Ultimate Hair Repair With Gliss™ Along With 3 Ways to Wear a Scarf In Your Locks This Summer

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I am on an endless quest for healthy beautiful hair!! 

And if hair could speak, then mine would definitely be screaming, “I’m incredibly dry! Nourish me! Please stop curling me and please stop taking me on motorcycle adventures!"

 Ever since I can remember, (well mainly after giving birth to my daughter 16 years ago) I’ve always struggled with the epic battle of dry brittle hair and the question of the hour: To cut or not to cut? A tiny part of me totally understands that I need a trim in order to encourage healthy growth, but the other part of me says just let it grow. I get so nervous to have my hair anywhere around a pair of scissors. And my definition of a "dusting" and my hairdresser's definition seems to be very different...so I tend to avoid my hairdresser like the plague when I know I need a haircut. 

Ha! I know I’m definitely not helping matters by using a curling iron everyday either. I think that's why I prefer to embrace the beachy morning after look because it tends to hide my split ends a tad more.  I also JUST got back from a month long motorcycle trek through The Pacific Northwest and my hair took the biggest beating. It lived in a braid and was just smothered in a helmet for a month..not to mention I had no room to pack fantastic shampoo, conditioner, and styling products..yet alone a good brush. Gasp, I know. 

Great products are imperative for me, now more than ever!! And I am thrilled to introduce you all to my newest healthy hair secret weapons. I hope you will love new-to-the-US Gliss™ Hair Repair products as much as I do.

I will also be showing you girls some fab ways to put some of those vintage scarves of yours to use in your hair!! I love this trend, especially for all of your poolside garden parties and Labor Day BBQ parties coming up as we say Farewell to Summer. 

So seriously....I was not kidding you or being dramatic when I told you my hair took a month long beating (you can follow along on all of my travel journeys here too) ...I cannot even believe I am going to share these pics with you. #hotmessexpress

So here are your operation healthy hair forever tips to get that mane of your dreams! 

 Detox all that build up on the scalp. 

  • Whether you're stretching washes with dry shampoo or you douse your strands in mousses, gels, and hairsprays, tons of chemicals routinely go onto your scalp, leaving behind sticky buildup.  And you certainly don't need the yucky build-up from various products mixing with the flakes of skin your scalp naturally sheds. Talk about a greasy, grimy mess!
  • Use an apple cider vinegar to clarify product build up.  Many hair products can disrupt the natural pH of your hair and thus, negatively affect the condition of the scalp. It helps restore your hair and scalp to its natural pH. But you never want to put it on your hair straight from the bottle. Use a four-to-one ratio of water to apple cider vinegar when rinsing hair. You can also try lemon juice or exfoliate with baking soda. Just make a quick DIY paste consisting of baking soda, water, conditioner, and a few drops of an essential oil like peppermint, rose, or lavender will do the trick. Run the mixture through wet detangled hair during your shower and follow it up with a good conditioner. And speaking of a good conditioner.....read on! 

 Use the proper shampoo and conditioner

Having these in your arsenal is critical! My absolute faves right now are the Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair Conditioner. Schwarzkopf have dominated the beauty industry in the hair color arena so I knew their products would deliver fantastic results. Gliss™ products are scientifically proven to repair hair that was damaged from a variety of harsh conditions so feel good giving your weakened strands a boost of strengthening keratin with the Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Hair Repair Collection™ . It has restored health and resilience to my dry damaged hair. The Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair Conditioner 3x liquid keratin if you can believe that. Liquid keratin reconstructs your hair and renews it by repairing damaged areas deep inside the hair and on its surface. My hair is incredibly shiny again!

Use a weekly hair mask for severe damage

  • Heavily damaged hair loses Keratin resulting in a severely weakened hair structure and requires extreme repair to recover. Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask provides deep reconstruction of hair structure with Keratin. Hair will have more shine and will be up to 90% stronger. I love how my hair feels after I use this. 

Take a break from heat styling

  • Seriously give that hair a vacation dolls. Too much heat styling can damage the hair shaft and lead to breakage, frizz and loss of volume over time. I love polished curls so much but for the rest of summer I am embracing my natural waves. I have been having so much fun letting it air dry and really playing with hair accessories. I do tend to get frizzy at the roots with my humid climate where I live so hats and scarves have been such a summer game changer! So now that we are on that topic..as promised, here are some great ways to use those pretty printed silk scarves in your hair!!!

But really quickly for those who cannot wait a minute longer to get their hands on this amazing product from Walmart...I have an amazing discount for you !

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These are all of the options you will have to shop from...and as much as it would be so fun to mix and match, the benefits of using Gliss™ Hair Repair products as a regimen are cumulative, so you really should use all three together for the greatest benefits to your pretty hair.

  • Ultimate Repair
  • Ultimate Moisture
  • Oil Nutritive
  • Extra Volume
  • Color Guard

Cannot wait to see what you think! I found mine in the hair care aisle at my local Walmart Super Center.

So now for some scarf hair tutorials.

No need to neglect the pretty, silky, light scarves lying around in your dresser. They have a place, too: in your hair! Trust me. Here are three ways to get the most out of them! 


Pick out your favorite long scarf, and incorporate it into your three strand braid.  It's the perfect hidden accessory for when you think a scarf around your neck is a little much. Totally got inspired by some of the runway shows at NYFW. 

  • Gather your hair straight behind your ears to create a tight ponytail in the middle-back of your head. Secure with an elastic.
  •  Roll a scarf into a tubelike shape to match the length of your hair. Pull the scarf through the elastic with approximately 5 inches loose at the top.
  • To create a three-section braid, section your ponytail into two parts and incorporate the scarf, it will be the third part. Braid the three together to the ends, and secure with an elastic.


Dry shampoo can only do so much.

  • On the days you wake up really late, mist your hair with texturizing spray and twist it into a messy bun at the crown, securing it any which way with bobby pins.
  • Fold a long, narrow scarf into a three-inch-wide strip and place it against the middle of the nape of your neck.
  • Pull the ends of the scarf up and cross them twice at the center of your forehead, then bring them back to the nape and knot them.


This is probably my fave festival look. 

  • Fold your scarf into a long strip diagonally.  My scarf is approx. 80cm square but you can use a rectangular scarf too.
  • Tie your scarf around your head, making a double knot at the front. Twist the ends and tuck them into the rest of the headband.

Tag me in your pics!

Don't walk but run to your nearest Walmart! My hair is feeling so amazing!

 Which collection are you most eager to try?! And why?!