Walking into 2017


I know I said I was taking some time off from the blog until 2017 but it's close enough and the truth is I have missed it greatly. A week of unplugging and family time was so well needed but now it is time to get back to work. I am personally so excited for 2017 and everything that's to come. We were originally headed to Spain mid month of January but our visa's are delayed with all this election stuff so we are looking at a Spring departure instead. We are getting extremely antsy but I suppose with anything there is always a silver lining. With my 37th birthday approaching and my blog's 1st birthday coming in February, I think it is finally time to cross Portland and Seattle off that bucket list. It's a trip I have been really wanting to do for years and years so it just makes sense to make it a reality. Excited to also have a little more time with family and friends. And we plan to take a few more moto adventures before we sell the bike. I owe my grandparents a visit in El Paso and Lin has never been there or to Marfa and I really want him to experience both of these places. So anyway..you have me in Oklahoma a tiny bit longer....

So plans for me right now besides traveling...

I am doing another closet purge and will have some great tips for you tomorrow should you want to do the same thing but have no idea where to begin. As much as I love fashion, I really only want staples and want to LOVE everything in my closet. I am cleaning out my beauty bag and going through all of my cosmetics. There are so many things that I do not use or need and I am sure many are expired. I plan on really focusing on clean eating and exercise. I really want to work on some body and weight goals and make it a priority. Work is also really incredibly busy. I have a lot of partnerships with some great sponsors for the first quarter that I am really excited about. Annnnd my friend Brooke and I are going to be launching a little side business to help other fellow bloggers out there. This is going to be very exciting and also something I can do from Spain so lots of great things are in store. 

And I am launching my monthly newsletter in just a week or so. I really want it to be something different and exciting and unique...so I am thrilled to have you on board for that and promise you might really adore it. The first one coming your way will be an amazing giveaway with Velvet Eyewear out of NYC. (Squeal) I will also be adding two sections to the blog. One being People Who Inspire Me so all of the interviews can easily be organized and accessed. And the 2nd being Music. Music is such a big piece of my life and in the past I always shared my fave albums and festivals, as well as albums of the year and so on. So thrilled to make this live here for you all to enjoy. 

As you look back on 2016, what was your favorite place you traveled to and why or what was your fave piece you purchased?! Or your fondest memory? Tell me! Tell me!

Happy New Year's Eve you dears!! I cannot wait to curl up with my little and watch Ryan Seacrest. See you over here tomorrow as we tackle  those closets!