Completely normal to do everything 400 mph, right? I don't know how it is for you but I feel like I am completely absorbed into my work and into my phone. I lately have soooo much going on that I don't even notice the days going by, and even so, I go to bed thinking of how I did not get enough done which stresses me out so then I can't sleep. It's a vicious stupid cycle. I was on the phone yesterday with a client and it dawned on me that at 5:00 p.m I had not even stopped to take a pee break. Completely normal, right? 

I feel like my whole life sorta was put into perspective this morning. My sweet fox had arranged for my car to go to the dealership yesterday to get some work done at 8 a.m. First reaction....OMG...you did what? OMG..I can't do that. I have spin at 9, I have clients, I have things...OMG...freak out. Like how could you do this to me?? My life is ruined. And you want to take the car tomorrow..like in 8 hours....OMFG. 

I know what you all are thinking...calm down. I thought "it" too. 

Inhale. Exhale. It will all be okay. What a sweet kind loving boyfriend I have to take care of my car for me...to take time to schedule these important things especially since it will be our way of traveling in April and of course we would want to not wait until the last minute to get these needed repairs done. (yeah hi..that's usually me crying to the dealership 8 hours before the trip...LIKE WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T DO THE REPAIRS RIGHT NOW. I have a very important trip tomorrow!) I get I sometimes live life in my own sunny little bubble and nobody else's bubbles are included. NOTED. and I have work to do. I admit it in writing for the world to see. 

We woke up early and trust me with this time change thing springing forward..this normally natural thing in my life has become the most difficult. I even had to learn how to set the alarm clock. And if someone could help me figure out how to turn off my phone's notification alerts and make everything silent but not silent the alarm that I need in the morning, that would be incredibly helpful. (I never knew I was friends with so many night owls until today). Under eye concealer is going to be a requirement for a 6:00 p.m dinner engagement tonight. 

So, yes - I have been sooooo busy crazy lately...gearing up for my last consignment trunk show, handling my own book keeping while my book keeper is dealing with a family crisis and that alone is turning my hair like 80 shades of grey, my blog launch, a condo remodel in which I am having to move all of The SSC inventory back into my living space, plus sell all of my belongings in the process as I am getting ready for a life changing huge move across the world all while being present in my styling jobs, being a mom, and being the best partner that I can be to my sweet Lin. (are you breaking out in hives yet. I am.) (ps..the condo remodel is going to be soooo pretty...so there's that.) 

So dears...I have not been very present in the last part in being a partner. 

Lin and I are driving home from the dealership and I ask him to coffee and breakfast. He smiles and says "Sure honey, but won't it stress your day. I know you have a million things to do today."

He's right, He's so right but the one thing in a million is making time for this precious man. 

We used to do a weekly lunch... and yes we live together and do lunch all the time, but I am talking about a date lunch in a restaurant where we put our phones up and just be. I started thinking when did those stop? Ohhhh yes...when I got too busy and even one day forgot and stood the fox up. 

So we went for a lovely coffee and breakfast and just sat there connecting - being in the present. At one point I looked up and just smiled and remembered how truly grateful I feel for this relationship. And was reminded that with all great things you must nurture them and love them. 

I am adding a weekly date back into my schedule with my fox. He deserves that and you know what..I deserve it too! 


(Sam...put away your phone...oh goodness is this going on the blog...Sam I am not sure the sneakers go with your "formula.")


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