Set The Table Tulsa

I have partnered with Global Gardens and am so excited to accept this challenge. Lin and I get really busy this time of year and sitting down for dinner together is so important. I can so commit to doing this 4 days a week.

From the company website....

A project of Global Gardens, Set the Table Tulsa is a campaign that challenges all Tulsans to prioritize mealtime with their family or community four times a week during the month of November. Research shows that frequent family meals are associated with stronger family bonds and healthier food choices, as well as lower rates of smoking, drinking, and substance abuse among adolescents.  During the month of November, Tulsans from all walks of life will join us in taking this challenge to become a happier, healthier Tulsa!

 The Campaign is being presented with the support of many Tulsa area partners including Tulsa City-County Library, Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Tulsa Health Department, Whole Foods Tulsa, TulsaKids Magazine, Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), MAKE, Verduzco Design, Casii Stephan and the Midnight Sun, Kelbert McFarland Photography and Rachel Smith Photography.

Amazing, right?! I love getting behind  a meaningful organization. I had a little interview with Set the Table Tulsa and wanted to share it with you guys.

STTT: Who are you having dinner with Samantha?

-I am having dinner with my boyfriend of 6 years and my two pups.

STTT: How many times a week do you typically eat together?

-We typically eat together every night but November and December tend to get really busy and we are lucky if we can catch two meals together where we can actually sit down and talk.

STTT: Why are you choosing to participate in Set the Table Tulsa this year

-I am choosing to participate in Set the Table Tulsa this year to remember to take the time to cook and share a meal with the one I love. Time to just slow down and catch my breath really. I would love to even have Lin cook with me and when we are eating, this becomes a place to actually talk and not just about the day to day stuff that needs to be talked about like bills, household matters, etc.

STTT: Do you struggle to normally eat together?

-We really do in November and December

STTT: What do you hope to get out of this experience?

-I hope to reconnect with the one I love through conversation and really look at meal times at home as dates, even. Time to flirt, engage, and be present with no phones, internet, or television.

STTT: What did mealtime look like for you growing up-how did mealtime, or lack there of impact you?

-My mom was a single mom who ran her own restaurant so she worked a ton. We were lucky if ate together. I typically ate by myself in her restaurant or in her office while doing my homework. When my brother and sister came along we were all so busy doing our own things that we just sorta came and went through dinner time. My grandparents house was a different story. Dinner was served promptly at 5:30 every night and I was required to set the table prior. We did not talk though. We watched the world news.

So excited to take this challenge and disconnect during dinner time with my love. Dinner at home is so different from doing the date night dinner on the town and it just does not have to be that way. I am bringing the romance loves!

I encourage you to take the challenge with me by signing up here. 

Throughout the month, they will be sending emails with family conversation starters, deals/coupons to local restaurants, recipes, and tips for meal prep. But the only way to receive those is to sign up for the challenge! Post photos of yourselves eating with your family and friends during the month with the hashtag #setthetabletulsa for opportunities to win some cool prizes too. 

With all this election stress, let's unite together and do something good for ourselves and one another.

Happy eating!