One Perfect Day In Tulsa's Little Urban Jungle--Zelma Rose Giveaway

My darlings, today I am thirty-eight years old today!!!! OMG! And Go French Yourself is two! It's such an exciting day for me. I cannot tell you how truly happy and blessed I am to be doing something I love so much. I am just in a really good place in my life today---a beautiful place where I’ve never been happier in love, happier in my career and am slowly getting happier with my understanding of self. It's been such a long year of some devastating hardships--many close friendships lost including one that I treasured to my very core. I want to write about that and will soon but today l want to focus on the good things that have some from the year instead of betrayal and disappointment. I think It’s important to acknowledge that it takes time to get to where we are, and to where we want to be in our lives and being my own boss and building my own brand is so exciting to me and I just want to thank you all for following along on my journey.

So, every year that I wake up on my birthday Lin always asks does it feel different being another year older? While my answer in the past always been no, this year was a little different for me surprisingly. To be completely frank with you, I fought with the idea of even announcing my birthday on social media--even preventing people from being able to write on my facebook wall. It's the first year no party is planned and I am just really content with spending my special day celebrating with those closest to me. Lin and I are taking a trip too here in about a week heading to Saint Louis for MGMT, then Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Nashville, and Hot Springs. I am so stoked to grab some great content for some amazing travel diaries for you dears! 

…Cant you hear me knockin on your window
Cant you hear me knockin on your door
Cant you hear me knockin down your dirty street, yeah
Help me baby, ain’t no stranger…
— The Rolling Stones

So focusing on the good from the year--I am so thrilled to have deepened relationships with people and brands that I have worked with previously. I am certain that you all remember Lisa from Zelma Rose. She is no stranger to any follower of mine. I first introduced you to her last June and her  gorgeous Estero Hand Woven Necklace  is always adorning my neck.  

Incase you missed that post, take a peak here

It’s just wonderful knowing there are kindred spirits, little sisters in style and aesthetic, dotted around the world –  separated by miles but connected in inspiration by this beautiful blogging world. Lisa and I have stayed in touch and I’ve loved watching the way she interprets her designs in her photography. She has the most wonderful way of making each and every Zelma Rose piece look ethereal.

I was so stoked when Lisa reached out about creating a brand new necklace collection called The Bonita and it's just so gorgeous and versatile. It debuts March 1 (you can get all the details first by becoming a newsletter muse by clicking here. ) If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see some sneak peaks a few days ago!! "Creating a new collection is both exciting and scary. There are many ups and downs and what can seem like a constant stream of false starts. Luckily I work with an amazing team of women who help guide my vision every step of the way. " said Lisa. I was so thrilled when Lisa partnered with me giving me the Bonita Necklace in Golden Ochre. I am loving the color and the size. And have even been loving it as a hat band. It fits around a hat perfectly. It's my favorite birthday present!! I cannot wait to wear it all spring summer long. It's going to be the perfect companion for waterfalls, teepees, palm tree lined adventures, sandy dunes and mermaiding around in rock pools and all the gorgeous golden moments that I plan on sharing with loved ones. I just don’t even know what to say! Other than I love it so much!! 

And in honor of my birthday and the birthday of Bonita, I am hosting a ZR giveaway to celebrate the new collection!!!!!! Grab all the deets at the end of this post!

So let's talk about the most perfect day in Tulsa's Urban Jungle.

It’s a strange thing, when you live in a small town. I often get uninspired and the creative juices are so not flowing. This is why I love working with Jenna so much because her creative soul is actually something you can feel in the air and It just makes me so happy. 

For this shoot we we ventured to my little hidden gem Cohlmia's.  They have the the most insanely gorgeous retail showroom. They have the largest selection of outdoor containers and home and garden designer accessories in Tulsa. I cannot get enough of the deep Jurassic green here in my little urban jungle at @cohlmias.tulsa 🌱🌵🌿🍃🌱 It's the perfect backdrop for Zelma Rose as it's inspired by the natural beauty of Northern California, Lisa's designs evoke the delicate balance of bold colors and refined details only found in nature. So they come alive in the wild. The green of "the jungle" just made the beautiful Golden Ochre and Ercu pop! Cohlmia's is just the most magical tropical wonderland. I have been spending hours here---it's a place where I can go and just breathe. I also am loving learning about plants as I add greenery into my home. Kirby is so knowledgeable so gather up all your plant questions and send them her way! 

At Cohlmia's you can find a wide variety of tropical plants like orchids, bromeliads, palms, aglaonemas, cacti, cane plants, ferns, and many other green or colorful plants. They range from  4" plants to 50 gallon. Outdoor seasonal plants can be found in their greenhouse during the spring, brilliantly colored hanging baskets and individual potted plants for your garden or planters. In the fall, they have a selection of plants that can brighten up the outdoors as the weather grows cooler. Poinsettias arrive in time for the Holiday season, in an assortment of sizes and colors. Once you have chosen your plant, Cohlmia's has just the container for you. From rustic to an assortment of colorful ceramic pottery in different shapes and sizes, Cohlmia's has something for everyone. 

I am just going to let the photos speak for themselves here. It’s like a delicious sensory overload for me. 

As you can see the new BONITA necklace is inspiring, feminine, soft and strong all at once…

I just feel like such a goddess every single time I wear Zelma Rose. 

On my special day and another trip around the sun....I am going to continue this feeling of gratitude loving what I have, here and now, because things are constantly changing. I have not even been able to articulate how I feel about the horrible shooting in a Florida school because it just gives so much anxiety. So in this moment-I just want to be here now and not miss the abundance and goodness surrounding me. Always listen to your heart and follow it's advice. And keep shining!!!

Let's celebrate all that light and the fabulous new collection from Zelma Rose launching in just a few days ...


One lucky winner will win the beautiful Bonita Necklace pictured below in Ecru. This gorgeous cream goes with everything!!!!!

TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY (you can do all 4 entries, or only one, but remember the more you do, the more chances you have to win!):

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Good Luck!

*Zelma Rose giveaway runs from 12am CST, Feb. 26th  through 11:59 pm CST, March 1st 2018. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Must live in the US to be eligible to win. Winner will be contacted by me & their name will be published at the bottom of this post.

Photos by Jenna Mandel