I am a crazy sweat junkie and I love the intensity in my workouts. Spinning is definitely my poison. It is my favorite work out by far for as long as I can remember. (I did it regularly in Dallas and loved seeing boutique spin studios born all over the U.S.)

One... I need the cardio. And it's a great way to burn a lot of calories in just 45 minutes and I love a  good calorie-torching full body workout. 

Two... I love to sweat. (If I am not  a dripping mess after a workout I just do not feel accomplished) and...

Three... I love music and I love the music that accompanies a great spin class. Every great spin class deserves a ridiculously amazing playlist. I want to be dropping dance floor moves despite being clipped into my bike. (the music can get you through it babes). TRUST ME! God I love a good tap back. Don't even get me started on a push up, tap back sequence!! SWOON. And theme rides....sign me up!


My good friend Abbie left the corporate world and decided to pursue a dream of hers. She loves the magic that happens when a group of people set aside their egos and sweat together. She is also an avid sweat junkie and knew this was so needed in downtown Tulsa. 

Let's just go through the journey together..shall we?!

Roll out of bed. Make a green juice to go. Throw on athletic clothes and baseball cap. (My spin shoes are always in my gym bag in the car and if you want to do spin on the regular I really recommend investing in the shoes. It makes all the difference in your work out.) Get in my Volvo and go to the corner of Greenwood and Archer in The Brady Arts District. There is a ton of convenient parking which is a huge plus. (I cannot parallel park to save my life which is crazy having lived in The BIG D for so long but in my defense, valet is everywhere.) 

The second you walk in you are greeted by friendly adorable Pop staff. Everything is bright yellow making you instantly feel energized and happy. Bottled H2O and energy bars are available for purchase and I love that they give complimentary ponytail holders. And I adore the oversized quote on the wall: "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life." You know you are getting ready to have a really good time. (initial by your name on the print out sheet as you are encouraged to enroll and reserve space on line) I love this feature btw because I am very attached to my certain spot and certain bike. #controlfreak. 

 Throw my stuff in a fancy locker. Fill my swell bottle with filtered water from the fountain. And there are plenty of selfie opportunities with the "I woke up like this" neon and the "Can I get a witness" wall mural. 

The second I walk into the Spin Studio I notice a quote on the wall that resonates with me deeply... "One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain" Can I get a absol-f'ing-lutely?!  A fresh towel is already on my bike. There are two tv screens in the front where (if you chose) your stats will be shown throughout the class... another feature I really love being competitive. At the end of the class your stats will calibrate everything with your weight so you get a more accurate result of your results and you will get an email with all of this info. I love this feature! There are 20 bikes, 2 rows...and it's a nice dark space ... another feature I adore. Throughout class there will be some fun LED lights going with the music so you literally are having a dance party on a bike!! The 45 minutes flies by ...... and there are so many instructors to chose from! For those of you starting with spin... yes your crotch is going to kill you the first time...but it gets better. I get so frustrated with those people who try it once and will not come back because of that. Your crotch will be uncomfortable the first time, maybe the second too and then wooo-la, you will be perfect!!! You will sweat...if you are not sweating you are not doing it correctly. Just get lost in the music, feed on the energy of the pack, and embrace all of it! I feel confident you too can find your love at first ride!

SWEAT JUNKIES UNITE !!! We killed that 45 minute ride !

SWEAT JUNKIES UNITE !!! We killed that 45 minute ride !


If I could make my ideal playlist to petal my heart out to it would definitely include the following.... (take notes instructors)


Polish Girl (Neon Indian)

Jealous..I ain't with it (Chromeo)

Work (Rhianna Drake)

No Church in The Wild (Jay Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean)

Losing My Way (Justin Timberlake)

Under Your Spell (Desire)

Born Slippy (Underworld)

Not Even Jail (Interpol)

Roar (Katy Perry)

All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem)

The Past is a Grotesque Animal (Of Montreal)

Keep The Car Running (Arcade Fire)

White Wedding (Billy Idol)

Pioneers (Bloc Party)

Celstica (Crystal Castles)

Lights and music (Cut Copy)

Harder better faster stronger(Daft punk)

Cut Like a Buffalo (The Dead Weather)

Over and Over (Hot Chip)

Pull Up The People (MIA)

Push It (Salt N Pepa)

Tell 'Em (Sleigh Bells)

Edge of 17 (Stevie Nicks)

Spin and yoga go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Cyclists tend to have incredibly tight hips so we need the yoga dears!!! And this is a fantastic bright loving space to get bendy and stretchy. Plus the things yoga does for the mind. I have not personally practiced in over a year and am missing it badly.

AND there are showers, hair dryers, and so on to put you back together again for that coffee meeting!!

Ride, Stretch, Twist, Party, Sweat, pop! And new POP clients..take advantage of the 5 consecutive days of unlimited access for 5 dollars!! Part dance party, part therapy, part communal high...sit back in that saddle and enjoy the ride darlings . Reserve your spot here ...

Get everything you need here with some of my faves and see you there local dears!