Hair Care Secrets Featuring SureThik®--From Thinning To Winning


Let me first say there is an awesome giveaway in this post. Thicker fuller hair can be yours so read on!

I am a firm believer in the idea that beauty, in its entirety, is something to be celebrated and everyone is beautiful in their own way. So just remember that. 

From everyday beauty rituals to hair care treatments and countless products, the beauty industry is an endless source of inspiration and information. There are constantly new products being tested and new practices being promoted. However, with all of this information at our fingertips, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge out there, especially when it comes to hair growth. 

Yes, I am an extension wearer-we all know this but I need to tell you all a secret I have been hiding because I have been really embarrassed about it. 

For about two years now I have noticed that my hair is rapidly thinning. Thinning hair is an issue that's faced by 40 % of women. ... meaning hair remains all over the head, but there is less texture to the point where the scalp looks exposed beneath. Extensions can't help this my dears. My middle part just kept getting bigger and bigger where the scalp was exposed.  I started having a complete melt down as you can imagine and I tried millions of things with no success. I even contemplated surgery but am terrified that it would be obvious and painful. And where was I going to find $15,000 for this anyway? So I hid under hats and well really just went into hiding period, like someone in the witness protection program. It's been incredibly difficult for me. And I just found myself not wanting to be around anyone.


I have always been known for my fabulous locks. My hair used to be so pretty and full-and voluminous. I take vitamins, I practice all the tips and tricks, I buy every single thing out there that is supposed to help the issue-------with no results. I am a woman who is losing her hair. Gulp. I cried so much. I thought about just having a Britney Spears moment and shaving my head and then I cried some more. And nobody out there was talking about it. Women do not talk about hair loss. I felt alone. And I honestly felt helpless. And hideous. 

My  "enormous emotional burden" of hair loss depleted my self-esteem and I did not want to even live anymore. Laugh if you want but these were the real feelings I was experiencing. It was a miserable time in my life and made me exceptionally self-conscious. Think of all the times we look in the mirror and we see our face and hair and experience them as part and parcel of the same thing—who we are. Our self lives in our face and anything that alters our face, namely our hair.

I was devastated. 

And then I found SureThik®. If you follow me, this isn't the first time I confessed my love for them. In fact, this post is sponsored but I reached out to them to partly see if I could get a discount for a huge order of products and we discussed a collaboration. I use and love this stuff everyday and it has changed my life. 

SureThik® hair re-growth products have been uniquely formulated using their 30 years Experience in the surgical and non-surgical hair loss industry. After years of treating thousands of hair loss sufferers in a clinical environment, they have developed a professional grade hair thickening line, now available to anyone experiencing thinning hair. Extensive research and clinical trials have led them to formulate their amazing products using the finest ingredients sourced from Switzerland & throughout Europe, Canada and the USA. Natural based extracts, proteins, botanicals and hair re-growth ingredients are featured in every product. Every SureThik®  product does more than just make your hair feel clean, softer and thicker, they improve the way your hair grows. Whether it’s one of their scalp cleansers or our holding spray, their products not only make your hair look and feel great, they improve the long term health and growth of your hair.

SureThik® is a specialty range of products for weak and thinning hair. All of the products are free from harmful alcohol, sulfates and parabens. All products are developed, researched, formulated and made in Canada. 


So now let's talk about my hair care routine. 

I cleanse with the SureThik Root Penetrating  Shampoo every 4 days or so. I do not wash my hair daily. 


Unique formulas specifically designed for Men and Women. Our Root Penetrating Shampoos penetrate deep into the follicle without the use of harmful sulfates for a clean and refreshed feeling scalp. Safe for colored and chemically treated hair.


SureThik® Shampoo penetrates deep into the pore to eliminate build up which is key to rebuilding healthy hair and scalp. The tri-cleansing agents unclog the pores and provides a deep cleaning, re­moves the excess sebum, and the buildup of debris that are harmful to the follicle. The hair is left soft and manageable. Antioxidants strengthen the weak and damaged hair from the root. Leaves the hair and scalp feeling clean and revital­ized. The scalp will be free of toxins, bacteria, sebum, and debris after every wash.


  • Oil from the sebaceous glands, mixed with dead skin cells and the residue left from most hair products, can clog hair follicles and therefore block hair growth.
  • Without adequate circulation, vital oxygen and nutrients cannot pass through the tiny blood vessels to the hair follicle.
  • Without proper nutrition, or the inability for those nutrients to reach the follicle due to residue and oil blockage, hair growth is stunted.

I then condition with Surethik Nutrient Infusion Boost.


 Specially formulated for Men and Women, our Boost Conditioner is infused with nutrients and extracts that promote healthy hair and scalp. Rich in antioxidants to moisturize, strengthen and revitalize weak and damaged hair. This lightweight product helps transform thin and fine hair into thicker, more manageable strands. Hair will increase in volume and elasticity with every use.


This light weight formula contains premium, nutrient rich ingredients to moisturize, nourish & strengthen your hair. Infused with Aloe, Argan – Moringa – Jojoba – Sweet Almond oils, along with Panthenol, Zinc, Nettle and a variety of Natural extracts that will strengthen, add volume and shine, and make the hair feel smooth and luxurious without weighing the hair down.


  • Damaged and over processed hair loses its elasticity, causing split ends and excessive breakage.
  • Dry scalp can cause dandruff which is unsightly and can mix with sebum and clog pours, preventing hair growth.

Now this is the most amazing product in my regime....

The Scalp TX + Foam.


DHT Blocker, Hair Growth Stimulant, Leave-in Treatment: A concentrated formula uniquely designed for hair loss sufferers and weak and thin looking hair. Scientifically backed with Root BioTec® and Anagain®, the SureThik® ScalpTX Hair Loss Treatment Foam contains high concentrations of root extracts that are certain to help reverse the signs of hair loss. By re-activating hair growth and strengthening the weak and fine hair, hair will begin to look fuller and thicker after 90 days use. To be used daily 1-2 times per day on dry or wet hair. Scalp may seem warm for up to 30 minutes after use. ScalpTX can be used with any hair styling products and will not leave the hair sticky or oily.


Our new forumla with AnaGain® & RootBioTec® + our proprietary blend of extracts bond with DHT thus preventing the DHT from locking into receptor sites at the base of the hair follicle. When used in combination, the SureThik® hair cleanser and SureThik® ScalpTX+ help reverse the effects of DHT for men and women in the early to middle stages of hair loss, allowing hair to regrow – naturally. SureThik® products are ultra-pure, thorough-rinse products designed to not only eliminate additional deposits, but also cleanse the scalp of the build-up already present. In addition, SureThik® Shampoo is specially formulated to exfoliate dead skin cells, before they lodge in the hair follicle. Once the follicles are properly cleansed of residue and oil, SureThik® ScalpTX + Foam can deliver it’s specially formulated nutrition directly to the hair follicle.


  • Oil from the sebaceous glands, mixed with dead skin cells and the residue left from most hair products, can clog hair follicles and therefore block hair growth.
  • Without adequate circulation, vital oxygen and nutrients cannot pass through the tiny blood vessels to the hair follicle.
  • Without proper nutrition, or the inability for those nutrients to reach the follicle due to residue and oil blockage, hair growth is stunted.

Once a week I use the SureThik Limited Edition Boost Conditioner. 

SureThik’s Boost Conditioning Hair Mask is uniquely formulated to restore moisture and repair damaged hair. Rich in Argan Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Moringa Oil, this hair conditioner penetrates deep into the hair shaft delivering noticeably healthier and softer hair.

I style with SureThik's Root Thickening Mist.


Heat Activated Expansion Technology, Humidity Guard, Alcohol Free: Our alcohol Free Root Thickening Mist not only makes the hair feel instantly thicker and helps protect against humidity, it keeps working all day and night to build stronger and healthier hair. Can be applied on wet or dry hair, the Mist penetrates deep into the hair and scalp to regenerate weak and thinning areas and improve follicle health and vitality. A non-sticky, touchable formula that performs best when blow-dried, leaving the hair fuller and healthier.


Our Thickening Mist is not only about hairstyling. The blend of natural fruit and plant extracts help to enhance the texture of the hair and create a natural freshness for those that use our products. This combination of proprietary botanicals has been designed to reduce hair and scalp aging at the cellular level while it improves follicle health and reduces hair loss. While the SureThik® Mist is improving the look and feel of your hair, it’s also working at the root. The hair follicle will be noticeably larger and smoother after being treated with the SureThik® Hair & Scalp Blend after just three uses. Additionally, antioxidants provide protective qualities for smoother, stronger and thicker hair.


Most hair styling products have Alcohol as a main ingredient, used to help the product dry quickly. Alcohol can be very damaging to the hair and scalp. Over time Alcohol will leave the hair and scalp dried out and brittle.


Now I use my SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers every single day. This is one of my fave products on earth. Like, I cannot live without it. 



SureThik® is a unique complex of organic keratin protein that has been precision cut into tiny micro sized fibers. These microscopic hair fibers build upon your existing hair and scalp to produce dramatic density, volume and total coverage. SureThik® is made from the same organic keratin protein as your own natural growing hair. It is completely safe and an all natural solution for both men and women.



SureThik® blends in and bonds electro-statically with your existing hair, dramatically building up hair structure and volume. Even seemingly bald areas on the scalp contain thousands upon thousands of tiny vellus hairs which SureThik® can pump up and dramatically increase in appearance.


  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Rain, wind and perspiration proof
  • Compatible with hair loss medications
  • No special hair styling products needed
  • Available in virtually every hair color
  • Washes out with shampoo


Because of its micro composition, once applied, the SureThik® Fibers bond to your own “Vellus” and thinning hair so securely that even strong blowing wind or heavy rain will not cause it to run, stain or smear, yet it washes out easily with practically any shampoo. SureThik® is the only fiber that will not run on your clothes or pillow.


Since SureThik® is an all-natural complex of organic protein it is completely safe to use with topical hair loss treatments such as SureThik® ScalpTX+ scalp treatment. Allow your hair to dry and apply SureThik® for a great looking head of hair every time.


SureThik® is recommended by many hair transplant surgeons to their clients because it is completely safe and it works extremely well on hair transplants. Even if you’ve just had hair transplant surgery, SureThik® will completely eliminate the appearance of any temporary post operative thinning, scabs and scars.


I also use the SureThik Holding Spray.


A revolutionary Alcohol Free Hair Spray. Our formula provides quick drying, weightless hold without the use of alcohol. This medium hold, high gloss finishing spray is recommended to be used after applying Hair Thickening Fibers.


SureThik® Holding Spray creates an enhanced bond between natural hair and the hair fibers. Since the fibers leave a matte finish, the spray adds the necessary luster back into the hair and unlike traditional hair sprays, can be brushed after applying for up to 15 seconds before setting.


Not a hair fiber user? SureThik® Holding Spray can also be used as an everyday light weight finishing spray. The Holding Spray will help style and add shine without the harmful drying effects caused by other alcohol based hairsprays. More than just a hair spray! Our alcohol free holding spray also has therapeutic hair regrowth benefits.

With the addition of our proprietary extracts, it improves follicle health by increasing penetration of the actives to the follicle. In doing so, we improve the hair and scalp aging at the cellular level and reduce hair loss in the process. Since the product has no alcohol, it will not damage the hair and scalp. This product is a medium hold hairspray that adds high shine and humidity protection. It dries in 15 seconds after use and can be used in wet or dry hair. Blow dry or style as required.

My hair has never looked better and is growing rapidly. It's getting fuller and fuller and thicker and stronger every single day. I cannot tell you how happy I am. It took so long to find something that works and I will be a SureThik user for the rest of my life!!

As a bonus, be sure to check out their life changing Eyebrow Thickening Fibers too. This is another must have product of mine!


SureThik Eyebrow Thickening Fibers are a semi permanent eyebrow makeup, made from 100% Natural Keratin Fibers and 100% Natural Bees wax that bind to make even the thinnest eyebrows look naturally thick. Forget about messy gels and harsh looking pencils, our Eyebrow Fibers are long lasting and will give your brows effortless looking fullness. More natural and longer lasting than traditional eyebrow fillers or eyebrow powders and one of the only eyebrow thickeners that is water resistant.

Set Contains: Natural Thickening Fibers (3g), Defining Bees Wax (3g), Dual-End Applicator Brush



The Defining Bees Wax shapes and sets the brow while the 100% Natural Thickening Fibers add instant density, filling in any patchy or over plucked areas.


  • Available in 4 Colours
  • Smudge Proof
  • Sweat Proof
  • Lasts up to 16 hours+
  • Easy to use

And lucky for you...SureThik is giving one lucky reader of mine a whole set of the above products that I mentioned. Men and Women are eligible. And this is open to all U.S and non U.S residents. 

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Good Luck! Winner be will chosen and  added here to this post on Jan 1st 2018. 

Cheers to thicker fuller hair!!!! 

Thank you for allowing me to be honest and real and completely vulnerable.  Still not ready to show you some before photos but will get there soon. 

Look at full and voluminous my hair looks---- thanks to SureThik.

Look at full and voluminous my hair looks---- thanks to SureThik.