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So gents, you might want to pass on this post...I have some important info that only the gals can REALLY truly understand. 

Ladies..we all deal with the very not-so-glam monthly time and the things that come along with it. We never talk about it either. I think we should quickly change that too because we all have some tips and tricks and if ALL else fails, at least we can start an emotional support group or something for this wicked time of month. 

I have been talking to my teenage daughter tons about this very subject. She is 16 and already highly emotional but once a month it's like an emotional monster occupies her entire body and mind and I do not even know what to say because she cries at the drop of a hat. She becomes so irritable and so lazy not wanting to do a single thing. I mean changes brought on by adolescence are tricky enough. And the saddest part is I get it. Oh man do I get it...! At 36 my monthly cycle has become CRAZY, literally. So I have incredible empathy for my sweet love Zoe. The bloating, (omg..the puffiness) the breakouts, the lower back pain, the headaches, the night sweats, the teary eyes every two minutes especially while you are having a conversation. And can we just address the cravings for a moment. I can be diligent with dieting and a work out plan for weeks until that time of the month comes and I eat a whole bag of M&M's and a bucket of salty buttery popcorn. It feels like the end of the world. Okay that's dramatic...but really..I am on my period now. It makes me feel dramatic! Ha!

Being a teenager is the most exciting time, but menstrual pain can often hold  Zoe and other teenagers back from the activities they enjoy. 

Thankfully there's a new product on the shelf at Walmart, Advil® Menstrual Pain ,which can help your daughter get back to her regular routine, and having fun, when she says "What monthly pain?"

I recently purchased the product for my teenage daughter and was so impressed with the performance. It provided immediate relief so we could get busy doing the things we love like creating memories on day trips with cameras! I advised Zoe to use Advil® Menstrual Pain to alleviate any aches or pains associated with her menstrual cycle. And we both love that it's caffeine free, antihistamine-free, and the best part is it's so easy to swallow. Other products we have previously tried contained the caffeine which she was super sensitive to and it kept her up all hours of the night and others contained antihistamines which have been known to cause daytime drowsiness. It relieves pain up-to 6 hours too! Advil® makes menstrual pain a distant memory.

(You can find it at Walmart in the pain aisle with the other menstrual pain relievers. Just remember this is not for anyone under age 12. And always use as directed)

Along with these gems and these amazing supplements….we are certainly ready to conquer the day!! Read more about the 6 best caffeine free pre workouts in this post here.

So now that we have all of this PMS stuff under control we can spend our time doing more important things like day tripping and exploring new areas. Making memories this way is one our favorite things to do on the weekends. You need very little money too...just dough for a full tank of gas and some cash for the toll and some snacks along the way. We live in Oklahoma and absolutely love Route 66.  It's an old two lane from here to Edmond and every single time we drive it, we find new and interesting things to check out. Every city has to have a fun back road so I encourage you to try it! New restaurants, new surroundings, and just opting outside is incredibly liberating. This is definitely our mom-daughter bonding time.

These are some shots of some of our favorite day trip memories from the road.

I love fun moments like these where Zoe forgets all about that time of month. I concentrate on things she loves to do and these memories are priceless. #whatmonthlypain for reals!!

For your day trips, don't forget the following

  • Maps

  • Camera

  • Camera or phone charger

  • Snacks your daughter enjoys

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Water

  • A great playlist

And don't be afraid to talk to the locals wherever you go. They may have some hidden gems to share with you. 

I am sharing one of our favorite playlists with you too! So now all you gotta do is grab that Advil® Menstrual Pain, grab your daughter , and GO

For all you moms with teenage do you spend time together?!

Peace out PMS ....we are not letting you bring us down anytime soon!


Sam & Zoe