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4th of July With Rachel Zoe's Summer Box Of Style Traveling Oklahoma

Do you dream of a place called home? Do you long for someplace, somewhere out there? Do you picture yourself on a lush, tropical island, on a quaint city street in San Francisco, in a hip ski town, or on a green hill top in the Mediterranean ? For a long while now, I’ve been telling myself that I need to move; that Tulsa is too small, too conservative, too . . . familiar for me. I feel so isolated and limited I am slowly slowly suffocating. The man of my dreams STILL has this invitation for me to move to Barcelona. And I am dragging my feet you all. Who drags their feet for an opportunity like this? What am I so scared of??? 

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Perfectly Packed Gym Bag

So excited to be kicking the month and summer off with a Fitness post for you. A few weeks ago I had a few appointments get shuffled at the very last moment and had wished I had my work out attire with me as I could have easily made it to Pilates or Indoor Cycling. I even could have joined a friend at her kickboxing class had I been prepared. So I came home and immediately packed a ready-to-go gym bag with all the needed essentials to just keep in my trunk at all times. Now there really is no time for excuses for your daily sweat session. Lol! Below, I’ve put together a little cheat sheet of items that I keep in my gym bag so that there’s nothing standing between me and my summer bod and hopefully it will inspire you to keep a little gym bag in your car too!

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Tusk PDX Along With A Few Other Portland Faves

I am still dreaming of that "Feast From The Middle East" in fact. Best meal, best place, and I would return to Portland just to dine at Tusk.

Tusk takes the top spot for most beautiful restaurant in my eyes. The bustling bright, white dining room is so swanky and modern. And a giant portrait of Keith Richards floating in a swimming pool will greet you with a 'Okay I loooove this place' kinda greeting. We chose the perfect little spot right at the very corner end of the bar actually. We didn't make reservations so it was pretty slim pickings but honestly-I think I would do the bar every single time. The energy is amazing up there and you can get a pretty good view into the kitchen where all the magic is happening. They do have a patio also!

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The Only Bag You Need This Summer Is The Maddalena Mini From Armadio

So now I needed to find my new Summer bag and that's when I began researching and came across Armadio. They are a New York based online store offering certified, unique Italian products. In an era of mass production they believe in people and their ideas. Their mission is to find the excellence of contemporary Italian manufacturing and share it with the world. They travel to Italy to search the best it has to offer. They look for talented people who are still undiscovered. They meet them and connect with them and bring their products directly to their customers by cutting all necessary costs. Lucky me, lucky you!

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Instagram Worthy Spots In Indianapolis

If you're looking to add some eye candy to your social media profiles on your next trip to Indy, I have got some fab drool worthy places for you to visit. And yes....don't roll your eyes at me--it's all about the gram these days and you know it!

Perhaps you are already there for The Indy 500?! I sure wish I was there this weekend.

This was my first time in Indy and I was so pleasantly surprised! I knew nothing about this part of the United States. But after a brief 48 hour visit, it's fair to say I know a little bit more and if you happen to be visiting then hopefully this will be of some guidance for anyone who's planning a short break.

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Choosing The Perfect Art For Your Home Featuring Orth Contemporary And Tara Thacker

Choosing the right piece of art to complement your space can be one of the most challenging things in decorating. Unless you’re an art curator, gallery owner, or artist, chances are that buying art does not come very naturally to you. How do I choose? When do I invest? How do I educate myself? Should I go for black-and-white abstract art or colorful photography?

So I am going to share our story with you and we really hope it helps!

 On a recent visit to Orth Gallery in Kendall-Whittier a few months ago, I stumbled in and fell in love with TaraThacker's  sculptures

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Spring Faves: The One Box You Need This Season

All of us here at Go French Yourself HQ are big fans of this California like weather and we are so excited to break out some wedges and floral and tropical prints. There are so many things we look forward to every time the season changes, and the arrival of the new Box of Style is at the very top of our list. It makes it so easy for us to instantly update our fashion and beauty essentials for the coming months. Plus, it’s our favorite way to learn about new products, test out new trends and discover up-and-coming brands. And with Rachel Zoe and her amazing team curating the boxes herself...I mean....WE DIE!

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Letting Spring In With Amara Living

I have partnered with the fabulous Amara Living again to bring you four of my fave things from their site, just in time for Spring. 

If you have followed me for a while now, you already know my deep love for Amara. You can revisit these five past posts here. They are just the absolute bests for luxury gifts and design essentials and interiors for the home. Initially starting life as an interior design business, Amara has always been about bringing designer style and expert knowledge to every home.

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Oscar Sunday Gathering Featuring West Elm

Oscar Sunday is finally here and I couldn't be more excited!!!!!!! I love the glitz and glam so much! I am such a sucker for that red carpet fashion just as much as the award ceremony truth be told. So the votes have been cast, the red carpet has been delivered and the stars have been styled and it’s almost time to curl up on the couch in pj's and watch as the winners are announced. I also use this night as an excuse to break out the bubbly, candy, and good old fashioned buttery popcorn with a small group of friends. This year I decided to do some simple cheese and crackers too but you seriously cannot go wrong with any finger food. Excited to share some quick easy ideas so you can host your own little Oscar watch party Sunday night. Let's let the star-watching commence!

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One Perfect Day In Tulsa's Little Urban Jungle--Zelma Rose Giveaway

As you can see the new BONITA necklace is inspiring, feminine, soft and strong all at once…

I just feel like such a goddess every single time I wear Zelma Rose. 

On my special day and another trip around the sun....I am going to continue this feeling of gratitude loving what I have, here and now, because things are constantly changing. I have not even been able to articulate how I feel about the horrible shooting in a Florida school because it just gives so much anxiety. So in this moment-I just want to be here now and not miss the abundance and goodness surrounding me. Always listen to your heart and follow it's advice. And keep shining!!!

Let's celebrate all that light and the fabulous new collection from Zelma Rose launching in just a few days ...

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