Election Anxiety

Election Anxiety is so a real thing. I think the last few months have had everyone in a whirlwind of anxiety. And today is a big big day. I am a Pisces so naturally I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders and in my heart. I have been feeling so anxious all week. I have had to really keep myself in check and concentrate on some things that keep me sane through this process. Let's face it loves. Tonight is going to be a long one and there will be tears..

But there will also be pizza and champagne. I am pulling out the Veuve tonight and the fancy china!

Here are some things I am doing today to keep from admitting myself into the hospital. (kidding, of course, but ....)

Go for a walk/run: Get outside for a bit. This always helps me, especially on long editing and blogging days where I am just staring at my computer screen for hours and hours, or in this case the television. I just have to get a different change of scenery and sweat a little. Walking my pups and some fresh air and a little cardio is always a good trick for me. You can yoga and meditate too..just move your body. 

Get Lost With Music : This is always such an escape for me. Music makes the world go around. I mean who cannot forget their troubles even if for five minutes having a "Let's Go Crazy" dance party in their living room?! Music is so relaxing and can really transport me to so many places getting me outside my head. 

A feel good snack: Take a few minutes and eat something that makes you feel good. I personally like to have a few cashews, some cranberries, and these amazing dark organic pumpkin chocolate bites from Natural Grocers. And chocolate makes everything better, right?

Take a bubble bath: There is something sooooooo relaxing about a hot bath with your favorite beauty products and candles. And do not forget the Vogue. I am super guilty of bringing my phone into the tub too and am really working on this, especially during all of this election stuff. Use this as a time to decompress and unplug. Read a magazine, a book, and just be selfish. I have been doing some great seaweed masks and am forced to close my eyes and just melt away. 

Coffee: For me, coffee is just my thing. I am lost without it really. I will say though that the older I get, I become more sensitive to it. It can create a lot of anxiety for me so I have to really listen to my body. I never drink coffee past 1 p.m anymore. So if you are drinking the good stuff all day long into early evening, it could be as simple as cutting to back to minimize any anxiety and stress that you are feeling, especially today...we all might just need to go straight to the hard stuff like the whiskey! Or putting whiskey in the coffee...hmmmm.

Retail Therapy: It works for me. And Nordstrom is having their 40% off sale right now and just marked down my four favorite sweaters to get cozy in. They are all under 50.00 too.

Tomorrow is a new day loves. Let's be kind to one another, no matter the outcome. And hey, you can always join Lin and I in Barcelona. We have done all the research for you so there is that !

How are you keeping yourself calm today?!