Lashed Out

I do not have the patience to apply fake lashes everyday ... I barely have enough time to use an eyelash curler. And have tried EVERY mascara ever made. (The best I have found is YSL and I love it in Navy.)

During my weekly blowouts I started experimenting with false lashes... especially for events. I loved the sexy flutter and immediately felt like Katy Perry. (whom I adore)! My stylist suggested getting eyelash extensions. I had a million questions, naturally and began my own research before I committed.


There are three types of lash extensions. (synthetic, silk, and mink). Sizes range from 6mm to 17mm. Once selected, the lashes are applied one at a time using a specifically formulated, semi-permanent glue that will not irritate the eye nor damage the natural lash. Some allergic reactions are possible so there are different types of glue based on one's sensitivity 

Applying a full set of lashes takes about three to two hours, and can be maintained year-round with touch ups recommended every two to three weeks. (i have to go every two weeks because i like my lashes incredibly full and I also think I shed quite a bit.)

And I longed for the crazy dramatic Kim Kardashian look (it's true) but since my lashes are on the shorter thinner side naturally my lash girl did not advise it because the lashes would not last as long. So booo to that but I do love the fullness they add. 

Research a lot of people in your area. Look at their work. Look at their reviews. And then decide who you want to see. Take your time with this part. It's critical. Discuss pricing up front so you know what to expect. And make sure they make you feel comfortable. You are laying there on your back with your eyes completely shut and really cant talk or laugh because it tends to move your face. 

They are pricey. They are a time commitment but I am obsessed. It's so nice not having to take the time on wearing eye makeup anymore if I don't want to. 

This photo is from when I missed my lash app. I want to cry. See how uneven they are ! Eeeek #somebodysendhelp

This photo is from when I missed my lash app. I want to cry. See how uneven they are ! Eeeek #somebodysendhelp

Such a life changer!

And now you can REALLY use that #iwokeuplikethis hashtag darlings !

Love these products for maintaining my lashes!! And the navy YSL is amazing if you are still on the fence about getting lash extensions. EYE want it all .