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It's no big secret how much I adore my two sweet spotted boys. I never knew I could actually love two little dogs as much as I love Melvin and Henry. But having pets makes having a clean, fresh-smelling home a bit of a challenge---especially in the summer time. Dogs can leave traces of their smell on EVERYTHING. Carpeting, upholstery, bedding, clothes and even the air indoors will end up smelling a bit like a dog. We really realized this when the condo was on the market. Thankfully, there is a way to keep your sweet pups inside the home without the frustration of lingering dog smell. Understanding the basics of dog smell and how to remove these odors from the home can help dog owners bypass the frustration that often accompanies the joy of having a dog....

(The below info is from an article from my vet) 

What Causes Dog Body Odors?

Understanding why dogs have certain scents is one of the most important pieces of knowing why dogs smell, and how to get rid of those unpleasant scents. While it’s easy to think that dogs smell simply because they are dirty, the answer to what causes dog body odors is a little more complicated.There are many physiological reasons for dog body odors:

Does your Dog’s Diet contribute to odors?

Diet plays a huge role in whether a dog has body odor. If a dog’s food contains tons of starches and low levels of fatty acids—like many grain-based foods—then they could wind up suffering from dry skin. The problem with dry skin is that dogs will scratch incessantly, potentially creating an infection.Just as with humans, a healthy diet is essential for a dog’s overall health and well-being. The chemical compounds and by-products of over-processed foods create a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast that live on canine feet.These bacteria can create unpleasant dog body odors, making it difficult to eliminate the dog smell.

Perspiration--Dogs sweat like humans do, but the process is a little bit different. Rather than sweating through skin pores, dogs sweat mainly from their paws and hair follicles. Their perspiration carries a unique chemical scent that we commonly associate as a “dog smell.”They also produce natural oils, and some dogs may have unpleasant body odors from too much or too little oil production.

Improper Grooming--Unless they live on a farm or in the country, most dogs are always switching between indoor and outdoor environments. Dogs go on walks, accompany their owners on hikes, and even jump into bodies of water for a quick swim. Even if it’s a quick trip outside to the bathroom, there’s a relatively high chance that your dog will either walk or roll through something unpleasant. Dirt, mud, decay, and feces can easily cling to their paws and fur. Left alone, debris can create undesirable odors, adding to the overall dog smell.For dogs that frequently spend time outside, bathing is an important part of keeping them smelling fresh. Dogs that have longer or thicker coats will also need frequent brushing, which keeps debris from clinging to their fur.

Scent Glands--Part of why dogs are prone to odor is because they have scent glands or anal sacs. These produce a pungent, musky odor, but for the most part, humans won’t notice this smell. Other dogs certainly recognize this type of scent, but healthy anal sacs don’t create a substantial odor problem.This type of dog body odor can quickly become pungent if the anal sacs are blocked and unable to drain properly. For the dog, the area around the scent glands becomes swollen and painful. For the owner, the unpleasant smell of blocked anal sacs can be overwhelming.

Ear Infections--Ear infections are common amongst dogs, due to the structure of the ear canal. While human ear canals are horizontal, a dog’s ear canal is vertical. This makes it much easier for debris or moisture to get trapped inside, creating an infection.Aside from moisture, ear infections can be caused by bacteria, yeast, mites, hair, wax, or even allergies. Depending on the breed, some dogs are more susceptible to getting ear infections than others.If the ear infection is severe, the resulting smell can be overpowering. Milder infections will come with milder smells, but the odor will increase as the infection spreads, creating a genuinely unpleasant odor.

Skin Infections--Dogs with overlying skin—like Bulldogs—are prone to get skin infections, though it can happen to any dog. When skin overlaps in deep folds, moisture and bacteria get trapped and create an infection. This can also occur from dry skin, excessive scratching, allergies, or an imbalance of natural oils.These types of odors can be particularly frustrating since bathing tends to make the infection worse.

Dental Infections--Just like humans, dogs can get infections in their teeth or gums. Since most owners don’t brush their dog’s teeth—if you’ve ever tried, my advice is to skip the frustration and call the vet—it’s a lot easier for dental problems to occur.A dental infection can produce a rotten, decaying smell, which certainly can be misinterpreted as an unpleasant dog body odor. Because dogs are prone to showing affection through licking, this type of bad breath odor is certainly less than desirable.

As you can see....we all have a situation on our hands!!

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