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An Interview with Brooke Marshall — Club Pilates Tulsa

I always love a good Q & A and it’s something you all really love too because these posts always get the best readership. So happy you enjoy interviews with my peers, mentors, and Pilates greats. For it’s maiden voyage, it’s an honor for me to be interviewing one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, Brooke Marshall. We met in the Club Pilates South Tulsa studio and really connected through our love of getting a good workout in and writing and photography. She loved Pilates so much she is now an instructor and I could not be happier for her!

So while everyone is figuring out which way they're going to get fit in 2019, we've had our answer for a while now.

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Whole30 Breakfast Salad With Bacon And Hard-Boiled Eggs

Busy bloggers and creatives like us at Go French Yourself are constantly on the go. Between writing endless articles, staging photo shoots, and crafting some delicious recipes, there is hardly time to sit down for a relaxing meal during the week. Breakfast is especially tough for me on these busy days. And a Whole30 breakfast..well the cards can sometimes feel stacked against you here if you have not prepared beforehand. When I’m rushing out the door in the morning, the last thing I want to do is prepare a time-intensive meal. That said, I’ve recently been researching a few ways to make a delicious and quick Whole30 approved breakfast for on-the-go girls like myself! My belief is that if you’re going to eat breakfast on the move, at least whip up one that’s healthy—and tasty too! Today I’ll be sharing 1 of my favorite tried-and-true Whole30 busy girl breakfasts. And it really fits in a lunch dinner category too!

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I now always have bone broth on hand and beyond using for general cooking, most times I just heat up a cup or two and drink straight up out of a mug. What I love about this healing elixir is how easy it is to adapt to your needs and your tastes and it’s insanely delicious, to boot. You can use any homemade bone broth, chicken or beef, or if you’d like, a high-quality store-bought bone broth like Kettle & Fire (this is my first choice, I love that it’s shelf stable and I can aways have it around)

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Juicing With Garden Of Flavor

I have partnered with Garden Of Flavor to make every morning of mine look just like this one. When it comes to what many would consider the most important habit of them all (breakfast), I just wasn’t a believer. I am really not all that hungry in the morning. In fact, I typically have a lot of energy during the morning hours when I have nothing but coffee and skipping breakfast meant I could skimp on calories in the morning, “saving” them for later in the day when my body felt much hungrier. Anyway, it seemed to be working fine… until it wasn’t anymore. Vowing to never skip breakfast again and Garden of Flavor makes it so easy with their delicious nutritious organic Cold-Pressed Juices and Cold-Pressed Energy. They use ingredients like wheatgrass, turmeric, and aronia berries just to name a few. I feel so good getting my #MeanGreens in first thing!

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Sweet Defeat 30-Day Sugar Detox Recap

Just a little over a month ago I introduced you to a thirty day sugar detox I was doing with Sweet Defeat! You can catch up on all the deets here incase you missed it or just want to refresh. I also made a permanent reel on my Insta Stories which you can find here. 

It has been such an incredible journey and Sweet Defeat has really really proven to work for me. I know so many of you have been so anxious for my results so ta-da.... here’s what happened…

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I have really been mood boarding like crazy (I had a lot of time to kill on my back for nine days with a neck sprain. Seriously who sprains their neck in their sleep?) And I really have been playing with light and shadows within my photography so I just wanted to share some beautiful pics that I took of my friend Katie. I think they are so pretty and hope you will too!

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Two Smoothie Recipes That Taste Like Pie Featuring Dannon® Oikos®

Whether it’s spring, summer, winter or fall, pie is always in season in my opinion. Fresh fruit combined with a light, flakey crust, what’s not to love? Pie is definitely my weakness in life. Okay pie and cookies. 

But if you are like me and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, refined sugar and white flour (which can be found in most traditional pies) are on the "no-no list." Plus I am the world's most terrible baker. 

So today I know you will be excited fellow sweet tooth lovers because I have gone ahead and created two smoothie recipes that have all the delicious flavor of two of my favorite pies, but none of the refined sugar. These two recipes are also full of vitamins, minerals, protein (omg yes to protein-counting macros right now and I am finding that my body needs so much more protein but I can only eat so much dang animal protein)  and fiber — and the best part? You can have them first thing in the morning without an ounce of guilt! Plus when you prioritize a balanced breakfast that includes high-quality protein, you establish a good foundation to continue making healthy food choices throughout the day. So when the afternoon rolls around, you’re more likely to reach for nutrient-dense, high-protein snacks to help you stay on track with a healthy diet. 

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Friday Five//The Summer Edition

It's Friday so you know what that's time for another Friday Five round up! I have so neglected this series (catch up on older Friday Five's here) and I promise to stay more on-top of it! It has always gotten a great response and is such a great way for me to recap the things I am sharing on my Instagram that you may have missed. 

My beauty bag has been inundated with new beauty products to try – from new to me skin care products, cosmetics, and some fabulous haircare items.  All of the gems featured here have been personally reviewed by me for weeks and I have a feeling you are really going to love them.

I feel like it's pretty much impossible to have a good hair day in the summer and forget makeup as it just drips off my oily skin by noon in these three digit temps. So I really rely on finding the best products to keep me looking somewhat decent out there! (and hydrated) So here are my five for this week's summer edition. 

First thing's starts from the inside...and hydration is so important.

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Day Dreaming Of The Amalfi Coast With Perrier

I love the idea of an apéritif-they are just so simple and refreshing! For today’s cocktail, I turned to a classic Italian aperitivo for inspiration, but with a twist-combining Prosecco with freshly muddled peach and mint and a splash of Perrier Peach.  Perrier Peach is one of the newest flavor in Perrier’s line of all-natural flavored sparkling waters (the L’Orange flavor is also lovely in this easy Prosecco cocktail) 

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Sweet Defeat 30-Day Sugar Detox

I am so excited to have started a 30 day sugar detox  on Monday. I am on day 4 now and really loving it!

Check it out over on my Instagram to get all the details. I made a permanent story on my Hi-lights titled Sugar Detox. (It has the little watermelon cover)

About once every two months or so, I start to feel like I need to reboot my system. I have always found that giving my body a little detox is always a grand idea and I feel so much better afterward. I feel so much healthier and have such a better grasp on making better choices.

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Meet Your New Soon-To-Be Pilates Instructor Katie Corley

Could not be more excited to make this Q&A live today because it happens to feature one of my best friends!

I am so excited for Katie and her new Pilates career. 

Katie is our very own Tulsa girl with an infectious smile and genuine enthusiasm for the perfect Pilates move.

She discovered Reformer Pilates months ago while accompanying me for a class and it very quickly it became a passion. The principles of Pilates, the concentration and coordination came for naturally for her and she loved Pilates so much she decided to become a Pilates Instructor!

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Tulsa Blogger & Influencer Meet and Move Event At Club Pilates

For several months, I’d been toying with the idea of hosting a “get-together” for a bunch of bloggers and was never quite sure how I wanted it to play out. It had been a while since I hosted one and I wanted to make it super fun and exciting!  So I decided to combine my love of blogging, connecting, and Pilates to create a Pilates & Prosecco event with the fabulous crew from Club Pilates. I knew it will be such a fun way to kick off summer and visit with one another! It's amazing how little we actually get to connect even though we live in the same city

On Saturday mid-afternoon, I invited a group of ladies from The Tulsa area to join me for a social hour and workout at Club Pilates in Jenks. Take a look at my Facebook invite incase you need some inspiration to host your own Meet & Move Event. 

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Perfectly Packed Gym Bag

So excited to be kicking the month and summer off with a Fitness post for you. A few weeks ago I had a few appointments get shuffled at the very last moment and had wished I had my work out attire with me as I could have easily made it to Pilates or Indoor Cycling. I even could have joined a friend at her kickboxing class had I been prepared. So I came home and immediately packed a ready-to-go gym bag with all the needed essentials to just keep in my trunk at all times. Now there really is no time for excuses for your daily sweat session. Lol! Below, I’ve put together a little cheat sheet of items that I keep in my gym bag so that there’s nothing standing between me and my summer bod and hopefully it will inspire you to keep a little gym bag in your car too!

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An Interview With Jennifer Busch : Club Pilates Jenks Landing

Pilates has improved my sports performanceMy posture is better. I have an increased joint range of motion and increased muscle flexibility. I am building muscle tone everyday I practice. And pilates has helped my back pain and reduce my stress

I found myself sitting taller. And I am always finding myself in neutral spine now! 

Pilates builds a body awareness that translates into everything that I do now and I couldn't be happier. 

So I have talked about Club Pilates in South Tulsa quite a but but today I want to introduce you to the Jenks location! 

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