The Perfect Mane

I have always been known for having the best hair. It has a reputation in itself. Everyone is always asking me for my hair secrets so I am here to tell you this part of my regime is soooo simple. I also truly cannot take all the credit ...

I am addicted to Davines. They are a family-owned hair care brand based in Parma, Italy and strive to balance beauty with sustainability. Most of their products are also carbon-neutral. With my hair being very dry and brittle I need all the TLC I can get so my long locks adore the NOUNOU Shampoo and Conditioner. I have an incredibly oily scalp so I only condition my ends. When I recently went really gold on my ends I purchased the Alchemic Shampoo Golden and absolutely love it! It enhances the gold tones and keeps everything fresh in between color services.  My hair dresser recently started carrying Kevin Murphy and I am loving many of their products too, esp the plumping line for volume. I am from Texas and everything is better and bigger in Texas!  

I am terrified of styling products since I only wash my hair once a week. I do not want anything to be sticky or stiff. But my three must have products are Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort. It is oil free and gives you that messy beach look that i strive for. It gives you sexy summer hair all year long, adds volume, enhances curls and truly is weight less. It's like they made it for me exclusively! I also cannot live without Herbavore's Rose hair perfume mist ! It smells like my grandmother's garden and I love the fond memories!

And my absolutely cannot live without product is dry shampoo. Rene Furterer makes my favorite but it's pricy and I go through too much of it so I have really fallen in love with a less expensive brand called Batiste. They carry it in many different aromas and the WILD one speaks to me!!! I also love the one they make for dark and deep brown shades of hair so I do not have to worry about the white powder being noticeable in my hair. I loved it until I got caught in a rain storm. :(((((((((  No bueno. 

These products last sooo long because I must be honest! I rarely shampoo and condition my own hair. I have gotten attached to treating myself to the weekly blow out. When you have long hair like mine, the task of drying and curling is a process. I love my weekly hour pampering myself and doing something nice for me plus let's face it hair never looks that good when I do it on my own! 

At the salon for my weekly shampoo and blow out service!

At the salon for my weekly shampoo and blow out service!

Stock up on all my favorites below !