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The Best Fall Scented Candles- DEHV Candle Co.

Fall is coming and has there ever been a better time of year to light a decadent candle, draw a bath, and just stay in? There’s no easier way to add a sense of luxury to day-to-day life, whether it’s an invigorating aroma on my desk while I work or relaxing aroma on the bedside table while I read at night.

So excited to introduce you to DEHV Candle Co. on the blog today!!! They smell so divine and are just so gorgeous in my modern home. DEHV candles are hand-poured into jars made from concrete. Unlike many, theirs do not contain any polymers, polyesters, and are entirely composed of natural concrete. Their hope is that you reuse your empty vessels as planters for succulents and cacti or starter pots for plants and herbs. They use 100% non-GMO soy wax, so they are very easy to clean out and upcycle- unlike paraffin wax that will leave a greasy stain and is tough to remove.

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Beauty Week At Woodland Hills Mall

Who is ready for some eye catching beauty deals in Tulsa??
Discover a week filled with savings & events where you can #touchtrybuy all things beauty.

On Monday afternoon I was invited to three different stores in Woodland Hills Mall to try some services and products and learn more about their offerings for the upcoming Beauty Week Event at Woodland Hills Mall September 16-22nd! I love celebrating Beauty Week because Hello, Bonjour-have you seen my beauty bags?! I am a beauty junkie for sure!

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Bathtime Rituals With Skylar's New Body Bundle

BEST day ever!

Want to know why?!

Because it’s the launch day of Skylar Body! They are my absolute favorite fragrance company and now they have just added an ECO ultra-hydrating body lotion and body wash to their range of products!

I live for bath and body products actually.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, bath time. Slyvia Plath was not joking when she said “There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them. Whenever I'm sad I'm going to die, or so nervous I can't sleep, or in love with somebody I won't be seeing for a week, I slump down just so far and then I say: "I'll go take a hot bath.” I create time in my days to have the luxury of doing the whole soak-and-scrub thing in a tub of bubbles! I am a Pisces. I need the water.

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Gorgeous Hair With Leonor Greyl

While I can’t say that I’m one for high-maintenance hair on a daily basis even though I have hair extensions -I have learned how important it is to have a few key treatment products in your arsenal to use occasionally to give your hair and scalp a boost. Whether it’s a gentle volumizing shampoo, a leave in treatment for your scalp, or a pre shampoo oil treatment, the right treatment can keep your hair and scalp in tip-top shape so that you look great whether or not you decide to do the 45-minute blo-out with a blowdryer.

Insert my newest obsession..Leonor Greyl!

The story of Leonor Greyl begins with the meeting of two passionate human beings: Leonor, a hair care and beauty fanatic, and Jean-Marie, an engineer and very keen botanist. Together, they share a common desire: creating natural hair care products long before the ‘bio’ trend became a hit.

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Bees' Knees on Boardwalk-Carlton Landing

I hosted a fabulous weekend giveaway a few weeks ago which you all really showed up for! Carlton landing was so excited to see how many of you wanted to celebrate some really fantastic life events here so they are gifting my readers 20% off a vacation rental. Just use promo code gofrenchyourself when booking. This promo code is good through the rest of this year!

May I suggest the gorgeous Bees’ Knees on Boardwalk. This is the home I stayed in along with my gal pals for our girls getaway in Carlton Landing! This vacation rental cottage sleeps 13, has 4 bedrooms, and 2.5 bathrooms. We really loved the home's open concept living and dining area with a fully stocked kitchen

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Luxurious Alternative Garden Appliances//Garden Glory

I am so excited to share a brand from Sweden that I recently stumbled on! Let’s just say I am adding “Gardener” to my resume! I currently live in a condo but know that it won’t be forever and I am dreaming of the day Lin and I have a home somewhere else! And you better bet this home will have a pool and a beautiful garden and of course my garden appliances will need to be just as fabulous and me and my home!!!! (all about that self love lately…it feels really good too)

You all most definitely need to know about Garden Glory, especially if you agree that details matter-like me!

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Modern Himalayan Salt Lamp & Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser—Finally!

Rainy day naps diffusing orange + eucalyptus ( 3 drops of each) with my gorgeous Pure Enrichment PureGlow Crystal 2-In-1 Himalayan Salt Lamp & Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. Love that it combines the therapeutic properties of a pure Himalayan salt rock lamp with the soothing aromatherapy of an essential oil diffuser. However you can use them simultaneously or separately.

I adore the sleek design!!!

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Gallinée-Skin Care For Sensitive Skin

Who knew that bacteria was the missing ingredient in our skin care routines?!! French pharmacist Marie Drago sure did!
So what exactly are the benefits of probiotics in skincare? “Probiotics used in cosmetics tend to come from the lactic acid bacteria family, called lactobacillus," Drago explains. "They have a soothing effect on the skin, as they seem able to modulate inflammatory response from the skin so they will be good on sensitive skin, or to prevent aging

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French Feels Better// Beautiful Skin With Patyka Paris

French women are known for many things—effortlessly coiffed hair, chic style, and a certain je nais se quoi women the world over try to emulate. But, perhaps what French girls are best known for is their unbelievable gorgeous skin. With time-honored skin care routines passed down from their mothers and grandmothers before them, a French girl is set up to have great skin from a young age—often looking like she’s still in her 20s when she’s about to turn 45! This is why Stateside, we can’t help but eat up all things French skin care.

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Girls Weekend In Carlton Landing

So lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake”


If I had to compile a list of my favorite places I’ve ever stayed at, there’s no doubt that Carlton Landing would feature highly. Top three even!! Carlton Landing is a place of bucket list dreams and if you take nothing else away from this blog post, please take away this: you absolutely must visit at some time in your life. Save up and go for a special occasion, you’ll be on cloud nine the entire time you’re there - I guarantee it’ll be one of the most magical stays you’ve ever had. It’s like your very own Edgartown here in Oklahoma!

I spent every summer on the water as a kid and teenager with my lovely grandparents and they are the fondest memories to this day. So I invited my best girls to a lovely Carlton Landing girls getaway last weekend. I was so ready to escape and get close to the water! A girls weekend at the lake can offer excitement as well as relaxation which checks all of the boxes for any girl boss.

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Your Guide To Living Like A French Girl In Tulsa/ Eat-Sip Edition

Bonjour mon petit pois!

I swear my sophisticated aesthetic was influenced by my former life in France. And because of that, I’ve been a Francophile my entire life. Just like that Hemingway quote predicts—the City of Light stays with you. It really does.

I am so incredibly happy and lucky to be spending an extended period of time in France this winter for my 40th birthday. Of course Rodge would want me celebrating such an epic birthday indulging in escargot aux fruits rouges et fromage blanc at Du Pain et des Idées after strolling around Musée Bourdelle for hours with my 60’s French pop records in tow that I purchased that morning from La Violetera. Gah-this is what I see in my head!

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Healing Bone Broth Breakfast Smoothie Featuring Bonafide Provisions

Bone broth smoothies are a perfect way to get some extra goodness into your smoothies, especially in the summer when you feel too hot to drink as a broth. (Could it be any more humid outside..ugh..I hate this weather!) I’ve been adding broth into our smoothies this week to help Lin’s tummy conditions. It’s been a crazy two weeks in urgent care, and even the emergency room and even have a surgery consult today.

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