Wedding Flowers From Whole Foods Market Tulsa

I have a partnership with Whole Foods Market and was compensated for all my work, but all words and opinions are my own."

Life is the flower for which love is the honey
— Victor Hugo

Were you one of the lucky ones to get engaged over the holidays?! 

I had quite a few friends begin 2018 with a new piece of sparkling jewelry on their finger. 

In a brunch gathering the other day when I asked my girlfriends how wedding planning was going, the one thing I kept hearing over and over was how flowers were busting their wedding budgets. Most brides want bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and ceremony and reception arrangements. With the current wedding conundrum being flowers, I figured I would offer some help and guidance to my community here in Tulsa. The more and more Go French Yourself grows, I really want this blog to be your go-to for anything you can possibly imagine. I also figure this will help me for my own wedding one day--HELLO Lin..are you reading??! (lol)

My research started and I have been overly shocked at the price of flowers--like I had no idea.  Jaw dropping shocked. Bridal bouquets were anywhere from $400 to $1200.  The sky's the limit when it comes to flowers for your wedding, but realistically you can plan on spending about 8% of your overall budget. How much you actually spend depends on many different factors, such as whether or not the flowers you choose are in season in your area, the size and complexity of the arrangements, and how far the flowers must travel to the ceremony and reception.

Cutting cost is a difficult job for any bride when it comes to her wedding. But where do you save money when everything seems important?  Smaller cake? Less expensive dress? No DJ? Hire a cheaper photographer? GASP. They all seem pretty necessary to me.

Flowers, yes, they’re lovely and yes, they are an important part of the day, but they don’t make or break the wedding. I’ve long understood the importance of investing in a photographer. That is the person who is solely responsible for recording your wedding day. I understand investing in a venue. That is the place where you will promise to spend the rest of your life with your love. But flowers? Really? I mean, they die the NEXT DAY.

That's why I'm going to share how brides can get stunning wedding flowers on a smaller budget!

(So speaking of gorgeous flowers----are you loving the florals you have seen so far throughout the post?!! The gorgeous bouquet was designed by Nicole from The Brookside Whole Foods Market location and the flowers throughout the whole post are all from Whole Foods Market as well.) 

Did you know that Whole Foods Market can do wedding flowers? I am so fond of their very impressive floral section. I buy my flowers from WFM in Brookside every week actually. They are not your typical supermarket flowers whatsoever--these are beautiful and high quality flowers and their floral teams are masters at their craft.

How can they do it? Well, when you think about it, most wedding florists rely on wedding income to keep their businesses afloat. They have major expenses like renting their shop, labor, materials, etc., whereas Whole Foods Market already has most of these things in place as a grocery store. Since selling flowers is not their bread and butter, they don’t need to charge exorbitant prices to make ends meet. (not insinuating all floral designers do this but am providing what I know through my experience)  And, since Whole Foods Market buys so many flowers at once, they are able to offer discounted prices and even work with so many local vendors for their flowers which really makes my heart go pitter patter. Purchasing in bulk really is a game changer. 

I recently spent some time with Nicole who manages the floral department at Whole Foods Market in Brookside and she is one talented woman. She also shared some pricing with me and well, I was just blown away. They can actually do wedding flowers, including a bouquet, five bridesmaids bouquets, bouts for all the boys, corsages for the moms, ceremony pieces, and high and low centerpieces all for under $1,000. Just be up front with your wedding budget and let the WFM floral designers take it from there. 

Nicole is a wonderful flower designer who knows what's in season and what flowers give you the most bang for your buck. She also knows the best copycats to the expensive blooms you adore. Peonies can cost up to $6 a stem in some off season peaks but a grouping of 3-4 carnations can often be mistaken as a peony and at the cost of roughly a dollar. So let her help you decide what flowers give you a similar look to the inspirational photos you've shown her. And speaking of that---your consultations with the floral designers are complimentary

A good flower designer like Nicole and all the Whole Foods Market team will listen to you and do everything they can to make your wedding flowers exactly what you want them to look like on your wedding day.  And they also have some really great ideas. Be open to their suggestions and they might be able to help you come up with some great ideas to help you stretch your dollar like re-purposing ceremony arrangements at the reception and deciding what you can live without. You may think you know what you can live without but it doesn't hurt to ask them their opinion, they're a professional and that advice is free so take advantage of that ladies. 

So darlings save the dough and let Whole Foods Market flower department design your wedding flowers. You will be so happy with a single bouquet or all the florals for the whole celebration.

And I highly recommend Nicole at the Brookside location. Just spending some time with her and seeing the work she does I know the following:

She can create a bouquet for you that has a refined and striking visual statement.

She specializes in sustainable practices and sophisticated, elegant flower design.

Her style emphasizes grace, movement and the delicate blending of colors that evoke images of the natural garden.

She pays special attention to color and texture.

And she provides such wonderful customer service.


 And no matter what style of wedding you have, Whole Foods Market can accommodate your big day. They can design something for the bohemian wedding, the sophisticated wedding with a vintage flair, the romantic and elegant wedding, and even that chic and glam evening wedding--just to name a few ideas I have been seeing all over Pinterest. 

They can design the florals for your tablescapes too as well as gorgeous fresh floral hair accessories. I am personally loving all the fresh eucalyptus I have been seeing everywhere.


There’s something to be said for sticking to what you know dears. I was beyond pleased with the Whole Foods Market floral department and know they will do an amazing job for all your wedding pieces and table arrangements. After-all, I’ve been getting beautiful, artful bouquets from them for years for my home.  Why would I recommend  another florist I’ve never used before, when I’m guaranteed great quality and value from a neighborhood favorite?

Call Whole Foods Market Brookside for your complimentary consultation right away brides-to-be. Mention this blog post for a complimentary toss bouquet too! 

Special thanks to the insanely beautiful Spain Ranch for letting me shoot some shots there. It's such a stunning space. I would so want to have my wedding here. And Whole Foods Market would certainly do all of my florals.  

Soooo much special thanks to Whole Foods Market Tulsa for sponsoring this post. So thrilled to have a relationship with them!! 

Happy Flowering!!


Whole Foods Market  

1401 E 41st St, Tulsa, OK 74105

(918) 712-7555


Nicole also provided me with a few photos of her own from past weddings she has done.