Re-Sale Happiness Chapter 2

The sweet arrival of summertime is here and I am loving all of the boho glam maxi dresses I am seeing everywhere. I am head over heels for so many of the trends this season and have been keeping my eye on some prints too. Gasp. You all know I keep things pretty neutral so adding prints is a huge deal for me. However, I’m trying keep things super intentional with what I fill my summer wardrobe with as you know that's equally a huge deal for me. I like paying great attention to detail and maybe making an investment here and there. But, in all honesty, I’d be lying if I didn’t check for bargains before adding a big purchase into my shopping cart...especially with summer pieces. 

I also just planned an impromptu month long moto adventure with the silver fox. We are taking off next week on my longest ride yet as we head northwest. The Oregon Coast has been a wild dream of mine and I am so ready for to cross this off my bucket list. We are hitting so many states and will eventually end up visiting friends in Southern California before we get back home in August only to pack things up and move our lives to Spain. So it's going to be a crazy few months for me and I am so excited to have you all follow along. 

So my moto pack is tiny you super tiny. And I have a mission ahead of me to figure out how to pack all season essentials as we are going to experience crazy high temps and crazy cool temps. And gosh darn it, I want to look cute in Portland and Seattle for goodness sakes.

I am really not sure how I am going to pull this one off. I mean I have become a pro of packing  on the sports bike but this trip is a whole other deal. 

So needless to say, I have a ton to do. 

And thank god I got a head start yesterday at one of my fave resale shops in town called Uptown Cheapskate. Those Halston heels are still my very faves. I am ALWAYS finding some amazing treasures there every time I go. And it's so good for my bank account. 

So I got lucky and found an amazing lightweight printed Altar'd State maxi dress. It will be perfect to catch a coastal breeze in Southern Cali. And it will look great paired with a lightweight moto jacket I am bringing along in Portland. Their nights are still pretty chilly there! 

It was the perfect steal for only 20 bucks. These maxi's are usually run about $80. These maxi's are amazing because they do not wrinkle!!! 

I also happened to find the most amazing See By Chloe leather cross-body bag hiding out in the mountain of bags just waiting for me to find her. It was exactly what I was looking for too. I wanted a simple neutral cross-body that could also hold my laptop for this trip. Every corner of space is going to be critical. 

This gem is the perfect weekend travel bag. And I just know whether I am in a new city or my hometown, this See By Chloe  is effortlessly functional and made to work for me. It will go with so much too.....And it was such a steal for 40.00 on sale from 79.00. But I looked this lovely girl up and her retail price was 220.00. So major lucky day for me!!!!

So two amazing pieces added to my closet and perfect for my trip...all for $70. 

You dears must check out Uptown Cheapskate ASAP. They buy your gently used fashions too...and give you cash on the spot!!!! Or you can earn more in store credit! Sooooo many options!!!

Ask for Katie! She is a dear friend and will take good care of you!


(This post was done in partnership with Uptown CheapSkate. All thoughts, and ideas are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that keep me creating.)