French Girl Fashion --Staple #1


I am always on the hunt for French girl fashion because it's Chic, effortless, and insanely sophisticated. I am adding 5 fundamental pieces that make up a stellar collection of timeless looks to my wardrobe this fall starting with this perfect black cape ( Merci ZARA) which is a Parisian girl's key staple ! 
Can't wait to show you the 4 other pieces I am adding hitting the blog soon.

So many of you DM'd me after I posted this photo on  insta and were dying to know about this particular longer cape and the umbrella. (You all went nuts over the umbrella!!)

So I figured I would quickly post here VS waiting to show you all 5 pieces. 

You can find the long cape here.  

And the umbrella is from the very beginning of Spring and a score I found at Target and the best 16.99 I ever spent.  It's the Thimblepress Spring Floral Bubble Umbrella and I found one here. Thimblepress is amazing!!! Find out more about them here

Happy shopping Francophiles. 


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