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Getting to know Chef Nico / Duet Jazz

Happy Sunday dears!

I am thrilled to share this wonderful Q+A with with the very talented Chef Nico Albert from Tulsa’s Duet Jazz. I told you a little bit about Duet Jazz in my Francophile’s Guide To Tulsa. Allow me to feel just a little smug whilst I talk about Duet Jazz. Seriously, it's all for you wonderful beings because you all deserve good restaurants in your life; in fact, you need them in your life.


noun: a performance by two people, especially singers, instrumentalists, or dancers.

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Discover Authentically French Espadrilles With Atelier Aliénor

I have been wearing quite a collection of comfy swoon worthy kicks lately! I never believed I would trade my high heel obsession but these days, I am so finding that comfort is just what I am needing!!! I am so excited to share my latest shoe obsession with you today and I promise you are in for a treat.

Enter Atelier Aliénor espadrilles. They are made in the south of France with the most premium materials and finest craftsmanship. The sole is entirely formed from jute for comfort and long lasting use. The exquisite leather they use comes from a French tannery that shares their values of craftsmanship, traditions and sustainability. They are just truly so special. It's not just the leather accents, gorgeous hues, and modern silhouettes — they're light, breathable, and look like they stepped right off the French Riviera, which is never a bad thing. They are so comfortable, versatile (easy to pack, wear, and transition day to night) and just plain gorgeous!!

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Q & A With Chef Abby Milam- Executive Chef At LOUISE

During BITE NW Arkansas I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chef Abby Milam! This was such a treat for me as I am a huge fan of everything she creates. The meatloaf sandwich and at LOUISE is still something I am dreaming of on a regular basis. LOUISE is a modern all-day cafe located in the Fieldhouse at Thaden Field that serves diner-style breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.  LOUISE has both indoor and outdoor seating facing the runway, providing great views of planes taking off and landing as you enjoy great food! They have named their restaurant in honor of Iris Louise McPhetridge Thaden (1905-1979). Born and raised in Bentonville, she was a proud Arkansan and one of the greatest aviators of her time. So enough! Enough! Let’s get to know Abby a little bit better, shall we?!

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5 Must Have Essentials For Surviving a Long Flight

Happy May darlings!!!!

There’s no better feeling than booking that dream international trip that’s been on your bucket list forever…until reality sets in and you realize you’ll be stuck on a plane for countless hours first in order to get to your destination. And after reality sets in, every traveler’s two least favorite words consume the rest of their energy: Jet Lag. Unless money is no object, first or business class may not be a feasible option for you. Not to worry, I am all about 'roughing it’ in economy…but I do believe in doing in comfort and with a little bit of style!

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An Interview With Alex -Deco Drinks Tulsa

Deco Drinks across from LaFortune Park is something of a local institution. No matter what beverage you order, consider it heaven in a cup. You can find coffee, Matcha, Boba Tea, Chai, and loose leaf teas. I am absolutely obsessed with the beet lattes and the turmeric lattes because they have zero caffeine so they make the perfect mid-day pick me up! I have had to stop drinking so much caffeine after a bit of a health scare that you read about here.

You can also find the best avocado toast in Tulsa!

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An Interview with Brooke Marshall — Club Pilates Tulsa

I always love a good Q & A and it’s something you all really love too because these posts always get the best readership. So happy you enjoy interviews with my peers, mentors, and Pilates greats. For it’s maiden voyage, it’s an honor for me to be interviewing one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, Brooke Marshall. We met in the Club Pilates South Tulsa studio and really connected through our love of getting a good workout in and writing and photography. She loved Pilates so much she is now an instructor and I could not be happier for her!

So while everyone is figuring out which way they're going to get fit in 2019, we've had our answer for a while now.

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Getting to know Gloria : An Esthetician Who Connects Health, Wellness & Personal Development With Self-Care + Beauty To Help Others Feel Beautiful Inside And Out.

The first interview of 2019 is all about high vibrational beauty with the lovely Gloria from Ihloff Spa in Utica Square. And we have partnered with a great giveaway for one of lucky ducks too so be sure to catch the deets over on this Instagram post.

Gloria has always been propelled by whole body wellness. Years before health and wellness became the popular mainstay that it is today, Gloria understood what true health and beauty was about: balance, self-love and feeling connected to your own inner spiritual being. She is sharing her favorite recipes, rituals, and magic with us today!!

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Happy Wednesday dears!! You are in for a treat today, as I have been talking with Jared Permenter of c2 Woodworks. I met him at An Affair of The Heart in Tulsa in November and really fell in love with his beautiful boards. His products are stunning! And I am have been using the board he gifted me non stop since I received it.

Also sharing a delish Bolognese Bruschetta recipe at the end of this post for you too!!! You can see Jared’s board in action. HA!

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E-mail Marketing Solutions With Emma

Anyone else receive a trillion Black Friday emails?! And now a trillion sale holiday emails for Christmas?! Anyone hitting the unsubscribe button?!

Ohh..I am definitely guilty as charged! HA!

But in all seriousness this got me thinking about my own brand and newsletter which I really need to get back into the habit of sending again especially for some of my email marketing campaigns. If I may 100% frank, I stopped a year ago because as soon as I sent them I would have at least 2-4 people unsubscribe and it really hurt my feelings, especially if one of the un-subscribers was a good friend whom I support in business. OUCH! Have you had that happen too? It is the worst feeling. Like the world is already cruel enough and I did not need to self inflict pain on myself….am I right?!

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Naturopathic Approach to HPV//An Interview With Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink, ND

Friends, I just got back from a two week long Thanksgiving trip to Houston and was able to unplug for a bit!! I so needed that too!

I am so excited to really get the Q and A portion of my blog going again and I am thrilled for you to meet Dr. Goldspink today! She is a healer and is inspiring the heck out of me.

Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink (Stavros), ND graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Canada, where she completed a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (ND). She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Ottawa. As a Clinical Intern in both general medicine and adjunctive cancer care at CCNM, Dr. Goldspink focused her training and research on disease prevention, longevity, and naturopathic oncology.

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It’s no secret that I love female entrepreneurs!!

Jeana has such an incredible story and it's been so fun getting to know her fully!  She is always direct, and honest. She always tells it like it is, doesn’t dwell, and instead always moves forward. So inspired by Jeana, I returned home and started brainstorming a shoot location and knew I wanted to feature her on Go French Yourself.  

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Meet Your New Soon-To-Be Pilates Instructor Katie Corley

Could not be more excited to make this Q&A live today because it happens to feature one of my best friends!

I am so excited for Katie and her new Pilates career. 

Katie is our very own Tulsa girl with an infectious smile and genuine enthusiasm for the perfect Pilates move.

She discovered Reformer Pilates months ago while accompanying me for a class and it very quickly it became a passion. The principles of Pilates, the concentration and coordination came for naturally for her and she loved Pilates so much she decided to become a Pilates Instructor!

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The Goddess Of Lady-Like (Channeling Natalie Wood)...My New Favorite Fragrance

When us goddesses spend so much on makeup, hair products, and clothes, it can sometimes be hard to spend a little more on a good perfume. After all, it’s not something you can see like a bold gloss, a fabulous new handbag or a new dress. But that’s the beauty of perfume. It’s invisible but it can make or break an image. I’m sure we all have a mother, aunt, grandma, or even a bestie in our lives who has a signature scent. You associate that smell with her, and it says so much. Maybe love, or caring. Maybe power and boldness. To me, Natalie Fragrance says CONFIDENT WOMAN-and embodies everything lady-like. This fresh, sparkling floral scent opens with an alluring combination of freesia, neroli, bigarde zest and rose oil.

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Non-Surgical Facelift-"The Vampire Facial" Featuring Revolution Medical Spa

The vampire facial, otherwise known as a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facial, has been widely debated ever since Kim Kardashian West underwent the procedure during an episode of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians spin-off, Kim and Kourtney Take Miami. ... 

And I have been curious for a whole year and finally decided to try it a little over a week ago.

Note: The facial procedure was offered complimentary to me by Jenna Case. The review is 100 percent my own, candid experience.

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