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Celebrating National Make A Dog's Day With The Farmer's Dog

I always love the days I write about my two furry best friends, Melvin + Henry. They are my whole heart!!

And today we are thrilled to celebrate a very important special day….NATIONAL MAKE A DOG’S DAY. National Make A Dog’s Day today on October 22nd provides an opportunity to give all dogs the best day of their lives. The day not only encourages visits to shelters, but it is also a reminder to animal lovers everywhere to adopt instead of shop for a new furry best friend. Approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters in the United States annually, many being relinquished by their owners. Worse still, approximately 35% of the animals that enter shelters are euthanized. While numbers continue to decline, the need for adoption continues to be overwhelming. One sure way to make a dog’s day is giving them a new, loving home through adoption. So…Melvin and Henry have have finished two weeks of food from The Farmer’s Dog and we are here sharing our honest review!

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Top Holiday Gift Ideas From Braum’s An Affair Of The Heart Tulsa 2019

One week ago today I launched my holiday gift guide with my top 14 gift items I was most excited about from the upcoming Braum’s An Affair of a Heart show in Tulsa! If you missed that post find it here. It’s such a beautiful curated selection of one-of-a-kind gifts just in time for the holidays to fit anyone’s taste and budgets! If you ask me, a great gift checks two boxes: first, it adds either joy or function (or both!) to the life of the recipient, and second, adds zero stress to that of the gift giver. I make a habit of keeping both points in mind as I work through the holiday season, and not only does it guarantee gifting success for our nearest and dearest, but it also keeps us sane through the frenzy. So when I think of streamlining the gifting process, and it starts with AAOTH.

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Inspiring Any Space While Encouraging Creativity With George And Willy

A new home is a big reason to celebrate, and what better way to do it than with a thoughtful housewarming gift? Whether your friend just finished moving in to her new apartment or your brother recently turned the key on his first house, everyone appreciates a small sentiment that shows you were thinking about them during such a momentous time. We often think about a housewarming gift for a new living space but what about celebrating the times our friends and loved ones embark on a new business adventure opening up a new coffee shop or restaurant? Even the friend who lands a promotion and gets a new corner office all to himself on the 18th floor?! These moments are just as big and I am so excited to share George And Willie with you today for these grand occasions in life like my friend finishing his new awesome mid century modern recording studio in his house! These moments are HUGE my dears and should be celebrated!!

A lot of ideas and brainstorming happen in a recording space and I knew the George and Willie Studio Roller would be the perfect gift!

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Perfect Silky Hair With Iles Formula

You know silky hair when you see it: shiny, healthy, and free of tangles. But if you, like me, put your hair through the ringer, styling it with hot tools, using tons of product, and coloring it regularly, silkiness seems only but a dream. Luckily, with the right products, you and I both can improve the look and feel of our hair in just a few weeks! I was so tired of dealing with the dullness and the tangles daily/weekly/whenever so I was thrilled to partner with Iles Formula. I had heard fantastic things about their product range!!

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Take Time For Yourself With Vitruvi

Sharing another wellness post and today is all about diffusing essential oils beautifully! I do enjoy integrating them into my daily routine! I’m a believer that scents can be super powerful. Whenever I get a whiff of the perfume my mom used I’m instantly transported back to those memories of her. I look at diffusing essential oils in the same way. The scent of lavender reminds me of calmness and rest and therefore is inherently relaxing to me. However the scent of orange is uplifting and energizing and makes me focus! Essential oils enhance your environment and set a gorgeous mood.

Today I’m excited to partner with Vitruvi to share their beautifully-crafted stone diffusers and essential oils.

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Non-Toxic Skincare Products That Support Radiant Skin, A Healthy Body + A Happy Self

Happy October everyone!! It’s my favorite month and favorite season! Now if the weather would just follow suit.

I love that I have been able to be more choosy as to the products that I actually buy, use and recommend. I no longer feel that I’m compromising to use natural cosmetics; on the contrary, I’m actually finding that I prefer natural formulas and essential-oil-based fragrances more than conventional products. It seems that new chemical-free, paraben-free, toxin-free brands and products are popping up on the beauty scene almost every day, making it almost a no-brainer to begin to replace less-than-pure products with their simpler, cleaner counterparts.

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Comfort/ Style/ Environmental With CARIUMA

We can be addicted to many things and the older I get..I become more and more addicted to comfort!! And I don’t mean the comforts of home. Although being able to watch pretty much whatever you want on a laptop from your bed is pretty dang comfortable… I’m talking about sneakers! My stiletto days have become a thing of the past..all though don’t get me wrong I still love them so much but there is a time and place! And lately that right place is sitting looking pretty at an event. LOL! But seriously, it’s true.

I am all about comfy chic sneakers right now! My dogs are barking and I finally listened!

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Making Memories With Head Country// Friends, Art, & BBQ Along With Downtown Tulsa's Most Instragrammable Walls

I love exploring a city I’m visiting and capturing its essence. When I travel somewhere new, or if I want to play tourist in my own city, I like to find the best spots to take pictures. I so look forward to really capturing all the hot spots in all the cities I travel to and sharing them with you so you can also capture some amazing photos for your Insta grid. And we know it's for Instagram, right?! Laugh out loud. 

So there are some people who never feel the urge to leave the house . They’re completely content to stay in the city they came from and literally just float in the 360 degrees that surround them. And then there’s the rest of us who can’t sit still . We have a love for travel and curiosity. We love taking risks, exploring new places, ideas, and foods. We even live for the day trips hitting that big magical open road exploring our own cities .

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People Making Things- Lucy Michel


Do you know about Lucy Michel?!

She is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram right now!

Lucy Michel is an artist born and raised in Los Angeles, her aesthetic is Modern Californian. Growing up here, the California vibes are deeply engrained in her. Lucy feels very connected to this land; from the beach, to the desert, to the mountains. It all inspires her work and can be seen in her ceramic designs. The shapes of her pieces are modern, but the glazes + clay are earthy and simple. Some of her signature pieces are the Loop Vases seen below, as well as the Arch Vase, we love the unique and creative spin she puts on housewares.

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Easy Ways to Cut Back On Your Disposable Plastic Use Featuring Brita

By now, you’re most likely pretty well versed in the negative effects that plastic has on both our bodies and our planet. BPA exposure from everyday plastic items has been found to have detrimental effects on our health while plastic in our oceans affects marine life and humans as well. Whether you’re motivated by keeping your own health in tip top shape, or you feel inspired to reduce plastic pollution on our planet (or both!) the first step is cutting back on our dependability on plastic.

When it comes to going green, small changes make a big difference. There are so many tiny tweaks that you can incorporate into your daily routine that really make a big difference when you add them all up. Say you give up plastic bags and plastic water bottles, for instance. It may not seem like much at first. But think of how much plastic you will save from landfills over the course of a month, a year, or a lifetime.

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Minimize The Use Of Single-Use Products With Haps Nordic

Haps Nordic are Danish designed sustainable products made to be used again and again, to minimize the use of single-use products.
🙏 🌱🌍♻️

By now, you’re most likely pretty well versed in the negative effects that plastic has on both our bodies and our planet. BPA exposure from everyday plastic items has been found to have detrimental effects on our health while plastic in our oceans affects marine life and humans as well. Whether you’re motivated by keeping your own health in tip top shape, or you feel inspired to reduce plastic pollution on our planet (or both!) the first step is cutting back on our dependability on plastic.

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The Best Fall Scented Candles- DEHV Candle Co.

Fall is coming and has there ever been a better time of year to light a decadent candle, draw a bath, and just stay in? There’s no easier way to add a sense of luxury to day-to-day life, whether it’s an invigorating aroma on my desk while I work or relaxing aroma on the bedside table while I read at night.

So excited to introduce you to DEHV Candle Co. on the blog today!!! They smell so divine and are just so gorgeous in my modern home. DEHV candles are hand-poured into jars made from concrete. Unlike many, theirs do not contain any polymers, polyesters, and are entirely composed of natural concrete. Their hope is that you reuse your empty vessels as planters for succulents and cacti or starter pots for plants and herbs. They use 100% non-GMO soy wax, so they are very easy to clean out and upcycle- unlike paraffin wax that will leave a greasy stain and is tough to remove.

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Beauty Week At Woodland Hills Mall

Who is ready for some eye catching beauty deals in Tulsa??
Discover a week filled with savings & events where you can #touchtrybuy all things beauty.

On Monday afternoon I was invited to three different stores in Woodland Hills Mall to try some services and products and learn more about their offerings for the upcoming Beauty Week Event at Woodland Hills Mall September 16-22nd! I love celebrating Beauty Week because Hello, Bonjour-have you seen my beauty bags?! I am a beauty junkie for sure!

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Bathtime Rituals With Skylar's New Body Bundle

BEST day ever!

Want to know why?!

Because it’s the launch day of Skylar Body! They are my absolute favorite fragrance company and now they have just added an ECO ultra-hydrating body lotion and body wash to their range of products!

I live for bath and body products actually.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, bath time. Slyvia Plath was not joking when she said “There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them. Whenever I'm sad I'm going to die, or so nervous I can't sleep, or in love with somebody I won't be seeing for a week, I slump down just so far and then I say: "I'll go take a hot bath.” I create time in my days to have the luxury of doing the whole soak-and-scrub thing in a tub of bubbles! I am a Pisces. I need the water.

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