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Share The Love This Valentines Featuring Whole Foods Market

Oh Em Geeeeee- Hello. Bonjour. It’s officially February — So what does that mean? I’ve got hearts, flowers, and chocolates on the brain! We’re less than two weeks away from one of my absolute favorite holidays: Valentine’s Day so today’s post is centered around the theme of love. Although most people would argue that Valentine’s day is a holiday created by greeting card companies and it's easy to get cynical, but here at Go French Yourself, we prefer to embrace it fully and get all lovey dovey. Because whether you’re single or attached, Valentine’s Day is a sweet occasion to show your loved ones just how much you care. For me personally, it’s a time for me to really honor the important people in my life. I think by now, we’ve all come to the conclusion that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be for lovers. Little holidays always make a great excuse to treat yourself or others- through big or little ways- it’s totally up to you!  And what better way to celebrate all the love in your life than by getting them something special? What should you do with your significant other/girlfriends/family/self ?! 

I have all those answer's for you in this post! I have partnered with Whole Foods Market and put together a few ideas for your for date night and everyone else mentioned above. The best part is you only have to go to one place to get all of your shopping done this year. Whole Foods Market is here to inspire you and help you spread the love with their most fab rose sale AND their Cupid's Shopping Picks throughout the whole store. 

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Wedding Flowers From Whole Foods Market Tulsa

Were you one of the lucky ones to get engaged over the holidays?! 

I had quite a few friends begin 2018 with a new piece of sparkling jewelry on their finger. 

In a brunch gathering the other day when I asked my girlfriends how wedding planning was going, the one thing I kept hearing over and over was how flowers were busting their wedding budgets. Most brides want bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and ceremony and reception arrangements. With the current wedding conundrum being flowers, I figured I would offer some help and guidance to my community here in Tulsa. The more and more Go French Yourself grows, I really want this blog to be your go-to for anything you can possibly imagine. I also figure this will help me for my own wedding one day--HELLO Lin..are you reading??! (lol)

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Brunch Inspiration//Coffee and Bagel Bar

The build-your-own bagel bar from my holiday brunch gathering today was such a major hit, I wondered why I hadn’t done this setup at countless gatherings before. It couldn’t have been simpler to put together, required zero cooking time , and who on earth does not adore coffee and bagels?! I absolutely love hosting my best girlfriends this time of year as we celebrate the holidays and actually have time to spend together before the hustle and bustle of December sweep in. 

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Houston Holiday Traditions// Baking With Hiland Along With a KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway

I always spend Thanksgiving in Houston. And have really grown to love some of those fabulous Texas traditions that I have been able to create. Christmas lights, local shopping, and some holiday baking are the three things I look forward to most every year. Delicious treats and memorable family traditions are just the BEST. 

Christmas Lights.

It's a holiday tradition that started when I was a kid — we would all pile into my grandparent's town car riding around town looking at Christmas lights drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music on the radio. S

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How To Host Your Very Own " Meet The Author" Event--Celebrating Wanderful-And How To Elevate The Store Bought Cheese & Meat Party Tray

I would imagine for many authors, live readings and events are the best part about writing books. It’s a chance to celebrate the completion of a years-long effort, to interact with enthusiastic fans, or to introduce an audience to one’s writing and photography. I am thrilled to host an event for my author friend Andi Eaton this Friday night as we kick off the holiday season together at one of my favorite local shops..

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Festive Printed Holiday Cards From Basic Invite

The holiday season has begun over here at Go French Yourself! I even started shopping and wrapping and have prepared my menus for Christmas Eve and Christmas. I cannot even believe it. 

I am so excited. It’s truly my favorite times of the year – not just for obvious reasons like friends, family, food, cold weather, (so hopeful for snow) or any excuse for a fancy French soirée, but because there is sooooooo much to share with you.

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Soup Season Returns//Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Corn Slow-Cooker Chowder Recipe

As I was making the bed this morning, I noticed that the leaves on the trees have FINALLY peaked in color and are beginning to litter the ground. It seems like it's about two weeks later from last year according some my Timehop. We’ve come to my favorite part of the fall when the air is cooler, yet not frigid, and you can perfectly get cozy in your favorite Autumn sweater. We are also welcoming the shorter days and I love this. Anyone else enjoy their extra hour of sleep last night?! 

Another fave part of the season for me is all the soup that we make. There's nothing better than a hot bowl of soup on a brisk fall evening. This this time of year, I start craving soup a few times a week — there’s nothing that warms the body and soul quite like it. Plus I love making extras and freezing it for those days you just do not feel like cooking. 

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Explore Fort Worth, Texas
“Fort Worth is where the West begins and Dallas is where the East peters out”


We have had this trip to Fort Worth on the books for quite some time as Lin's nephew would be tying the knot on a beautiful Autumn weekend in October in Texas. Lin and I have spent quite a bit of time in Dallas, my former home for years and years and had passed through Funky Town for lunch a few times but had never spent time overnight there. I know quite a bit about Fort Worth as it was a territory I covered with Aveda for about a year and would love getting out of the BIG D  some nights for some good live music and a change of scenery. This ain't my first rodeo y'all. Most "Dallasites" (Hello me) really hate the term DFW because Dallas and Fort Worth can both stand on their own. They are incredibly different. Lin kept referring to our trip to friends as --we are going to Dallas. And I immediately corrected him----we are not even going close to Dallas my fox---we are going to Fort Worth--it's like calling an apple an orange. I seriously threw a good old Texan hissy-fit. 

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