Modern Living Room Update For Spring

special thanks to ARTICLE for their partnership on our living room renovation project*

Lin Bacon, my handsome fox,  has a background in architecture and a knack for creating super modern magazine-worthy spaces and I--Samantha also share the same passion in creating magazine worthy spaces but always want to add some warmth and sophisticated elegance to our gorgeous modern high rise condo . We have remained true to exceptional form in our Oklahoma residence located in Tulsa which combines a modern sense of  luxury, with a comfortable laid-back feeling.

We shared our space before in this post here and here, but during the fall & winter, I really had the urge to FINALLY redo the living room with a furniture edit and a new color palette. We have a very open space and our kitchen was done so impeccably with a modern and fitted designer Italian kitchen with state of the art appliances. We rushed the living room design and ended up with a dark couch and overpowering swivel chair in a wild print that just did not fit our modern space. The pieces were much too large. We also lacked seating and we love to entertain. It's such a small space but I knew we could get creative. It worked for a long time but it was just the right moment to finally update everything and make it exactly how it should have been all along. No room should be left unaddressed. We feel like our space is a designer's dream come true and we did not want to waste a single opportunity to make our condo feel like a very stylish home. 

I’ve felt like such a tease these last few weeks as I have shown you guys little glimpses of the space on my Insta stories. But I wanted to wait until it was really and truly done before giving the full tour… and these things take time, people! (one of my pieces is actually still backordered but I just couldn't wait any longer to show you)  Although I’m sure it’ll always be a work in progress (as all house projects are), the living room is finally at a place where we were ready to have Jenna come by and take shots of the entire space. Today is the big reveal, and we couldn’t be happier to invite y’all to step inside. 

A Living Room to Die For

The living room definitely sets the tone for the space with its mix of soft subtle energy and high-end aesthetics. A cool color palette of heather grey and flesh tones along with copper take front stage to a white background. We took advantage of the large windows which fill the room with the prettiest natural light, so keeping the color palette simple was top priority.  I love the view you get from the living area looking straight into the kitchen.  You get such a great vantage point that also provides you a better look at the wood flooring and the ways that Lin has blended colors to make this space a perfect mix of warm and cool shades.

Speaking of flesh tones we couldn't be happier with some blush fur pillows and the stunning Adorn pillow and throw set from Article in copper. These throws and pillows light up a room. This chain-mail inspired set is a lover, not a fighter. Made from 100% cotton, Adorn is soft to the touch and beautifully textured thanks to its fine moss stitching. The shimmering metallic finish is so eye-catching. 

The space now has such a balanced array of colors from the cool gray of the sofa to the warm brown tone of one of the main focal points in the room--which is a framed  vintage Kuba textile. It has such a global feeling and we agree that infusing culture into a space is always a sure way to bring a new level of sophistication to a room. The juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary influences is striking and deepens the tone of the space.

The result is a sophisticated and relaxed environment that's perfect for unwinding after a hectic day. As if we were not already homebodies...(laugh out loud) 

The sofa will always be the center of every living room. It's a common misconception that small spaces can't handle large furnishings. One large piece can do a lot to make a small room inviting, anchored, and even feel bigger! Take the sofa, for instance: Arranging a small sofa in a tight space with a couple of other chairs can make a space feel over-full, with little spots of furniture all over the place (not to mention all of those legs!). But one great sectional that accommodates all seating in one swoop can actually make a small room feel more gracious: it multitasks by defining space, providing space to stretch out for a nap, and accommodating guests with plenty of seating for everyone!

And this is where you meet "Nova". 

The Nova Sectional Sofa purchased from Article commands the stage masterfully. It has such an elegant, minimalist Danish design that elegantly unifies modern minimalist lines with functionality.  Love her slender metal legs that provide a modern contrast. This sectional is upholstered to perfection in a Winter Gray fabric that brings forth elements of harmony and affinity to our space. You can chose this one in so many different fabrics too and the sectional can come right or left .

On the coffee table in front of the sofa, decorative accessories in hard materials - stone, wood and metal - help to reinforce a tiny masculine aspect of the space. We wanted it to convey both masculine and feminine details and I really think we nailed it as you can see the living room's more subtle twists in the way that color is layered in different ways. Spreading small pops of fleshy color around helps to warm the space in an even way without competing. 

Proper lighting is one of the most important parts of decorating a living space, a feature that our space has well covered. We have a ton of built in lighting but require one lamp. We chose the Gira Lamp from Article. Inspired by a mid-century modern classic, the Gira lamp is beautifully streamlined to offer light precisely where it’s needed. Crafted from solid metal, its slim tripod frame appears light but durable and its conical shade is easily adjustable to aim light precisely. It comes in 4 different finishes and is only $149. 

If you know that you plan to keep your furniture all modern, but are still looking for a way to soften the look of the space to give it just a little added livability, another route to think about is to focus on some of the larger accessories like lighting and rugs to be the ones that carry your mid-century flair.  Lighting like the Gira Lamps work effortlessly into a modern interior. They add a touch of something special to a modern design scheme. So no matter what modern interior your working with you can always use a few little mid-century accents to spruce it up.

A random scattered patterned rug both defines the space and adds the perfect touch-even though it's so incredibly subtle. You never realize just how much an area rug can make or break a room until you hit the carpet jackpot and get it oh-so-right. Between figuring out the right size for your space and narrowing down the pattern and texture that appeals most to you and your aesthetic, picking a rug can be a time-consuming activity - but the beauty of it is how wonderfully a gorgeous rug can tie a space together. We went with the 9x12 Loopi Rug in Granite Black from Article. The Loopi, made with thick piles of soft 100% wool, is a Mid-century Modern revival. Available in lovely palettes of space-dyed yarn, this rug will add texture and comfort to your spaces. 

Lastly I want to share the gorgeous piece that is on backorder set to arrive here at the end of the month. Meet the gorgeous Hira Ottoman from Article. This friendly pouf is an oversized and versatile softie. Hira transitions from coffee table, to ottoman, to pouf with ease and despite its generous dimensions can be easily moved around a space. Its sides are made from looped or braided chunky wool and its top from a smoother, flat wool. Hira is available in Metal Gray and Natural Ivory with two distinguishing textures. We went the Natural Ivory and at first had the 40" delivered and well, that thing is no joke! We ended up exchanging it for the 30" and plan on using it as a side table. I have a gorgeous tray for it and when we have company the tray can easily be moved to create additional seating! 

We love Article so much. They deliver beautifully designed modern furniture, with outstanding attention to detail, at incredibly fair prices.

No showrooms. No salespeople. No unnecessary layers.

They pack your new furniture with care and deliver direct to your door across the continental U.S. and Canada for one flat fee of just $49.

Your whole experience is backed by their friendly customer support team and a 30-day, no questions asked guarantee

I would chose Article for everything in my home. They are such a joy to work with from start to finish. And most things are shipped pretty quickly too. 

They worked with us on the couch and the lamp and we purchased everything else at a 10% discount just so you know I am that confident and pleased with this brand!!!!!!!!!

What do you all think?!!!

Cannot wait to hear from you in the comments below!