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Get The Story of Your Body And Take Control Of Your Health With Nokia

Focusing on health is a common theme for 2018 for my friends and me and I am so glad that we all realize health is so much more than just a number on a scale or the number of calories on a plate. 2018 is all about paying close attention to those daily routines, taking care of our bodies, and knowing ourselves----and certainly not playing the comparison game. Health and wellness looks different for everyone. 

I personally have a love/hate relationship with working out. Sometimes I get into a great groove where I’m consistent with my weekly workouts and look forward to them at the beginning or end of each day. But then other times, my dang schedule gets so busy that the thought of working out (or even the drive for it) just doesn’t come, and I go days without doing anything. I think to myself “I just don’t have time”, but the truth is that some of the busiest people still make time for it, so I know that I can, too. It's so important. 

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A Love Story With Club Pilates Tulsa

I hope you all have been having a great time following along with my newest fitness journey over on my Insta Stories.  I have been taking reformer Pilates classes at Club Pilates here in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the last three weeks. And I am having the best time, even better than expected! I had always been so intimidated with the thought of pilates and now I am just kicking myself because I wish I had been doing it my whole life. I was desperately looking for a workout like this....and am now a  die-hard pilate enthusiast. 

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Eliminate The Guesswork For Getting To And Maintaining A Healthy Weight With HomeDNA™

On a cold winter's day about 7 weeks ago I decided to take a  scientifically-based weight- management test that identifies your unique genetic makeup and provides diet and exercise strategies specifically tailored to your genotype.  I feel like I have been running around like a hamster in a hamster wheel exhausting myself with tons of exercise and trying to get enough protein into my diet with once again----zero results except a tired exhausted Samantha still wearing the same size of clothing. 

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Merging Fitness & Safety With Fashion In Wisewear

I had a Fitbit once and hated it unless I was literally working out. I wore it to a wedding once because I wanted to keep track of my movement and I knew I would be shaking my tail feather on the dance floor. And then when I got the photos back and saw that big hideous purple thing on my wrist....I sold it and never looked back.

Maybe I am vain and I am 100% okay with that! 

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