Rhythm Rider// Q & A With Nicole Pearl


I love indoor cycling and even so more when it’s a class with Nicole Pearl. She is inspirational, fun, caring, empowering, and really knows how to lead an entertaining class. Check out this interview and get to know this motivating and gorgeous instructor! And if you have not yet tried a rhythm ride, you are seriously missing out.


-What got you started in the cycle world?   

I was living in L.A. and wanting to transition out of the fashion world… but didn’t know what I wanted to do.  Through the grapevine I heard about a cycling studio opening not too far from my neighborhood.  It seemed like a cool company to work for, so I submitted my resume and a few months later was helping them open their new location!  There, I fell in LOVE with indoor cycling and rhythm riding!  I probably rode twice a day 6 days a week.  I was completely addicted!

-I generally get so bored spinning, but I love a rhythm-based ride so much. What is it about a rhythm-based ride that makes it so unique?  

I feel the same way! That’s why I love and teach a rhythm-based class.  In my experience, the biggest difference in “rhythm ride” vs. “classic” indoor cycling, is the use of music.  I’ve taken so many “classic” indoor cycling classes that don’t use the music at all.  It’s just there as background music. Which I find very frustrating.  I want to scream out “MUSIC IS MOTIVATING – USE THE CUES!”  haha!  But I would never!  Also, rhythm ride tends to be more playful – which I love!  You can add choreography like tap backs or sexy corners and make the class super fun.

-You also have a powerful way with words, and speak directly from a powerful place during class - inspiring and motivating people...where does this come from?  

Thank you for the compliment!  Some of the most powerful and motivating teachers I have encountered have all coached their classes from their hearts. That is something that has shaped the way that I teach.  My hope is that my coaching style will help my students connect with their own inner cheerleader and badass… pushing them to dig deeper, push harder, crash through limiting ideas about what they “think” they can or cannot do… for them!  Not for me.  Not for anyone else. For them.

-What other forms of exercise do you do? What works best with cycling and why? 

Yoga is probably one of the best forms of exercise anyone can do, either sprinkled into their other regular workout regimens or on its own.  I try and sprinkle it in as much as possible.   Though, I must admit I don’t practice as much as I probably should.  I’m so addicted to indoor cycle, even when I’m not teaching I want to take class!

-Fave cycling attire?!  

I love anything in the Luxstream fabric from Lululemon!  It stays put on the body (no sagging or drooping) and dries super quick!  Which is important to me because I often teach at 6am and then again at 9:30am… if I’m wearing Luxstream I don’t have to change my clothes in between classes. And I can’t ride without my cycling shoes. My favorites right now are my SIDI silver python road shoes.  The soles are super hard so I can crush the pedals so hard and my feet don’t feel a thing.

 -What do you eat/drink before and after the workout? 

Since I often teach early in the morning… I like to eat something that will provide a quick energy return without feeling heavy in my stomach.  My go-to is hash browns & coffee!!! HAHA!  I typically pop two hash browns in the oven, turn on my coffee pot, take my dogs on a quick walk and voila my “breakfast” is ready when I return.  After teaching, I return to my favorite food items for lunch and dinner (tacos, salads, pasta, cheeseburgers, whatever).  I’m not one to really “watch” what I eat… everything in moderation seems like a safe bet to me.  However, I DO drink TONS of water every day.  Probably a gallon or more and I definitely feel it if I slack off.

-How does cycling affect the body?  

Well, it’s definitely a high intensity cardio workout!  Increased muscle endurance and strength in your legs and bum will happen as well.  Here is a great article explaining in greater detail the benefits of indoor cycling:  http://www.lifespanfitness.com/fitness/resources/articles/benefits-of-indoor-cycling

-Is cycling safe for everyone?  

That’s a tricky question.  I want to say yes… but I’m not a doctor and have no idea what sort of existing ailment you have where riding a bike might aggravate the injury.  So… I’ll say; if you can ride a bike without injury then you can take indoor cycling without injury.  The key is to know your own personal limits and to honor your body.  Never do something that doesn’t feel safe or feel good to you.

 -Is it going to hurt the first time? What are some tricks for that?  

There is something called “saddle soreness” … and YES it hurts!  It does go away though! I typically recommend using a padded seat cover for the first few rides and try to get back into class sooner than later.  The more quickly you get back into class the quicker you pass through that “saddle soreness” period and before you know it it’s gone for good (if you keep riding regularly).

 -How should someone interested in taking up cycling get started? 

We offer a “CYCLE 101” at StudioPOP. That would be a great place to start for a beginner. Other than that, I say just dive in.  Pick a class and get to the studio or gym at least 15 minutes early. Let the staff and the teacher know it’s your first time and they will help you with your bike set up and getting you comfortable on the bike. Then just follow along and do what you can.  Often, I tell new riders to just “beach cruise” the first couple of classes… and jump in when they’re feeling comfortable.

 -What do you love most about your job?  

I have SOOOO much job love it’s hard to put it all on paper!  I love the people I work with, I love the people that come and ride with me, I love to teach, I love to make playlists, I love to coach from the heart and I love to ride!  I love it all!!!

-California to Tulsa? What are the things you miss most about that West Coast?

My wonderful friends!  The WEATHER!!! The Mountains. The Ocean. The city.  ALLLLL the things to do, all day, every day!  

-Fave things to do in Tulsa so far? Like where would you take your friends from Cali?  

If my friends came to visit me here I would take them to the Philbrook Museum and the Tulsa Botanical Gardens for sure… and hopefully there would be some fun events (like a festival or concert or something) happening downtown that we could hit up as well.

 -What are some of the most powerful lessons you have been taught in life? 

That EVERYTHING is temporary…. So just keep going. Keep your thoughts positive, push through and stay the course.  We ARE what we believe ourselves to be, so, believe good things about yourself! 

-What is your greatest passion?  

My greatest passion is to be a great mom and to be a great example for my daughter.

 - Proudest moment in 2016?  

Buying my first house!!! It’s been a little scary and stressful… but I close next week and couldn’t be more excited!

 -New Years’ resolution for 2017? 

 I like to set goals instead of making resolutions.  I have a few goals on my list for next year… start Kundalini Yoga teacher training, plant a vegetable garden, save more money, take my daughter on vacation.  I’m sure I’ll think of some more, but that’s what’s on the list for now.

-You have the dopest playlists in class that I love climbing to?! Where do you get your music and can you share you’re favorite calorie wrenching playlist with me?    

Thank you so much!!!  I source my music from both Spotify & Apple Music. I am usually inspired by one song and build the playlist around that song.  

Such a fun interview.

Be careful guys! So so addictive! Nicole's classes are my 45 minutes of control in an otherwise uncontrollable life. Plus have you seen her ponytail flip when she is doing some sexy corners?! #Ponytail goals

I love love love a rhythm ride so much!

Enjoy one of Nicole's amazing playlists ...(Her playlists are the best)