sides too. It was just begging me for a plant. We went with a stunning velvet leaf ficus. 
  • When it comes to decorations, you are the master of this domain. It’s your time to choose what makes you feel happy and what reminds you of success. Oh, and let the dog in from time to time too. Pets have been proven to lower our stress levels. I am just saying! I kept things simple with one of my fave vases from Amara Living--the  AYTM - Globe Vase - Large - Black Glass & Brass From Amara Living is truly lovely.  In a sleek globe shape, it is crafted from grey mouth-blown glass with an off centre opening at the top for artfully displaying your fave blooms. Finished with a brass ring base, it is effortlessly Scandinavian in design with a hint of luxury offered through the shining metallic base. And I love fresh flowers. I am always getting the prettiest blooms weekly from Whole Foods Market.  And aroma is key for me so I always have a diffuser from Alora Ambiance next to me when I am working and when I am spending the time on my makeup. These diffusers are the best I have ever experienced. The aroma fills the entire home and they last so long. 

Once again though, the beauty of having an at-home space all for yourself is just that: it’s yours. You’re the boss, and you make the rules. If you feel like it’s getting cluttered, clear it out. If you feel like it’s too dark, choose a new lamp to brighten things up. You have the power to make the decisions now, and see what works most successfully with your professional needs. As a final thought, keep in mind that an at-home lair won’t come together overnight. Take the time to choose each piece. Make the space perfect.

I cannot wait to show you what I did with everything in the vanity drawers soon!!

Please let me know your favorite piece that you incorporated into your office/vanity space in the comments below. And OMG--send me some vanity mirror suggestions!!! I need something modern!

Thanks in advance!!

And thank you to all my partners who helped me with the perfect pieces.