The Art of an Accessory: Meet Port Silt Collection

Summer is in full swing...that humidity out there is definitely a force to be reckoned with according to my shiny T-zone and my afro... (um...hello frizz) And as for editing my summer closet....I sometimes just want to give up! For most people, a summer wardrobe is welcomed with open arms. For me, it poses a conundrum. Being a complete winter baby, I love getting all cozy in layers upon layers so stepping out in TULSA these last few days in these tropical climates has me all sorts of "gasping for air" moments. I am simply just NOT ready for all of this heat! Soooooo refreshing my closet for summer....hmmmmm......

I recently saw something on Instagram that said, “Simple is the new black” and I couldn’t agree more. I love to keep my look basic (well bohemian glam but in Sam's basic way) with a few unexpected accents. I mean a pop of color in a platform wedge is always fun. Whether it be the hint of a new silhouette or an interesting color palette such as head-to-toe neutrals..(HA)  –I like to think that the beauty is in the details. If you ask me, the best way to revamp an outfit is by adding a little flair. And when I say “flair” I mean accessories–the most important detail when it comes to putting together a fantastic outfit. Accessories are my fave thing on earth! The right statement piece can give such an amazing update to something you already have in your closet completely transforming it. So I am ALWAYS on the hunt for some one-of-a-kind pieces...those pieces that you see that just take your breath away---pieces that are like art really. 

The worlds of fashion and art are often closely linked and they are constantly inspiring each other and both REALLY inspire me! After all what is fashion if not wearable art???  So are you ready to cause jealous and enthusiast glances from fashion AND art lovers all around??! 

Art and fashion have forever been entwined. In the 1920s, Coco Chanel collaborated with Pablo Picasso when together they worked on costumes and backdrops for the Ballet Russes; Sonia Delaunay designed clothes and textiles in tandem with her vivid artworks; Yves Saint Laurent returned to art again and again throughout this career: in 1965, he drew on the bold abstractions of the Modernist painter Piet Mondrian to create a collection of six A-line dresses; he was forever fixated by Yves Klein’s blue; and, in 1980, created a couture collection after Henri Matisse’s cut outs.

Just as art and fashion so regularly collide....I am thrilled to introduce you to Port Silt Collection

Port Silt Collection is a boutique fashion brand created to transform visual artwork into a collection of signature contemporary fine art embracing fashion. They are inspired by nature’s elements, the love of travel, movement, and finding beauty in imperfection to create a unique and original outcome into authentic one-of-a-kind wearable fine art. They seek to create neckwear for the original, adventurous, and passionate individual. With wearable art, it is the fusion of the end product with the human body that makes the artistic statement. Port Silt Collection is built around the fashion forward thinker with a love for creating a personal style.!!!! 

Their desire to contribute, compliment and complete your outfit as they strive to be authentic, inclusive, inspiring, and socially responsible. Oklahoma red earth, known as port silt loam, is incorporated in the painting process of each neckwear art piece. Their neckwear art collection is vegan, PETA - approved and made in Oklahoma, USA.

I love that I can wear this piece so many different ways too which you will see throughout the post. You can also find inspiration here

Port Silt Collections work very hard to provide you with a unique and inspired neckwear art piece. As a result, each piece is only available in limited quantities as well as a production lead time. Each series of their neckwear art is an edition of 24 original signed pieces. (only 24 so you must act fast)  In each series, 16 neckwear pieces are backed in black linen and 8 neckwear pieces are backed in tan linen, unless otherwise noted. Each piece in the same series shares the same color palette, though line and form in each neckwear art piece will be different to the others due to each piece being individually hand painted. No two pieces are alike and I absolutely adore this part the most. 

Now I know your next question is OMG..who are they signed by?! Who is the artist?!! 

So ladies and gents---meet the lovely Michelle Firment Reid  who I am honored to call a friend. 

"I founded Port Silt as an extension of my art world to create wearable fine art, reach a wider and diverse audience, and continue my commitment to a socially responsible lifestyle. Respecting and taking care of the earth is a personal priority and I feel necessary for the future of all. Each Port Silt Collection neckwear art piece is designed and fabricated in Oklahoma and hand painted and signed from my art studio. As a young girl living in Paris I recall my mother’s frequent stops to browse through the scarves on display in designer shops. My eyes absorbed the bold colors and designs, and after trying more than a few scarves on, my mother usually left with a scarf to add to her growing collection. Wearing simple attire, I recognized then how a scarf tied around the neck made an expressive statement. Raised as a global citizen, I traveled and lived in Europe and Southeast Asia in my childhood years with my parents and siblings. This exposure to different cultures, along with a creative family background, helped shaped my world view and sense of beauty and aesthetic choices. Years later, I attended art school in Washington, D.C., receiving my BFA from The Corcoran College of Art & Design, while also working in art related jobs which included graphic design, jewelry, sculpture, and decorative fine arts. For the past twenty years, I have been working as a full-time artist with my paintings and art installations showing in art galleries and exhibitions nationwide. I continue working as a full time artist out of my art studio and especially enjoy the process of creating new works."-Michelle

I also adore this piece tied as a bow. And I adore how different colors in nature and archtiecture really pull certain colors out of the neckwear piece. This Sunset Mesa Series just suits me!

And my other fave way to style Port Silt Collection...

Well of course I would find a way to incorporate my favorite beloved hat.

These amazing pieces are available today June 6th! The collection went live at midnight. 

First come first serve and there are only 24 in this first series. (however 4 have already sold) Remember in each series, 16 neckwear pieces are backed in black linen (shown on me) and 8 neckwear pieces are backed in tan linen. The price point is so affordable and I am thrilled to celebrate Michelle's launch today! 

I caught up with her this week over coffee and she is already creating the next series which will incorporate a gorgeous lavender. They are exquisite. 

I need to put one on reserve! 

So now I am on the edge of my seat to see who snags one!???!

Hurry over there, hurry! 

These special pieces will last you a lifetime. And I just think it’s magical to think that each and every one comes directly from the hands of Michelle, and is saturated with the peaceful light of her beautiful studio.


All photography credits go to the amazing Samantha Smith