Skin Care Regimen Made Easy With At Home DNA Testing


This post is sponsored by Lipton Publicity but all opinions are my own. I truly do not recommend anything I am not using and loving myself. 

Remember last month when I introduced you to HomeDNA™ Skin Care in a Friday Five feature?!! You loves had so many questions for me and made me promise to update you as soon as I got my results.  

Well I have my results!! I actually received them before Boston but did not have the time to even open my laptop prior. 

I am such a fan of this. I feel like I can finally stop guessing and wasting money on various skin care products once for and all. 

There are sooooo many skincare products on the market and they all claim to be fabulous. And I am sure many of them are fabulous but here's the thing--individual beauty routines and anti-aging products only work for specific skin types. So getting straight to the bottom of things and getting the answers by having my DNA tested was just the best thing ever. 

Home DNA  examines 28 genetic markers in seven categories associated with skin aging--fine lines & wrinkles, collagen quality, skin sensitivity, pigmentation, sun protection, skin elasticity, and skin antioxidants. 


You can purchase yours at CVS or order directly from the company here. The directions are so easy to follow. Just swap the inside of your cheek and send everything back in the envelope they provide. Once the lab processes everything you get an email with your full report and recommendations! 

My report is about 11 pages long but it's an easy to read document so no stress. The results for each category is on a sliding scale ranging from non-ideal to optimal genetics. There is also a marker on the scale indicating the “global average” so you can understand whether you are high risk compared to the rest of the world. I like that the report explains the categories and gives specific recommendations for me. 

So I am thrilled to share the results with you just as I promised!

For fine lines and wrinkles my gene profile was optimal. The anti-wrinkle gene ( 3P25.2) reduces one of the processors that cause collagen fibers to harden, leading to wrinkles. My results showed that mine functions at an optimal level . The wrinkle formation gene helps the body break down excess glucose. Extra glucose can stick to the collagen causing it to become fragile and break. This leads to fine lines, wrinkles, and thinning skin. My results show that my gene functions at an optimal level and that I have a standard risk. 

For sun protection my results were standard, not optimal but I had a feeling about this one. My skin does not do well in sunlight. I have an increased risk to sun exposure.

For skin sensitivity, my results were non ideal. I am prone to an over response that can prematurely age my skin and contribute to conditions such as rosacea, rashes, and raised bumps. I am highly sensitive to pollution and fragrance. And my body takes a long time to heal from any bruising, cuts, and scrapes. This makes so much sense to me. So I am really paying attention to what I need to do here. 

For skin elasticity, my skin performed standard in this category. This marker helps to determine the quality of the collagen structure supporting my skin, which is key to it's smoothness, firmness, and youthfulness. 

For pigmentation, my results were optimal. Despite my sensitivity to sun, I can still tan modestly. My skin pigment is good and I have a standard risk to skin discoloration and freckling. 

For collagen quality, my results were non ideal. Sad face. So I have been working very hard to get this under control. 

For skin antioxidants, my results were standard. I have the ability to produce the essential antioxidants that scavenge skin-damaging free radicals. 

I am JUST so thrilled to now have specific beauty products that are exactly tailored to the needs of my skin so that it will be the most effective treatment possible. I went from having like 20 things in my skin care vanity to now a powerful 6 or so!! I feel like this is going to revolutionize the beauty industry!! 

If you are curious about trying DNA skincare to see if it works for you, why not give it a try? Who knows what skincare secrets you could learn from your own DNA?

Check out Home DNA. They also have a DNA test to help you with weight loss and they can even test your dog's DNA! I really want to do this with Henry and Melvin so we can FINALLY know who they really are. HA.  And Cheers to looking younger!!