Your Guide To Crushing Fitness Goals

I talked about this game changer in the fitness industry at the end of June and promised you dears a full recap once I had an ample amount of time with the compression therapy unit from PowerPlay® 

Grab that post here to refresh!! 

This part two recap inspired a full guide to keep you motivated to crush those goals. LUCKY YOU!! 

Fall will be here before we know it and I could not be more excited!! It’s time for shorter days and cooler weather outdoors. And with that being said...these two things sometimes make it impossible to stay on top of your work out routine. If you are like me, I tend to want to curl up in an oversized sweater and just hang out with my pups catching up on all the amazing fall television premieres. But I really am constantly striving to be the healthiest I can be (click over to the Fitness section of the site here for more workouts and healthy tips). Today I have rounded up a list of some fitness and wellness goals I will be working on for the rest of the year and I hope you will join me too so we can crush some goals together!! 

  • Cut out junk food.

This is a huge one. And probably one of the hardest. I have such a sweet tooth and am such a snacker and you throw that evil time of the month in the mix and I literally would do anything for some chocolate. But this will get us nowhere really fast. So I am really on a mission to make some healthier choices here.  And I am also trying to let myself never just get famished. I find for me that's when it get easier to make the wrong choices and cheat on my meal plans.  I have been enjoying apples with a little bit of almond butter, yogurt with berries and a pinch of honey, and even these amazing berry bowls. These chocolate avocado smoothies  from Oh She Glows have been a god send too for the times you JUST need a little chocolate in your life. And don't forget my healthy cheesecake recipe...  Just try it and send me a thank you card later! 

P.S...get a calorie counter app installed on your phone. This will really show you exactly what is going on and make you think twice about some of the things you put into your mouth. 

  • Drink more water.

We have heard this one time and time again but there is just no way around it my dears!  Drink more water!  I  usually aim to drink at least the recommended 64 ounces a day but we should be drinking even more H20. One of my fave fitness gurus is getting me hooked on lemon water, especially first thing in the morning. This aids in digestion and boosts immunity...which will definitely be something we want to do in the cooler months so we avoid the cold and flu season. 

  •  Get more sleep.

Another tough one. When I am super busy and stressed, sleep is the first thing I compromise. I mean....busy mommas and entrepreneurs..are we not just constantly juggling our way through life??! I am exactly like Sarah Jessica Parker's character in that movie I Don't Know How She Does It. Remember all the lists she can't stop thinking about in bed? Soooo many many "to-do's". Just as soon as I almost work my way through my list, ten more things get added making it the never ending list. Getting my brain to shut off is sometimes impossible. But goodness..we burn calories when we sleep..and they don't call it beauty sleep for nothing! Somethings that have been helping me with this are working out everyday and not just walking and doing really getting in that tough high intensity workout--but getting it in before noon. If I do an evening work out, I am too keyed up. I also am starting to unplug from my phone and computer 2 hours before bed. This has been helping tremendously. Annnnddddd really cutting back on alcohol has been a huge one too--not that I consume a lot but even one glass of wine tends to throw my sleep cycles way off. 

  • Find a new workout class you love.

Plain and simple. If you enjoy the class you are taking, you will be motivated to keep going. Who wants to be in a boring group class every week or who wants to spend time miserably on the elliptical at the gym watching home remodel reruns on HGTV? There are so many different ways to sweat it out. Try multiple things until you find that one thing you just LOVE. And recruit a friend. An accountability work out buddy will only help your success and will also be a fun bonding experience. If you enjoy working out from home and can stay focused that way..all the power to you! Check out this simple at home strengthening sequence. It's a minimal time commitment and gets results. And not fear weights. Weights can be that huge missing piece for you in achieving those goals. See what some amazing women had to say about that here. 

  • Recovery.

Such an important step for those of us pushing our bodies everyday--but also a step that is often neglected. I know now why so many athletes rely on cold therapy units after their workouts. The PowerPlay® POWERPLAY SINGLE KIT  has helped relieve pain and swelling in my right knee tremendously. I have noticed my aches and pains are becoming a thing of the past the more and more I use the device. Another major thing I have noticed is the reduction in swelling. I am really pushing it hard right now in indoor cycling with major exertion and I realized I was not giving my poor tired depleted muscles and ligaments a chance to recover. So a decrease in the inflammation has just been huge game changer for me with my fitness goals. I am now getting everything I need and more from my workouts. I have increased my distance by 3 miles in a 45 minute indoor cycling class and have also drastically increased my average watts. I also share these stats on my stories from time to time so I would love for you to keep up with me on insta.  I have also noticed another major game changer with this unit. Of course we all deal with an injury from time to time. And it just sucks!! There is nothing worse than getting injured when you out there crushing goals. But at least Power Play is now helping us heal faster with cold compression therapy. When you have an injury, applying therapeutic cold after workouts and several times throughout the day will slow down cellular metabolism. This gives your damaged tissues a chance to heal without creating as much secondary tissue, speeding up the recovery process. I had a crazy injury in San Fran and was not sure when I would get back on the bike but I truly healed so much faster......

I cannot recommend this enough. I know so many cyclists (Hello Shipmans!)  that would really get so much from this therapy that they can do in the comfort of their own home or on their travels---which leads me to my favorite thing about this unit!! It's portable and can be used on-the-go. You do not have to stay in the gym or training room, you can do these treatments at home in front of the TV catching up on Games of Thrones. 

And finally......Power Play is making recovery affordable for every single person out there. You can rent the devices and they are local to Tulsa!!!

Cheers to crushing our fitness goals together!!!! 

What wellness goals are you hoping to achieve this fall?

I know I definitely want to spend more time outdoors. I want to do more hiking and bicycle riding. Fresh air and Vitamin D are two of nature’s greatest medicines after all. I also have a lot of upcoming travel and am vowing to not skip my workouts while on the road! So hold me accountable...PLEASE! 

Find more info about Power Play below. 

And keep following along for some great fitness and wellness tips. Thrilled to have interviewed two amazing women out there who are doing some great things for your body and mind. I cannot wait to introduce you to Life Butter Radio next week!! Get ready because this is going to be your favorite podcast of 2017. 


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