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Spiced Baked Apples, Pears and Mandarins

These Spiced Baked Apples, Pears and Mandarins topped with Nuts and Pomegranate are a simple vegan dessert or topping. In less than 15 minutes you can have a fresh and flavorful fruit topping for yogurt or oatmeal. This roasted fruit is good enough to eat on its own. This recipe is vegan, Paleo, dairy free and gluten free. Plus it’s just so colorful and will brighten your winter dining table and feed.

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Travel Guide: Houston Texas And It’s Most Instagram Worthy Spots-Stay & Dine Edition

I know so many of you have been so eager for this travel guide to be published and I am so thrilled to finally share all of my favorite Houston gems with you today! Considering just how close and accessible Houston is to Tulsa and of course Lin’s family living there, I have spent my last seven Thanksgiving holidays there and have yet to share. (well there have been a few things here and there) But it was time to really put a good itinerary together for you! And while this one is a bit long and picture heavy, I promise that you will get so much out of it for your Houston travels so bookmark this one! We have grown to love this picturesque and interesting city very much. In fact every time I visit The Magnolia City, I enjoy it more and more. As a creature of habit, I do tend to visit a lot of the same places because I love them, but always add something new to my trip each time. And thanks to my friend Karen who lives there, she is always keeping me in the loop of the newest and greatest! But I definitely have my Houston staples as I like to call them! Each and every one is highly Instagrammable too!

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Whole30 Breakfast Salad With Bacon And Hard-Boiled Eggs

Busy bloggers and creatives like us at Go French Yourself are constantly on the go. Between writing endless articles, staging photo shoots, and crafting some delicious recipes, there is hardly time to sit down for a relaxing meal during the week. Breakfast is especially tough for me on these busy days. And a Whole30 breakfast..well the cards can sometimes feel stacked against you here if you have not prepared beforehand. When I’m rushing out the door in the morning, the last thing I want to do is prepare a time-intensive meal. That said, I’ve recently been researching a few ways to make a delicious and quick Whole30 approved breakfast for on-the-go girls like myself! My belief is that if you’re going to eat breakfast on the move, at least whip up one that’s healthy—and tasty too! Today I’ll be sharing 1 of my favorite tried-and-true Whole30 busy girl breakfasts. And it really fits in a lunch dinner category too!

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Girl Talk//Tips & Tricks On Avoiding And Managing UTI's

Hellloooo Ladies! Happy 2019!!

I am so excited that my first post of the new year is one that is health related as I cannot think of a better time to start taking care of business and by business, I mean a healthy urinary tract! Sometimes life throws us curveballs which makes our bodies throw us curveballs and suddenly nothing is working right. I'm talking about getting a dreaded urinary tract infection, which is one of the most common bacterial infections. And for me, my very own stress levels trigger urinary tract infections. (Our bodies struggle to flush out UTI-causing bacteria more when we're stressed and our immune system is compromised than when we're feeling healthy.) It has been this way for years and years too. I admit it. I have suffered from chronic recurrent UTI’s my whole adult life. And my personal vow when suffering from a health discomfort is to always try and heal naturally first so today I am sharing some tips and tricks to reduce the re-occurrence of UTIs among sufferers. These tips will help you maintain good urinary tract health in the new year and beyond.

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Christmas Baking Ideas With Kendal

The holidays are officially here and they aren't going anywhere!

Today I am here to make your mouths water, and get your desert tables ready for Christmas!

And of course, no, I am not a baker..but had so much fun learning from my friend Kendal today who is a beautiful baker. I swear she was a pastry chef in a past life. And her adorable little son Owen—well the apple doesn’t far from the tree.

We really hope you enjoy the pics and the recipes that we used. (all calorie free, of course-HA)

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Happy Wednesday dears!! You are in for a treat today, as I have been talking with Jared Permenter of c2 Woodworks. I met him at An Affair of The Heart in Tulsa in November and really fell in love with his beautiful boards. His products are stunning! And I am have been using the board he gifted me non stop since I received it.

Also sharing a delish Bolognese Bruschetta recipe at the end of this post for you too!!! You can see Jared’s board in action. HA!

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This Pear and Goat Cheese Pizza is a perfect combo of savory and sweet which is such a winning combo: fall pears, summer sausage, creamy & rich truffle goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar. It’s simple, elegant, and perfect for a little fancy dinner gathering!!!!!! I am loving any recipes with pears currently!!!

And it’s so simple!!!!! And so beautiful !!!

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Visiting Boston’s Seaport District In November//New England Fall

Every time I visit Boston, I enjoy it more and more. As a creature of habit, I do tend to visit a lot of the same places because I love them, but always add something new to my trip each time.

Lin and I have family there so this is our third trip to New England and we look forward to it every year. If you are looking for a guide to Boston’s most “Instagrammable” places, you can find it here. It’s still one of my most read travel guides to date. We decided to travel Maine’s coast prior to our Boston trip and I highly recommend everyone seeing this part of the world! Read my 7 day Maine itinerary before you plan! Cape Liz and Kennebunkport are must sees!

There are so many areas in Boston but we really wanted to explore The Seaport District this go around and of course I wanted to spend some time in The lovely North End too. I just have so many favorites there so it’s hard to not just spend all of my time there.

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Grand Hotel//Kennebunkport Travel Diary

The final hotel on our Maine coastal fall road-trip proved to be quite something!


The Grand Hotel in Kennebunk, Maine, sits prominently on Chase Hill, just steps away from bustling, downtown Kennebunkport. Featuring classic New England architecture and elegantly appointed decor, the hotel offers views of lively Dock Square and Lower Village. It’s the most perfect ideal spot to enjoy everything the town has to offer. There’s just no denying it! Grand Hotel has that warm beautiful boutique feel and the location is just superb!

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In early November, Lin and I spent 7 days traveling The Maine Coast which you can read all about here. On day 6 we met the beautiful Cape Liz for the first time and ya’ll….this special place has just stolen a piece of my heart. It's natural beauty at its best!

Cape Liz is stunning. We spent some time exploring the area’s most picturesque lighthouses and their picturesque surroundings in the freezing cold rain! We began at  Two Lights State Park (free admission), where Maine’s first "twin" lighthouses were erected on the rocky shore in 1928. (The scenery inspired Edward Hopper’s painting Lighthouse at Two Lights.) Then we made our way to Fort Williams Park next and climb into the tower of Maine’s oldest lighthouse, Portland Head Light. Just see for yourself…..

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Scenic Drive Traveling Maine's Coast To Boston In The Fall// 7 day Maine Itinerary

On November 1st Lin and I landed in Bangor Maine to travel the coast down to Boston. This trip had been on my bucket list as long as I can remember and I am so happy that we followed through. Maine’s Route 1 road trip is as quintessential New England as the West Coast’s Route 1 drive is classic California. While this itinerary starts from Bangor Maine and heads down the coast to Kennebunkport, it can certainly be enjoyed in the opposite direction too. There are two ways to go about this ride: Make a lot of stops on the way up and then power home. Or, pick a few pit stops for the way up, and save a few for the way back. There are so many various options.

A lot of planning went into my itinerary and I really hope you enjoy seeing Maine’s beautiful coast through my eyes—the must-see’s and must-do’s and the amazing culinary scene…OMG. This was such an incredible 7 days and I will forever remember every second of Maine’s endless cute towns and all the lobster rolls!

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Doggy Birthday Party//Melvin Turns 6

Happy Almost Thanksgiving everyone! I cannot believe this is only my second blog post to publish this month but in my defense, I left town November 1st for 2 weeks traveling the Maine coast and had a huge event I worked as soon as I returned! Now I am in Houston getting settled for the holiday and have some free time to get lots of things published for you!

Just in case you have not been watching all of my insta stories, right before we left we had a little birthday party for Melvin. The party needed to be during the week midday which was not the ideal time for many of my friends with dogs whom Melvin loves and I could not host anything at my house because we had a window installation happening. Our local dog park was not ideal either because you cannot bring any perishable items. So my friend Brooke had the perfect solution to my problem!

We both board our dogs at Noah’s Bed and Biscuit in Kiefer and when we talked to them about hosting a little “puppy pawty” ! They have plenty of fenced-in yard options! And plenty of doggy companions who can attend!

Problem solved!

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I now always have bone broth on hand and beyond using for general cooking, most times I just heat up a cup or two and drink straight up out of a mug. What I love about this healing elixir is how easy it is to adapt to your needs and your tastes and it’s insanely delicious, to boot. You can use any homemade bone broth, chicken or beef, or if you’d like, a high-quality store-bought bone broth like Kettle & Fire (this is my first choice, I love that it’s shelf stable and I can aways have it around)

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Orange Maple Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Thanksgiving is less than a month away, and I could not be more excited. I’ve already got my menu all set! 🙌🏽

🍊 🍊 And today I wanted to share the recipe for my delish orange maple cranberry sauce in partnership with @unclemattsorganic ! I absolutely love their good-for-you delicious organic juices!! They are committed to farming sustainably and all of their products are free from GMOs and synthetic pesticides. 💕💕

This recipe is a healthier spin on this family favorite . It also freezes stunningly and it’s a super easy thing to make weeks ( or even months!) ahead of time!

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