Joint Relief & Muscle Recovery With PowerPlay® (Giveaway)

Today I am so thrilled to announce a new category to Go French Yourself! I have become so passionate and enthusiastic about striving for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle these days and it just made sense!  So welcome all things Fitness!!!

Take a look around here. I have added in past fitness related posts and am thrilled to kick off my official launch with a local TULSA based company--PowerPlay®.  They began in the medical field developing products for orthopedic surgery patients. The PowerPlay cold compression therapy device, launched in 2012, was adapted and manufactured to specifically meet the needs of athletes, athletic trainers, physical therapists and those with chronic joint pain and swelling. Their goal was to provide a compression therapy unit that also delivers cold therapy and is truly portable. They needed it to be just as effective as any other cold compression therapy unit at a much lower cost than competitive systems.

So why are we collaberating?! 

I wanted to know if there was a way to get more out of my body than I currently am...


I miss tennis and I greatly miss running. I spent years running mostly for leisure without a timed goal in mind. It's the one thing next to indoor cycling that just gives me that euphoric feeling of completely losing myself. When I am running, I look my very best too. It's the one exercise that leans me way out. Years of running and tennis has shot my knees ...(my right knee is worse than my left) and I still find myself completely sore and in so much agony from improper training. I am so limited in what I can do athletically and it's so frustrating.

I know I have arthritis in my hands as I have been diagnosed so that's concerning too. UGH! 

I have considered a knee surgery but am terrified. And even then a surgeon cannot guarantee that this will help long term...not to mention the price of who can possibly comfortably afford that at my age?!

Have you ever read an interview with a day- in -the life of your favorite  pro-athlete and thought damn that sounds hard…but I kind of love it.

Workout, have someone make you a great healthy meal, get a massage, nap, workout again and do more recovery. Of course that’s unlikely to ever be a normal day for most of us, but PowerPlay is making the recovery part more accessible than ever to the average person! 

I have learned to really love my recovery days....

If you don’t recover right, you don’t run consistently, you don’t make progress…plus you’re cranky when injured and that’s not fun for anyone.

Power Play has so many different resources to help you with cold compression therapy, restless leg syndrome, ACL surgery recovery, dislocated shoulder rehab and ankle injury recovery. I am focused on then cold compression therapy for my knee. 

Let's talk about cold compression..I got this directly from Power Play's website so it's very clear! 

Cold compression therapy combines the benefits of cold therapy and compression therapy to provide optimal results for pain and swelling relief. Studies have shown that people who use cold therapy and compression therapy together as opposed to just one of those therapies alone recover from their injuries significantly faster. The many benefits of cold compression therapy include reducing pain, swelling, and edema, while promoting faster healing and muscle recovery, and stimulating blood flow. PowerPlay combines the benefits of a cold therapy machine (or cold therapy unit) and a compression machine to deliver intermittent compression therapy – meaning the compression pump inflates the wrap to the desired pressure, holds for 10 seconds, releases, then inflates again. Intermittent compression has been proven to be more effective than static compression because it moves the blood more effectively, helping push the swelling out of the system. PowerPlay also offers cold therapy through frozen gel packs or ice bags, which have been proven to reduce pain.

Cold and compression therapy can be applied to a variety of situations including post-surgical rehabilitation (such as MCL and ACL surgery recovery), injuries such as sprains, fractures, and tears, as well as pain and swelling. Most athletes are familiar with the RICE method for recovering from injuries, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. While they leave rest and elevation up to you, PowerPlay uses advanced technology to make your ice and compression more effective.

Compression alone is shown to be effective in reducing swelling and edema. Active compression, which compresses intermittently, pushes that swelling out of the injured site and to the body’s core so it can be disposed of through the lymphatic system. This type of compression also aids in enhancing the body’s blood flow, which helps deliver more oxygen to the injured area.

These benefits of cold compression therapy amount to a faster and more pleasant recovery. This therapy can be applied to those suffering from minor joint pain, to major surgery rehabilitation (such as ACL surgery recovery) and anything in between. You can also benefit from a compression and cold therapy system for muscle recovery after training. Applying cold and compression to overworked, aching muscles will pump blood and oxygen through the area, and bring down swelling and fluids so that you can get back on your feet faster and be ready for your next event.

I have been trying the POWERPLAY SINGLE KIT  for over a week now consistently and am seeing some amazing results...even helping me reach some incredible milestones on the bike. If you follow me on insta stories,  you saw me reach a mileage goal I had. I was trying to go for 16 miles in 45 minutes and I actually did 17. I know that cold compression therapy is helping me!

Overcoming injury and soreness each day through the use of compression is really helping me get what I need to keep going.  The recovery elements in this type of product are something anyone can use too. I am active but by all means do not consider myself a major athlete and that's what I love about Power Play. They too cater to regular exercisers that need help with bothersome aches, healing pains, and overcoming the challenges of an active lifestyle. The use of good recovery methods can also prevent injury. If you’re moving well, you’re less likely to become injured in the first place. Just FYI!

The PowerPlay Single Kit is the best way for individual users to experience the most convenient, portable cold and compression therapy. Includes: PowerPlay pump, one wrap with gel pack of your choice, one power adapter and one insulated carry case.

Choose from the following: Ankle Wrap, Knee Wrap, 360 Knee Wrap, Hip Wrap, Elbow Wrap, Shoulder Wrap, Right Wrist Wrap, Left Wrist Wrap. 

And there are so many other options for you to shop.....check that out here

And they also do rentals  which is such an amazing point of difference. 

I really want to encourage anyone who has had pain or injury to consider seeking help through recovery. As I approach 40+ status, (well in three years) recovery becomes more important each year. Sometimes I wonder if I’d feel better now if I’d given proper attention to recovery in my younger years. But at this point it is what it is, and I now understand making time for recovery is as important as setting my alarm for the gym. And I am so smitten with Power Play. 

Headed out for a run today and am eager to see what my body is going to give me on the trail. And I will be continuing to do my cold compression therapy and report back in a month here!

So to celebrate the launch of my new Fitness category I have a giveaway for one local-to-Tulsa reader!! 

I cannot thank Power Play and Resolute PR enough to make this giveaway possible!

So what's up for grabs?!!

One "Athletic Recovery Bag" with a $100 gift card to use at Power Play, 1 free blend from Ediblend, Water Bottle from Wabi, 1 free class at Studio Pop and 50% off a facial from Elixir Skin Studio. (plus some Arcona skin care goodies from Elixir and the great bag is from Power Play! 

And how do you win?! Comment below and tell us your favorite way to keep active ! 

And for a BONUS entry follow Power Play   (and me)  on Facebook or Instagram  and tell them I sent you! (My insta is @gofrenchyourself  

Entries will be accepted until July 7th at midnight CST and a winner will be chosen and announced on facebook July 8th. 

Not local to not fret. Keep following along for more fabulous gifts open to the whole U.S. 

Good luck!



(This post was sponsored by Resolute PR & Power Play. Thanks to the sponsors who keep me creating)