My Favorite Maker//Lilly & Oak Interview

Small Business Saturday is soon approaching and I love shopping local for myself and all of my holiday gifts by celebrating handmade. Indie Emporium is one of my favorite events in Tulsa. I sadly but happily am always in Houston visiting family over Thanksgiving and miss Indie Emporium but I stalk it like a mad person and get introduced to some amazing local makers this way. I love it too because these talented makers have amazing e-commerce websites where I can order their goods all year round and introduce them to my friends all over the world.

This is a huge year for Indie Emporium as it's their 10th Anniversary. There will be 45 vendors this year and I took a peak at them and will find everything you need for everyone on your holiday shopping list. I am going to fill my own stocking this year and just send Santa here. You can attend this weekend, November 25th and 26th in Tulsa's new Bond Event Center. IE supports the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma  through canned food drives. So show your love and support by bringing canned food to donate to ensure those in our TUL community have access to food during the holidays. We all have stuff sitting around in those pantry's. (I definitely do and plan on dropping it all off when I get back) 

Indie Emporium is organized by husband and wife team, Christine Sharp-Rowe and Thom Crowe. Christine plays shopgirl at Made: The Indie Emporium Shop  and also has another biz called Weather & Noise which is a line of illustrated and screen printed homewares and artwork. They just adopted a gorgeous baby named Elise. I always ask Christine when she has time to sleep..! HA! I love everything they are doing for Tulsa and most importantly all of the makers they meet along the way. 

I met one of the vendors who will be at Indie Emporium named Kara with Lilly & Oak on Instagram. I instantly fell in love with her beautiful minimilistic creations and loved that she was making Dallas her home. You know I have a special place for The BIG D in this heart of mine so I love meeting people that are there making stuff happen! I also have a special place in my heart for gold and her gold-dipped accessories make my heart skip several beats. 

Lilly & Oak Interview:

-Kara...tell me a little bit about you?

I’m a visual designer living in Dallas, TX but originally from New York. Having lived in Boston for a few years, I spent some time traveling around the country and fell in love with the eclectic vibes of Dallas! I love exploring new areas and thrive off of learning about new cultures and meeting new people.

-How did you get started making handcrafted goods?

I’ve always been a maker! At a very young age, I fell in love with art and I could always be found drawing and painting. As I grew older, I pursued a path that allowed me to be creative. With a BFA in graphic design, I have had the privilege of fulfilling my career goals in doing what I love: designing on a daily basis!

-Lilly and Oak..where did you get the inspiration for the name? 

While living in Boston, I rented a uniquely small space. As a result, I had to design and build furniture to fit my space. These projects usually consisted of oak materials. Lilly and Oak is a hybrid of feminine style with durability. As a maker, I strive for the perfect balance of aesthetics and durability.

-Any new products you are currently working on?

I have a new bracelet that I’ve been working on and it is only available through Instagram!! It is the perfect staple to complete any outfit - very simplistic and modern in style. I truly love minimalist styles and gravitate towards beautifully simple design.  

-What would you tell a younger version of yourself?

I would emphasize the process and reframe failure as an opportunity to grow.

-What are your can’t live without craft room essentials to make your products?

Passion and drive! I’m a firm believer that you can have all of the tools in the world, but without grit and resilience, application of thoughts and ideas are rarely successful. But to answer your question, if there were one tool specifically - it would have to be my yellow hammer!

-How would you describe your style? Are there any crafters, artists, designers that you look up to? And why?

My style is very minimalist. I strive to make my products simple in design and style so that they are everlasting. Style trends happen so quickly, that I want to make sure my pieces have longevity.

-How do you make your workspace an inspiring and enriching place to be?

Before I start any project, I have to have a clean space. Clean mind = clean design. I also listen to Lumineers to relax and enjoy designing. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?  

-Where do you look for inspiration? And what is currently inspiring you?

I find my best design ideas come to fruition while I’m traveling and exploring. Sometimes it is best to step away from the computer and studio area to get a sense for new ideas.

-When do you feel the most creative?

Honestly it comes in spurts! I could be drinking coffee and all of a sudden I need to go home and make something. When an idea comes to mind, I can’t think about anything else until its perfect and complete.  

-How do you combat creative blocks?

I’m an avid runner, which helps me sort through ideas and creative blocks.

-Favorite things to do and eat in Dallas?

As much of a runner as I am, I am also a HUGE foodie! I honestly love a ton of places in Dallas. My top food addictions currently are: Wabi House, Pecan Lodge, And Sissy's Southern Kitchen

-What do you most look forward to about the upcoming Indie Emporium show in TUL?

I am so excited to meet Christine and Thom from Made and all of the inspiring makers!

-What collections will you be bringing with you?

I will be bringing all of my collections and then some! I’ve been preparing for several weeks and can’t wait to share all the new goodies with the awesome Tulsa Community!

-What's next for Lilly and Oak?

That is a great question. Stay tuned, time will tell!  

-What's next for Kara?

I have a Christmas Road trip coming up, so I am sure this will spark new ideas. Follow along via Instagram

You can find Kara at Indie Emporium this weekend local loves. Tell her I sent ya and give her a big hug from me. 

You can also shop her beautiful things on her Etsy store here

Tis the season loves. I am so appreciative that you are here. My blog is turning 1 in February and I cannot do any of this without you all. I always love hearing from you so send me a list of where you are shopping local this weekend in the comments! 

(My Lilly & Oak Diego gold dipped card holder and my gold dipped fringe tag that you see in pics throughout this post were given to me my sweet Kara and are my top favorite things ever)



(linked my fave gift wraps from Rifle Paper for all of the gifts you score out there this weekend)