Award season kicks off all the best celebrations of the year and I get most excited about entertaining for them! I like prioritizing simplicity in decorating not only because that’s just my thing and I love it most, but because I’ve found it’s generally less fuss and less stressful, which is what I imagine most of us appreciate this time of year. I mean, we just almost strangled ourselves during the holidays. Whether you want to achieve this style or apply a few of these concepts to the plans you already have, read on for a few simple tips for a modern minimal tablescape I’m sharing in partnership with West Elm Tulsa.


Keeping colors neutral is the easiest way to achieve a modern minimal look, though color definitely is not off limits- just keep it to a few pops of color. The Rim Bone China Dinnerware in Brushed Blue from West Elm is just so fun. I very much look forward to the artist collaborations they do and this one really caught my eye. I love that it is exclusive (and eclectic)!  From his London studio, designer Aaron Probyn creates pieces that focus on materiality, proportion and a modern approach to minimalism. Crafted of lightweight, subtly translucent bone china, its streamlined design can be dressed up or down with any tablescape. These work with my solid white china dinnerware too so take that into consideration when shopping. Create a palette that you can mix and match and utilize some of the things you already have!

The coffee mugs are such a nice size too. And since the award shows can often run late (especially The Oscars, it is a nice touch to offer your guests a little caffeine pick-me-up)


Clean lines and minimal pattern mixing add interest without looking busy. I included one geometric pattern to the dinner table with these printed  distressed metallic dots napkins from West Elm which are my favorite detail on the table. I love shapes and I metallics as they really add to that glam feeling of award season without being too much! These come in gold and silver too. I ended up doing the silver but I think I would like to purchase the gold too for a “mixed metal” combo. I then tied a blue velvet ribbon around each napkin. Again..keep things simple and utilize some of the things you have around your house.


When crafting the perfect tablescape, always look for variety. For example, even if all of your plates are matching sets, look for ways to introduce wood, metal or fabric around them to add visual interest. I used my gorgeous Bormioli Rocco Cassiopea Glassware from West Elm Tulsa. I adore these crinkle-cut Cassiopea glasses because they add texture and intrigue to my bar and table. The facets reflect light, lending a magical touch to meals and parties. These are so durable, highly resistant to breakage, chipping, and are (praise hands) dishwasher safe!! And these particular glasses are made in Italy. 

  • Adding in a textile runner to your table

  • Incorporating woven placemats

  • Opting for linen napkins

  • Serving certain dishes on wooden or marble cutting boards

  • Including greenery in vases or as a special garnish to an empty plate


A tablescape that is all at one level can look flat to the eye and not allow certain dishes or decor pieces to pop. One way to combat this is by adding height to the table. This doesn’t mean raising the eye level of the table. It simply means adding elements that are of varying heights.

You can do this by:

  • Placing fresh flowers or greenery in a vase at the center of the table

  • Incorporating taller elements such as candles or candle holders

  • Layering dishes on top of cutting boards or trivets to elevate them slightly

I cannot wait to see what you create and OMG, I cannot wait to see all the red carpet fashion tonight! I also am predicting a very special night for Bradley Cooper. I think that A Star is Born is going to take the globes tonight movie wise and for television, I think it’s going to be a big night for Julia Roberts in Homecoming all though I really want to see a win for Killing Eve!

Time will tell!!

If you are hosting an Oscar party this year be sure to check out this post of mine here—also in partnership with West Elm Tulsa…one of my favorite sponsors to collab with!


This post is sponsored by West Elm Tulsa.  All words and ideas are always my own.