How did I survive on this earth without the gel manicure??!!

I have painted my nails since I was in High School and when there is ever a brief moment in time that they are bare...well let's just say Rodge will say "um..do you need a manicure?" I cannot handle it...like throw my self on a the floor like a tired toddler. I am also a huge hand person. It is the first thing I notice on a  person. I have two pet peeves....rude baristas and chipped nail polish. These will generally send me over the edge. 

I typically get manicures every two weeks because I have the worst cuticles. And hand massages really relax me ... plus I cannot use my phone during a manicure so it gives me full permission to put that thing in my purse and disconnect. My nail technicians are always telling me that I need to ditch my traditional manicure and try the gel mani. I politely decline the offer because I like to change my polish color every week or so! 

I FINALLY come to my senses one day when once again my nail technician tells me I need to try the gel mani. She tells me I am seem very stressed and that I am always in a rush. (nail tech or therapist...) but seriously who the heck has the time to change their color every week? I agree and let her do the gel manicure and ladies I am here to tell you it was true love at first sight. I will never get a traditional manicure again. (unless I am in a pinch)

The shellac gel mani only takes 10 more minutes to apply but in all honestly it cuts drying time. You can leave the nail spa the minute they are done and there is no more smudging your fresh polish as you fumble through your purse for your credit card or keys or opening your car door. NO MORE wasted time in that weird fan area of the nail spa having to spark up idle convo with the person across from you staring into your eyes. 

Such a game changer. My gel mani's last about 2 and a half weeks and make me very happy!!!

If I am ever in a pinch I do keep my fave polishes handy with my fave gauze pads and a nail polish remover. My go to brands are Rogue Louboutin, Chanel, and Butter, and the Rodan and Fields Gauze pads are amazing for removing old polish. (to remove your gel mani though, you will have to go into the nail spa to have that done.)

PS: Dying for the Stainless Steel Gel Manicure ASAP!

I have included some of my favorite at home must haves and if local to Tulsa...I highly recommend Luxe Nail Bar.