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Go French Yourself’s Guide To Memphis// Where The Beat Goes On

Memphis is somewhere that I really wanted to spend some time exploring. I had been there once before when I was 17 but that doesn’t even count. And Lin had never been before and I had a feeling he would really enjoy the rich history. I also really wanted to see one of my favorite Frenchie bands Phoenix play as they booked a stop in Memphis for Mempho Fest, a two day music festival. Being such a music lover since as long as I can remember, I just had to experience one of the most musically charged cities in the country. Being a foodie too I also needed to get my hands on some of this Memphis style BBQ! So when I reached out to the lovely Memphis Travel team to experience all that Memphis has to offer-well we made it happen! This post was in collaboration with them and I hope that it will make you consider exploring more of our beautiful world here in The U.S.!

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Weekend Brunch at The Jones Assembly

ou know time is flying by when you can't remember the last time you had Sunday brunch and you guys---that is just NOT acceptable. The thing is, I can't quite think what I've been doing with my weekends instead which is also NOT acceptable. I sorta feel like I need to renounce my title of 'avid bruncher' to you guys however, I'm hoping this post will redeem myself. I even decided to write it early and dedicate the whole thing to brunch VS my weekend guide to OKC so that's gotta earn me some credit here. 

So darlings---let's brunch so hard in OKC!!!

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A Love Story With Club Pilates Tulsa

I hope you all have been having a great time following along with my newest fitness journey over on my Insta Stories.  I have been taking reformer Pilates classes at Club Pilates here in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the last three weeks. And I am having the best time, even better than expected! I had always been so intimidated with the thought of pilates and now I am just kicking myself because I wish I had been doing it my whole life. I was desperately looking for a workout like this....and am now a  die-hard pilate enthusiast. 

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Q & A With Darku J--Kick In The Bass

It has been ages since I have published a Q & A and I am so thrilled to get back in the swing of things with one of my fave categories here on Go French Yourself with none other than the talented Darku J.

I have always had a thing for electronica music, ever since high school. I grew up on the border in a desert surrounded by mountains in a place called El Paso. Maybe you have heard of it?

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