Say What You Wanna Say With RIVI CO.

I love some iconic blasts from the past. I mean throwbacks are the best!  And I tend to think more and more about them when I am around my 16 year old daughter. Everything comes back full circle, right?!! 

So let’s talk letter boards. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE and I am absolutely loving it! Although hard to pinpoint the origin of the letter board, they have been around foreeeeeeeever (my mom had one in our kitchen actually where she would write loving words or make little reminder lists). They remind me of simple days when everything wasn’t digital. I can remember seeing these boards in local donut shops, deli's and my Catholic school when I was growing up. Zoë just asked me for one the other day for her room so she could display song lyrics and change them daily! High five kiddo--I love that idea! 

Last week I shared my Father's Day Gift Guide where I gave a sneak peak of a letter board I had and I was so excited all the personal messages I got requesting more info! You guys are seriously so amazing!  So I am thrilled to share RIVI with you all. RIVI is a brand curated in sunny California and inspired by moms looking to make everyday a little better, whether it's through style or simplicity. And I am such a huge fan! I received mine in the mail about three weeks ago before my Hot Springs getaway  and you dears------Can I just say how much fun I’ve been having with this thing?!

 I feel like a little kid playing with a new toy on Christmas morning. I’m completely addicted and I literally change up my board every few days. The possibilities are really endless with these little gems, despite their simplicity. Unlike a chalkboard, these letter boards require no artistic ability. (thank goodness) so no fancy handwriting skills are needed here.  It’s perfect and neat every single time, which is a HUGE bonus in my book. I’m so excited to share a few of my ideas of how I have been using my board with a few pictures but before I do, let me start by showing you what in the heck a letter board is and how you actually use it.

The RIVI boards are just the best! They’re offered in 5 different sizes and I actually went with the smallest of all the sizes they offer. And let me just say how happy I am that I chose the smaller board. Now don’t get me wrong, the larger ones are great too. But if you want to move this guy around your house like I do, I’d definitely recommend the 10×10 size. It’s just perfect. Each board is made of felt and has little slotted lines, as you can see. It comes with a full set of letters, punctuation marks, and numbers. It also comes with a little bag for storing the letters, which is really handy. 

RIVI also offers a variety of color options for your frame. I opted for the rose gold one. But the oak is quite lovely and I love that reclaimed wood for a more rustic look too.

Each letter has a little hook, which allows you to securely put it in the slots on the board. Super easy and quick!

Once in the slots, the letters actually slide back and forth very easily, which makes it great for moving words around as needed.

Lastly, it also comes with convenient hooks on the back, so you can easily hang it on the wall. I was SO happy to see these! 

So here is how I have been playing with my board!! Love the affirmation quotes! And cannot wait to entertain with it this weekend for Tulsa Tough. 

What is your fave affirmation quote ?! Would love to use it on my letter board!

Grab your board here from RIVI


(This post was done in partnership with RIVI Co. All thoughts, and ideas are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that keep me creating.)