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Going Green With Paperless Post

All month I have been sharing some ways you can celebrate Earth Month and aim to follow the motto “everyday is Earth Day!” And today I am so excited to share my experience with Paperless Post. A few months ago I had received a dinner party invitation IN MY INBOX and it was so incredibly beautiful. I immediately knew it was a  Rifle Paper beauty as I am obsessed with pretty much anything Anna Bond touches. Her signature, hand-painted botanicals have made her the darling of the stationery world since 2009. Her beloved flora, fauna, and doll-faced figures radiate a sense of whimsy and charm. SWOON. I instantly of course RSVP'd "Oui" to the Frenchie Soireè and the stalked the Paperless Post site and was blown away by the gorgeous Rifle Paper extensive collection.

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Making Your Bedroom Feel Like Your Fave Hotel Room And Keeping It Green

All month I have been sharing some ways you can celebrate Earth Month and aim to follow the motto “everyday is Earth Day!” over on my Instagram and today I am celebrating a non toxic bedroom makeover with Skylar Body and Cariloha Tulsa

I have been on a long journey to improve my health by reducing my exposure to toxics; and lowering my environmental footprint too. (working on removing plastics from my life next)

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Weekend Brunch at The Jones Assembly

ou know time is flying by when you can't remember the last time you had Sunday brunch and you guys---that is just NOT acceptable. The thing is, I can't quite think what I've been doing with my weekends instead which is also NOT acceptable. I sorta feel like I need to renounce my title of 'avid bruncher' to you guys however, I'm hoping this post will redeem myself. I even decided to write it early and dedicate the whole thing to brunch VS my weekend guide to OKC so that's gotta earn me some credit here. 

So darlings---let's brunch so hard in OKC!!!

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Ways to Stay Healthy On A Long Winter Trip Featuring Hum Nutrition

Sharing some tips to stay healthy on the road today including Supplements ! I am such a fan girl of these the older I get. I recently was introduced to Hum Nutrition. HUM Nutrition is an all-natural line of supplements, powders and gummies that are sustainably sourced, made in the USA, non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, artificial colors, and preservatives, many are organic and vegan.Their mission is to turn the beauty routine inside out and have inner-health as the starting point of every beauty/self-care routine with a focus on prevention and long-term care, not just damage control and covering up.

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Dreaming Up A Signature Scent With Skylar Body

I love experimenting with various fragrances and beauty staples that redefine what it means to be a girly girl. There are so many fabulous skincare regimens, beauty products, and unique fragrances that can enhance a woman’s natural beauty, but nothing compares to a strong, confident woman whose refined beauty is simply a metaphor for everything she stands for. When it comes to fragrances, I always love discovering perfumes that are more than just a scent. As a self confessed lover of all things romantic, I cherish fragrances that tell a captivating story with just one beguiling smell. Are you all the same way?!Skylar Body is giving you the chance to turn your fragrance idea into a reality. They want YOU to help the, create the newest Skylar scent my dolls. How freakin' exciting is this??!!!

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Day Trippin' to Guthrie Oklahoma//NatureBox Giveaway.

Planes and trains might get you to your final destination, but there’s just something so darn fun and alluring behind the idea of a road trip...especially with your loves. I love exploring old two lanes with my sweetheart but I also love hitting the road with my 16 year old daughter. I’ve personally taken my fair share of car trips up and down a stretch of Route 66  in Oklahoma so today I wanted to share a few of the tricks I’ve learned along the way. (I actually have shared them here before but instead of linking that post, I thought I would just share them again because they are soooo good.) I will be sharing some of my fave things to do in Guthrie, Oklahoma too!

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Crushing On Bastide Aix-en-Provence

There is something about Parisian women and their lifestyle that seems to just work. Would you agree? Maybe it’s because croissants and pastries are eaten with abandon; or perhaps it’s the laissez-faire way of life. Whatever the reason, the French tend to look chic and sophisticated every single minute, no matter what. When it comes to fragrance and French women, there’s no such thing as having a wardrobe. They pick their signature scent, and that’s it – no matter the time of day, the season, or even the occasion. And this is where Bastide comes into the story. I will tell you all about them here in a bit. I promise. I mean they inspired this whole post after-all.

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Making Travel Memories Last Forever With Framebridge

We have a lot of blank space on the walls and are currently sprucing the condo up for various shoots so I recently decided that it would be fun to spruce up our guest room with a travel theme –- using our favorite photos from the places that have really grabbed our hearts. I started with two photos as a surprise for Lin. He is a little harder to convince that these blank walls need to not be forever empty. 

I worked with Framebridge to create my first two photos of meaningful places.

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