Crate Expectations

Tulsa's newest retail shopping situation just made my whole year!!! Downtown so needed this so I am thrilled that The Boxyard is retail focused rather than restaurant focused. And I love the idea that these shipping crates have traveled across the if they could talk..oh the stories they could tell! The 30-odd containers are located at the southeast corner of Third Street and Frankfort Avenue. The majority of the containers have been pushed together to form a solid lower level, while the upper level has become a wooden boardwalk with space for communal gathering, live music and a few other various shipping-container establishments. I heard that there will be yoga happening up there this Spring! 

Some of my fave stores that I visited were Dwelling Spaces,  Beau & Arrow, and Modern Mess. Dwelling Spaces is an iconic Tulsa legend and I am thrilled to see them in The Boxyard. I loved seeing it take a more opt outside approach with all the cool camping stuff and hammocks. But I also love that I can still pick up all of my Oklahoma stuff for Christmas. Beau & Arrow and Modern Mess are fun girly boutiques with amazing price points and trendier items which is perfect for me as I will only invest lots in timeless classic pieces. But I do like throwing some trendy pieces in with my more exclusive pieces to create a really fabulous look that is not breaking the bank from head-to-toe.  I found some amazing scarves at Beau & Arrow and also treated myself to a pair of killer oxblood velvet heeled booties. I have been coveting a pair I saw from Barney's that were hundreds of dollars so I was pleased to find these for $44! read that correctly! I can wear them this season and be done with them when the velvet trend dies. I also found an amazing pair of sunnies at Modern Mess. They were only $14. I love all of my designer sunglasses but feel there is a time and place for some trendier not so expensive ones...considering I will probably leave them on a brunch table soon....I definitely will not have to fret or shed a tear. This is going to be a great place to take Zoe shopping too! Cannot wait to visit all of the container stores and spend the day!

I am also super excited about Sole Massage in The Boxyard. I have a feeling I am going to be there quite a bit!! Getting to interview Karen and Jamie so be on the lookout for that post coming soon! It's so critical that we take some time to ourselves and I love love love what they are creating downtown!!! Thirty minute massages over the lunch hour...OUI! Please! Yes! Now!

Now hurry everyone and go get your velvet booties!!! OMG! They are so comfortable and sooooo fun!!!!