Traveling Oklahoma With Andi Eaton


I'm dedicating this post to my love of Oklahoma and my beautiful friend Andi. I am also dedicating to the love of travel and the urge to never stop exploring and adventuring--even if only in your own backyard. 

We had such a fabulous weekend and narrowing down some faves were so tough as time was so limited.

The restaurants I took Andi too were East Village Bohemian Pizzeria (Hello patio and gypsy rose cocktails), The Tavern (because it's just so good--thanks for taking such good care of us Steve), Pure Food & Juice (Hello green juice and avocado toast and pretty light) and Celebrity Club (because it's just the funnest during the holidays.) 

We explored Chandler Park, some areas of Route 66 including the BLUE WHALE, and went out to The Tallgrass Prairie. 

We celebrated her book Wanderful on Route 66 too. Catch that post here in case you missed it. 

When Andi visits again I would love to show her Woolaroc, The Glass Mountains, The Salt Plains, Tulsa Garden Center, and Philbrook. I would also love to take her on Route 66 to Oklahoma City so she can tour The Red Barn and all the other magic that lives on that stretch. 

If this doesn't get you itching for a day trip of your own, then I don't know what will. In fact, just looking over these photos once more has made me yearn for another visit this weekend. 

Can you really ever have too much of a good thing out on Route 66 and Osage County?!! 

I think not! 

Enjoy these postcards from our adventures as I am going just share more of a visual diary too and let Andi do the writing over on her blog about our great state! I will share the link when it's published. The pictures are just so pretty.

(Andi's tassel earrings below are from local designer Jeana with The Naked Bean. )