The Perfect Fragrance

How do you define the scent that’s just perfect for you and does this change daily, weekly with your mood?  Is it with simple notes of tuberose? Or sandalwood? Or do you favor something more fruity with hints of grapefruit and apple blossom? Oh-em-geeee....yum!  Are you pretty picky about the way it sits on your skin and stays with you throughout the day or do you select your signature fragrance by the look and feel of the bottle? (Packaging is everything these days in my book! )The name perhaps? How it's made and if it's taking an eco chic approach? This is a biggie currently...we all are becoming so much more aware of what we are putting on our skin. If you follow me on instagram I shared a super helpful ingredients cheat sheet that you could print off for free the other day. It included details on what to look for on your product bottles and perfumes and tell you why those ingredients are harmful. Grab it here. 

It's a forever keeper!!

So for me, it’s a combination of ALL of these different things. I find them to be all equally important to me. However, as time, products, and consumer experiences continue to change, so does the beauty and cosmetic industry. The beauty industry is changing quicker than I can blink my eyes. When it comes to your fragrance, there’s a new name that’s changing the way we experience our perfumes ladies. Skylar Body is a new, innovative sensory experience that’s redefining how to discover the right scents for you with an entirely new approach that is rooted in our tech world. 

It wasn’t until I discovered Skylar Body that I really took  some time to think about how I purchase my perfumes. Like shoes, there are some things that I simply prefer not to buy on the dot com.  Just like I need to be positive the shoe fits, I like to test out a fragrance to see how it works with my skin and I like to make sure it lasts all day long too. However, Skylar Body fully understands the digital marketplace. It’s a fully immersive, e-commerce fragrance experience. And you can feel confident in your fragrance purchase. 

When you visit their website, you will see how unique and simple their approach is.. and you can kiss that beauty counter goodbye. No more high pressure fragrance sales reps spraying you with all the things...

So click here to take the super easy Scent Quiz... 

You will pick 3 words which best describe you. Mine were adventurous, upbeat, and playful. And then you will answer the question..I feel my best when I am ________________.  Mine were creating, working, and exploring. Then you will chose three words describing how you want to feel when you are wearing Skylar. Mine were bold, pretty, and fresh. 

Based on my answers, Meadow was suggested for me . For dreamers and doers, Meadow is intriguing, feminine, and elegant. Infused with soft notes of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom, this light and flirty scent embodies everything we love about flowers without being overly fragrant. Worn alone or perfectly paired for scent layering, Meadow lets your natural beauty shine through. (Ingredients: organic sugar cane alcohol, distilled water, tuberose, rose, baie rose, patchouli, cistus flower, fragrance.) 

The most rad part is that you’re not expected to buy an entire $78 bottle without testing it out first. A major component of the overall experience is sampling. For $20, you can purchase a sample palette. It's the perfect way to try out all of their lovely scents. Plus, the $20 cost will be credited towards your next order of full-sized product(s), so sampling really pays off. Spritz, layer, and leave them on throughout your day for the full experience. Their 4 mini-sized eau de toilette sprays are 2ml each, and they are perfect for travel or tucking into your purse for a refresher anytime, anywhere.  – giving you enough time to determine which is your signature scent. I mean what do you have to lose?! 

I am personally thrilled to pack my sample palette with me on the road as I take a month long moto trip northwest

I also discovered I love the Coral fragrance through sampling. With hints of grapefruit and a touch of apple blossom, Coral is bright and sun-kissed without being too sharp. This unique, fruity scent is perfect for every occasion and will give you a little boost each morning when you put it on. (Ingredients: organic sugar cane alcohol, distilled water, black currant, sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin resin, fragrance.)

I have not even told you about all the amazing stuff Skylar does behind the scenes and why this eco chic brand has my entire heart.  

Skylar does not contain parabens, phthalates, dyes, allergens, and other harmful chemicals. They are vegan too animal lovers! Skylar is a line of naturally scented perfumes that you can feel great about spritzing. The name Skylar was inspired by the qualities of a clear day: airy, natural, and beautiful. And I hate to say it, but “I told you so”!  Be sure to visit their website and check out this immersive sensory experience for yourself!  Use promo code "SKYLARLOVE" at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase!